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Did you know that emotional problems that have been ignored can manifest as feelings of overload, exhaustion, fatigue, distraction, and lack of sleep? Your brain is a complex machine. Additionally, counselling for depression, stress, and anxiety is the specialised assistance it occasionally needs. The life events that most frequently cause stress or anxiety are death of a loved one, relationship distress, transitions etc. There are times when you can handle the stress and tension that come with no negative effects. 

Stress Symptoms

Physical, mental, and emotional signs of stress are all possible. People are affected by stress in different ways. Knowing which areas of ourselves are being impacted by stress might be helpful. People can experience the effects of stress on only one level, such as the mental, or on several levels, such as the physical and emotional.


  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pain
  • Body ache
  • Acne or pimples
  • Intestinal problems


  • Anxiety \sDepression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulties with food and eating
  • Compulsions or addictions
  • Abusing drugs


  • Irritability
  • Sadness
  • Anger \sApathy
  • Overwhelm

It is acceptable to seek assistance if you are concerned about how any of these symptoms are impacting you. You can learn how to manage your stress by discussing it with a therapist or physician you trust.

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Stress Symptoms

What generates stress?

It’s not necessary for stressful situations to occur. Even good things that happen to you in life may cause tension.

Some typical life stressors, many of which are listed on the stress inventory, include:

  • either losing a job or beginning a new one
  • going through a breakup or getting divorced
  • Getting married Being treated unfairly
  • changing your financial situation
  • watching politics or news
  • birthing a kid
  • Beginning or finishing a school move
  • Having lost something
  • being told you have a terrible illness

These circumstances are typical occurrences for many people. Divorce, marriage, and having children are not life events that everyone experiences. But many people will encounter prejudice, lose their jobs, have breakups, or encounter other significant or insignificant events.

The majority of people accept that stress is an inevitable component of life. But it might be simpler to control in lesser doses, particularly if other factors help to lessen it. For instance, most people view a marriage as a joyful occasion. The couple’s joy may help lessen the negative consequences of their stress, even if planning and preparing for the ceremony might be stressful.

When should you consider therapy?

When should you consider therapy?

If you observe that your personal relationships are suffering, your daily routine is being affected, 

your productivity is declining and people around you are concerned about your wellbeing, you should consider therapy. 

Therapy for stress is communication-based therapy that is customised to meet your unique requirements. An effective therapist will be well aware of your unique thoughts and responses vis a vis those of others.

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How does it help?

To help people manage stress in healthy ways, therapists and counselors employ a variety of therapeutic techniques. For instance, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is frequently a successful form of stress therapy. CBT can assist in modifying unfavourable cognitive patterns that emerge as a result of stress. Can you manage your stress better with online counselling? Do you require counselling to manage your stress?

If you’re unsure about whether or not online counselling can assist you in managing your stress, we can answer that question for you. You can manage your stress and maintain it at a maximum with the aid of online counselling. Additionally, if you see any indicators of stress, you should not ignore them and seek out an online counsellor right away.

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How does it help?

How can Ganeshaspeaks help you manage stress ?

Ganeshaspeaks is an online counselling platform that offers a variety of therapy sessions for mental health difficulties and topics including depression, anger management, breakup relationships, family, parenting, child counselling, anxiety, stress, panic attack, etc. It also offers career counselling and advice. Additionally, Ganeshaspeaks offers the highest calibre therapists that support you in resolving a variety of problems. Ganeshaspeaks assists you in managing stress and leading a life free from tension. It helps to aid you in letting go of your concerns and returning to regular working. Visit and download the app now.

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I've really enjoyed the app so far. I can info dump about things I feel good or bad about without judgement. it gives me informational articles linked to what I spoke about if I'm interested in reading further! it also helps to remind me to get active and that it doesn't have to be a whole long workout. just a few minutes of gentle movement. if you have poor mental health, GaneshaSpeaks app can definitely help.

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