Mars – the fiery, red planet and its significance in Astrology

Mars – the fiery, red planet and its significance in Astrology

The aggressive planet of Mars is ruled by Fire, and is also called as the Agni Soochak. In many references in Vedic Astrology, Mars is also addressed as the Bhoomi Putra – the son of the mother Earth.

A benefic Mars

A benefic Mars – or a well-placed Mars in one’s Horoscope, can make the native courageous and a Purushaarthi – that is, hard working and passionate, while a malefic Mars – or an ill-placed one in a Horoscope, can make a native a robber, dacoit or even a illegal trafficker or smuggler.

We all know that a superiorly strong Mars increases courage, positive aggression, intensity and force in a person, and thus can connect the native to defence services, in any which way. An excellently placed one can bestow one with great courage and aura, and may take that person to the position of a defence services Chief. If Mars, however, is not as strong, but still has a decent amount of strength, it can make a native a Policeman.

If Mars is connected to the Sun and Ketu through an aspect or Conjunctions in a Horoscope, then the native shall be connected to those professions where Fire, Heat etc. are involved. Industries and areas where things like boilers, ovens, furnaces, heaters, heavy machinery, metal moulding involving fierce heat application etc. are involved in day to day functioning would attract such people.

Mars and Mercury can make a native connected to property and real estate dealings. Mars and the Sun together can make one a big officer and also wealthy and rich (as, both are Kshatriya grahas {or warrior planets and male planets, and are connected to the Governance).

Mars and Moon together

Mars and Moon together (with Mars at a higher degree, astrolgically) can make one a constructor, involved especially in building bridges and over-bridges over water-bodies. If along with this combination, the Sun is also strong in a Horoscope, then the native may go on to acquire major government contracts (Tenders) for executing building work.

Also, as aforementioned, a strongly benefic Mars will make the native a “Purushaarthi” – generaous, courageous and hard working, and will bestow one with great organisational capabilities.

If Mars, Sun and Jupiter are all strong in a Horoscope, then one may also become the “Defence Minister” or may reach an equally high position, in a similar area/ capacity.

A strong, well-placed Mars in a Kundli increases one’s intelligence, courage and bravery, but simultaneously shall enhance one’s brutal, cruel and aggressive tendencies.

Talking of an ill-placed Mars, if a debilitated Mars is placed in the Lagna (Ascendant/ the 1st House of the Horoscope) or is aspecting the same, with Saturn or Rahu aspecting Mars itself, then native may be involved in violence, illegal activities and fire explosions.

Mars placed in the 11th House in a Horoscope makes the native sell his goods at low price (low profit margins), so that there is a fast rotation in turnovers.

However, irrespective of any kind of placement, whether in its own Sign, Exalted or Debilitated, if Mar is aspected by a Malefic planet, then it will make the native a cruel and querulous person, who fights unnecessarily, who does not care for his own reputation, and who tends to reach his ends by hook or crook.

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