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How will the Mars transit in Scorpio affect your zodiac sign?

How will the Mars transit in Scorpio affect your zodiac sign?

The fiery planet Mars is going to ingress the intense Scorpio sign starting from December 25, 2019. It remains in one zodiac sign for approximately 45 days. However, the transit period can stretch till 4 to 6 months if it turns retrograde and then direct in the same sign. Aries and Scorpio are its own signs, whereas it remains exalted in Capricorn sign. A day of the week, Tuesday is closely associated with the planet Mars.

The people under the positive impact of Mars have a strong body and a competitive spirit. They are mainly related to the science field, military, police department, laboratory, or become a pilot, surgeon, goldsmith, and so on. The person with an afflicted Mars in their horoscope behaves furiously, has a ruthless tendency and can misuse their power. They are also addicts and ones who take unmeasured risks.

Natives under an inauspicious placement and influence of the fiery planet Mars are weak. A weakly placed Mars can cause surgery, accidents, and other body system issues. The position of Mars in one’s horoscope also helps to know the nature and character of a person.

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Mars is going to transit to the Scorpio sign on December 25, 2019, at around 21:29 hours. It will remain there till 03:52 hours on February 08, 2020. After this, it will then transit to the Sagittarius sign.

Mars is a planet that represents energy, courage, self-confidence and will power. It is a planet of vigor and it drives people towards achieving their goals by making them put their thoughts or plans to action. The effect of Mars transit in Scorpio will be different for all signs of the zodiac. Lets read in detail what your horoscope has to say about the transit.

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to Moon sign.)

Mars will enter the eighth house in your horoscope. This house is the significator of adversities.

You may lag behind while working on the targets in office. Your sales targets may also be hard to achieve. Hence, you are suggested to focus on enhancing your skills and take additional training from your superiors.

Relations with subordinates may turn sour in business. It will give average results. You will need to work on key areas to increase growth. Focus on maintaining cordial relations with your associates. The relations in the family are likely to get spoiled. There are chances of heated arguments for matters related to inheritance. Hence, you need to maintain peace and show understanding while dealing with them.

You should avoid major financial decisions during the Mars transit. There are chances of hasty steps in investment areas. Hence, you need to pay proper attention and consider thinking twice before investing money.

Married couples might feel a lack of happiness in their relationship. You may not get the desired response from your partner. Try to be soft-spoken and matured as much as you can. Couples who desire to marry will need to wait for some more time. You will need to strengthen your bond with your partner to get good results in your love life.

Health issues might disturb your daily routine. There are chances of injuries, cuts, or minor accidents during the phase. Hence, you need to be careful in your short or long commutes and pay attention to your health. Read more about Aries.

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For the bulls, the transiting Mars will pass to the seventh house of partnership and marriage.

This transit can have an unfavorable impact on your career. You need to avoid arguments with anyone in your office. You are suggested to use wise words while interacting with them.

Relations with business partners or subordinates will remain stressful. You should avoid new startups or joint ventures. If you need to start anything new, you are suggested to execute them only after proper analysis.

You may not receive the financial rewards you expect in your work. There are chances of unnecessary expenses. This may disturb your financial planning. Hence, you need to plan your budget keeping additional expenses in mind.

Married couples need to remain calm and composed in their relationship. You are suggested to avoid arguments as much as possible during the transit phase.

You need to control yourself from showing dominance to your love partner. You are suggested to understand each other’s likes, dislikes, and thoughts. Singles who wish to start a new relationship will require to put efforts.

Students will need sincere efforts and maintain focus in their routine academics. You will succeed in going abroad for higher studies with your own hard work and sincerity.

Your health conditions will remain moderate. Blood-related issues might disturb you. You are suggested to take medical help. Read more about Taurus.

The transiting Mars will be passing on the sixth house of job or enemies for the Gemini twins.

Your performance at the job front is likely to improve. Your seniors will appreciate your sincere efforts in your office. This will pave the way towards getting desired success in your job. Business or professional targets will be achieved through the sincere efforts of you and your team. Your associates or business partner will help you in taking your business to new heights.

You might spend on luxurious things. But that also means that you have enough money to spend, why not take liberty, right? There are chances of gifting electronic gadgets to your loved ones.

Married life will remain blissful during the transit phase. You can plan a trip to a romantic destination. This will strengthen your bonding with your partner. For love partners, your significant other will respond in your desired manner. This can prove to be a great time to express your deep feelings with them. You might be happily surprised with the answers you receive in return.

Students will succeed in competitive exams. You can also initiate new career courses. Health is likely to improve. This is a good time to start exercising daily. This will help you remain fit.  Read more about Gemini.

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Mars will make its transit to the fifth house of love for the Cancerians in their birth chart.

You will find challenges in achieving the targets in your office. Your immediate boss may ignore you despite making sincere efforts in your job. Hence, you need to remain patient and focus on giving your best shot.

Business individuals will need to put sincere efforts in maintaining cordial relations with business partners, merchants, or clients. You are suggested to avoid new business startups or expansion of your current business during this phase. Unplanned expenses are likely to arise. This is an unfavorable phase for short term gains. Hence, you will require expert opinion in decisions related to investment.

You may feel distant from your spouse due to some misunderstandings. Hence, you will need to keep your communications peaceful in marital and family matters. On some occasions, the emotional turmoil may cause distance in your love relationship. Love life will remain stressful due to differences. Hence, you will need to find a middle ground to sort the issues.

Students will require focus and concentration while studying. Those who are making efforts to study abroad might not get desired results. However, you should not get demoralized and focus on other options at hand.

You will need to adhere to strict discipline for your health. Following a strict diet plan and routine exercises will help you stay fit and healthy.

The planet Mars will enter the fiery sign, Leo, in the fourth house of their birth chart. This is the house of happiness.

New professional responsibilities will keep you busy at your job front. Promotion and increment may get delayed during the phase. Hence, you are suggested to keep expectations as low as possible. Business individuals are likely to purchase new land or property for their office and work. You are suggested to keep your relations with business partners amicable and trustworthy.

As far as finances are concerned, you can opt for real estate, agriculture or domestic projects for investment purposes. People who are facing some legal issues may experience financial expenses.

You will need to pay more attention to your family matters. Mother’s health might remain challenging. Married couples need to avoid lengthy discussions as they may lead to arguments and keep you stressed. There are chances of miscommunication between you and your love partner. Hence, you are suggested to use wise words in order to enjoy harmony in your love life.

There are chances that students will face some obstacles in their path. You should avoid joining new courses or pursuing a new degree. Health will remain average, but you may feel tired physically and mentally. Hence, you need to avoid unnecessary stress and do exercises for fitness. Read more about Leo.

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The transiting Mars will be passing through the third house in the chart of Virgos. This house represents communication, short journeys, and intellect.

You will feel full of energy and optimism at your workplace. The positivity you have will attract good vibes around you. You can expect your growth and progression graph to go up. For business individuals, your deals will give fruitful results. The effect of Mars will help you turn your thoughts into action. This is a favorable phase for decisions related to business expansion. In terms of finances, this is a good time for decisions related to investment. Your past investments will also yield fruitful rewards during this phase.

Your family relations and marital life will remain harmonious. You can take a short trip with your close ones. This will boost your emotional bonding. This is a great phase where your love life will flourish through outing at romantic destinations. You may even have some loving interactions with your partner. Singles who are in search of a loving partner will succeed in this period.

Academic progress will improve during the transit phase. You can join new courses as well. Some past health issues may start recovering and make you relieved. You can expect some positivity during this time. Your confidence level will remain at its peak in your daily tasks.

For the Librans, the transit of Mars will take place in the second house in your birth chart. This house represents family and finance.

You may face situations at your workplace that might be a bit tough to handle. You will need to work really hard to get rewarded for your targets. Try to avoid business trips business as they may not reap the desired fruits. You should handle professional relations with your associates appropriately to save them from getting spoiled.

You need to be careful while investing at this time as it may cause wrong results. Some unavoidable expenses are predicted in the family. Saving money will help you contribute to those expenses.

Your spousal relationship will remain moderate. You are suggested to control emotions and be careful while communicating with your significant other. There are chances of misunderstanding with your love partner. Try and work things out to bring back the spark. This will fill the air with romance and intimacy that was missing.

Students may feel a bit diverted from their studies, hence you need to strengthen focus. Extracurricular activities will remain favorable during this time. There are chances of some old health issues to resurface. You are suggested to remain careful in your hygiene and develop fitness goals.

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The transiting Mars will be passing through the first house for the Scorpions. This is the house of self.

Your relations with department heads or seniors will remain stressful in your office. You will need to work independently and derive results with your own efforts. Business partners will require patience while interacting with each other. You also need to avoid clashes with your associates that can hamper your business partnership.

You need to fulfill your financial desires through your own independent efforts. Any decision related to investment should be taken after proper planning and thought.

Married people will need to control their emotions and give composed responses. Even in your family relations, you need to maintain peace and avoid any type of arguments. You should work on your anger-management during the transit phase. Mars may be your reason for anger. Find out here.

You will need to handle your love life with utmost care and understanding. Singles who want to get married will have to put in strong efforts for desired success.

Students will need to study hard to achieve success in routine exams. You are suggested to remain practical and avoid being overconfident. Seasonal health issues may affect your overall progress. Hence, you need to follow a strong diet to avoid anxieties.

Mars will be transiting to the 12th house in Sagittarians’ birth charts. This house is the representer of delays and expenses.

During this phase, you should avoid or carefully make decisions related to job change. If you are looking to get a job abroad, you will succeed with your sincere efforts. Professional experts need to adopt practical mindset while making new business deals. If you are connected with import-export, you will be able to grab good professional opportunities. You can expect some business profits in these types of deals.

There are chances of unexpected expenses. You should make major investment-related decisions after proper study and analysis. Requests related to loan will be approved.

You will have a harmonious time in your married life. However, you need to remain calm in your family relations as your aggressiveness can strain them. You may face some issues in your love life. Your efforts towards making your partner happy might go in vain. So you need to move ahead with your efforts step by step.

Students who wish to get admission abroad will succeed during this time. You may face some initial difficulties while joining new courses or studies. However, you should keep patience and keep doing sincere efforts. You need to follow strict discipline towards your health. There are chances of some minor seasonal health issues. You should do routine health checkups during this phase.

For the Capricornians, Mars is going to pass through the 11th house in their horoscope. This is the house of gains and benefits.

You can expect the fulfillment of long-awaited promotion and growth in your job. Your seniors will reward you and you will gain recognition in your office. Business will boom during the transit. Your professional deals will remain profitable. Your domestic and international business trips will be beneficial for your growth. You can accumulate a good amount of wealth during this period. There are strong chances of investment in new property or buying a new office. It will remain profitable in the long run.

You will see some positive changes in your spouse. This will help you enjoy great marital bliss. You can expect positivity energies in your family relations as well. There are chances of new relations or contacts on the love front. Your love partner will give positive responses that will flourish your relationship during this period. Singles who are wishing to get married will get success.

Students will get success in their education. Taking new courses other than your routine studies will make you extraordinary. Health will remain good in every manner. There will be a boost in your immunity power and you will be able to live a healthy life. Read more about Capricorn.

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The transiting Mars will be passing through the tenth house in the birth chart of Aquarians. this house represents career or profession.

You will be able to maintain cordial relations with your seniors and immediate bosses. You will achieve targets successfully and progress forward in your profession. Business individuals will be able to crack some good deals. Your business meetings will remain fruitful. If there are any legal or court-related matters, they will result in your favor.

Finance will remain stable and you can think about long term investment. Your past investments will also bring fruitful results. Married couples will enjoy conjugal happiness. Those who are expecting child-birth will get success in their path. Love life will remain smooth during this time. You will be able to fulfill your partner’s desires of getting harmony in your relationship.

Students can expect the best performance at the academic front. This is a favorable phase to join new trainings or courses. You will be able to maintain good health. Your healthy life will help you upgrade your social status.

For Pisces, Mars will be transiting to the ninth house in your chart. This house is the signifier of destiny and fortune.

You will experience an increase in responsibilities at the workplace. There are chances of changes like internal transfers or location change. There will be a slow but steady progress in business. New professional deals will require your careful attention. You need to control tendencies of spending money on extravagant things. Limited income or resources of income may frustrate you at times. Hence, you should keep your financial flow disciplined and well-planned.

You need to use wise words while interacting with your family members. You may feel emotionally or physically distant from your spouse. Hence, you need to make extra efforts to turn the distance to closeness. Avoid harsh communication with your love partner as it may hurt them. Your partner may not be able to understand your emotions. Hence, you need to remain patient and communicate your expectations softly.

Students will require a focused approach to get desired success in their mid-exams. Your independent efforts will help you overcome your opponents academically. Seasonal changes may affect your growth. Hence, you will need to take necessary precautions for your health.

In a nutshell, the transit of fiery Mars will be different for different individuals based on their zodiac signs. Getting the help of an expert astrologer will reduce the tensions in your life and make way for new milestones of success.

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