Some Great Benefits Of Practicing Of Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

When it comes to the body, awareness is needed. In our day-to-day life, stress is the most common problem of every household. No matter what work we do and which place we go, stress always follows us like a shadow. It’s a widespread phenomenon that every working or non-working person experiences. But what is the main reason? Work? Or other person or family-related problem? The answer is nothing. Shocked? Sure Are YOU!. Let’s tell you who is the main culprit behind the stress.

The culprit is our Mind, Emotion, and our Senses through which we take information inside us. When we take any information, be it full information or half-information, our mind reacts to it based on that information. In this way, our whole body experiences comfort and discomfort based on the information’s nature through our mind. But how can we resolve it? Simple, through Body Scan Meditation. Want to know more about this technique? Then, Let’s discuss Body Scan Meditation and how it works?

What is Body Scan Meditation? & How It Helps Us Increase Awareness?

Body Scan Meditation is one of the yogic and most effective techniques to wake up the awareness of our body. It came into being when our body needed our attention. When our body was expressing physical and emotional pain, headaches, all kinds of pain, and heartburn are just a few examples of stress-related ailments that needed to be addressed. Then only people started using this technique to pay attention to the senses of our body. During this technique, people started noticing every part that the body feels, from your head to toes.

Why should we do Body Scan Meditation? & Its Implications?

Many experts believe that this body is not our; instead, it belongs to the mother earth. It is made up of a generation of plants and minerals from the sun and the rain. However, we treat our body like it belongs to ours. Eating whatever we want. Sitting for long hours without any movement. Watching movies late at night and drinking without moving our eyes from our smartphones.

For that movement, we even forget that our body exists. Experts believe that by taking a little moment to be mindful of our body, we can connect with the sun, the rain, and the earth. By connecting with ourselves, we can establish an all-new bond with the source from where we come from. This body-mind connection makes us feel more grounded, stronger and more relaxed.

Body Scan Meditation & Its Benefits

How can body scan meditation affect our body? Here are some benefits associated with this type of Meditation.

Improve Self-Awareness & Free You From Worldly Clutter

In several studies, it is found that people who practice body scan meditation as self-care experience a greater level of mindfulness. Such people can observe their thoughts and feelings without reacting to them. This type of meditation enables you to tune in to what you are feeling and thinking, rather than being oblivious to how your emotion impacts your body.

In our day to day life, we feel overwhelmed with emotion and sometimes lost. This body scan practice can help you notice the reason for being lost and feeling unknown emotion. Moreover, it can allow you to let go of those thoughts that don’t serve you well and make your mind free from every clutter.

Relaxing effects on your body

Many studies believe that practising body scan meditation leads to the greater activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the relaxation process. As a result, it helps reduce stress if you are feeling at that moment. Moreover, this kind of mediation also makes you ready to cope with stressor in the future.

Better Sleep

It’s said that cortisol(A Stress Hormone) is the first that the body produces when we wake up and triggers our hormones to make us do regular day to day jobs. However, our cortisol levels have a tough time levelling up throughout the day. To make things worse, if our sleep pattern is out of sync, then our schedule is also likely to be out of sync. Stress is the main culprit that ruins our peaceful sleep and day. It is a silent killer. Thus, it is necessary to quell the disturbance it causes to our sleep and our lifestyle.

Thus, a key component to healthy sleep is balancing and reducing our stress level throughout the day- consciously and regularly practising body-mind meditation. It helps to bring our bodies back to homeostasis.

Train you to self-care a body

Self-care is another benefit the body scan meditation can have on your body. It gives your mind an edge to listen to your body carefully and respond accordingly. Moreover, regular practise of this technique enables you to care about your own experience, listen

to your wisdom, and treat your body with great curiosity and respect.

Guide to Practise Body Scan Meditation

Now, let’s look through the basic steps to practise Body Scan Meditation.

  1. Before starting, keep all the electronic items aside in silence. Then find a place to sit comfortably without any distraction. If done, sit upright, close your eyes, and slowly bring your attention to your body. Feel the weight of your body. Now take ten deep breaths intermittently and notice the sensation of your breath filling and leaving your lungs.
  2. Next, with each breath in, notice the sensation you feel while feet touching the floor, and with the breath out, move your attention to the bottom of the left foot. In this way, notice all the sensation with complete awareness from head to toe, including the pelvis, lower back and abdomen, shoulder, and fingers and hand.
  3. Now, stay in the present with the breath following in and following out of the body, and simply awake to whatever arises and predominate in your arena of awareness. This may include thoughts, feeling, sensation, sound, stillness, and silence. Just be with whatever comes up within your reach without any reaction from your side. Moreover, be with that sensation at least for 20 seconds to one minute.
  4. Now gradually, release your focus of attention from a specific part of your body and redirect it to another body part. Some find this practice helpful while breathing in and breathing out and find your body at ease and relaxed.

Finally, release your focus and come back to your daily surroundings.

Habits build destiny

Practising body scan meditation will not give you an immediate result, but being consistent in this practice and doing it regularly can have a tremendous effect on your body:

Improved focus.
Increased compassion and flow of positive emotion.
Powerful ability to cope with negative and day to day unwanted emotions

Avoid Any Specific Goal

You might try this body scan meditation to fulfil your specific goal. For instance, reducing stress, relaxation or better sleep. However, remember, this will not work like that as your total focus will be on your goal and not on your sensation. As a result, the main essence of mediation will be lost, and you might end up frustrated. So avoid such goals, and put the focus only on learning about your body.

The Last Word

No doubt, Mediation is a great technique with innumerable benefits. But it doesn’t mean it is perfect and does not have any side effects. Nothing is ideal in this world, no matter how good it is. Everything comes with its own pros and cons. Yes, it might be useful in managing your emotion, but sometimes it can worsen anxiety if we give extra focus to pain. So before going for such therapeutic meditation, be your judge first and then decide what is best for you and not because nothing is more powerful than you.