What is Vipreet Raj Yoga & Why Is It One Of The Most Powerful Yogas

One of the Vedic Astrology’s most enigmatic raja yogas is Vipareeta Raja Yoga. The Sanskrit term vipareeta means “opposite” or “contrary to.” As a result, according to Vipareeta’s perspective, any result emerging from any type of planetary amalgamation tormented by the negative bhavas (Houses) Lords can be characterised as yoga. Simply put, the wicked bhavas lords’ vulnerability causes this yoga to emerge. Sufferings, hardships, a variety of losses, and anguish are all experienced by those who do this yoga.

Vipreet Rajyoga is a very powerful and promising yoga that guarantees complete success in life but only after overcoming numerous trials. This is Raja yoga, and the meaning of this yoga is that your bad luck will bring you great success in life. These yogas may not depict an easy sail, but they do demonstrate willpower and certain success.

Is Vipreet Raj Yoga Good?

Of course, Viparita Raja Yogas is a form of Raja yoga, but they are excellent yogas that emerge from hardships. Harsha, Sarala, and Vimala are the three Viparita Raja Yogas. You must go through unfavourable experiences and overcome them in order to succeed. We count negative houses, or dusthana houses, for this yoga.


Vipreet Raj Yoga - Its Formation And Categories

In Vedic astrology, the sixth, eighth, or twelfth lord is situated in one of the other two houses in the horoscope when the subject experiences Vipreet Rajyoga. The sixth house lord should be located in the eighth or twelfth house in a horoscope for a chart to have Vipreet Rajyoga. Vipreet Rajyoga happens when the lord of the eighth house is in the sixth or twelfth house. The twelfth house lord (Vipreet Rajyoga) will be found in the sixth or eighth house if he is located in the sixth or eighth house.

Let’s start with some information about how Vipreet Rajyoga appears in a horoscope. Assume that Aries is the ascendant in a horoscope. It indicates that Virgo will enter the sixth house, and Mercury will become the sixth house’s lord. Scorpio enters the eighth house, and Mars becomes the eighth house’s lord.

Jupiter is the lord of the twelfth house since Pisces is in the twelfth house. Taking Mercury first, the probability of Mercury being placed in two specific houses, the eighth and twelfth, out of a total of twelve houses is 2 in 12. When it comes to Mars, the chances of his being in the sixth or twelfth house are similarly 2 in 12. Similarly, Jupiter’s placement in the sixth or eighth house has a 2 in 12 chance of occurring.

There are three kinds of Vipreet Rajyoga. Let’s take a look at these three Vipreet Raj Yogas.


Harsha Yoga (Vipreet Raj Yoga)

According to popular belief, Harsha Yoga occurs in a horoscope when the lord of the sixth house is located in the eighth or twelfth house. Harsha yoga can provide a healthy body, wealth, a happy family life, financial advantages, social respect and influence, a position of power, and other benefits to the native. Harsha Yoga is not thought to be produced by the lord of the sixth house being placed in the sixth house, and it is an exception to the formation of this type of Vipreet Rajyoga.

Such a Vipreet Rajyoga might, for instance, be selected as the new head of state if a leader is killed and the country is thrown into disarray. This is not a common occurrence, and it’s due to unfavourable circumstances. Vipreet Rajyoga makes the native eligible for these opportunities.


Sarala Yoga (Vipreet Raj Yoga)

According to the usually recognised definition, Sarala Yoga occurs in a horoscope when the lord of the eighth house is located in the sixth or twelfth house. Sarala yoga can confer on the native qualities such as good character, wisdom, intelligence, wealth, property, victory over opponents, power, authority, and other desirable outcomes. Sarala Yoga is not formed when the lord of the eighth house is placed in the eighth house itself, and it is an exception to the development of this sort of Vipreet Rajyoga.


Vimala Yoga (Vipreet Raj Yoga)

When the lord of the twelfth house is positioned in the sixth or eighth house, the Vimala Yoga horoscope is said to be created. Some argue that because Vimala yoga has been known to confer excellent character, riches, property, power, authority, spiritual advancement, and other pleasant effects on the native, the practice is a force for good. It is not considered that the placement of the lord of the twelfth house in the twelfth house will result in the formation of Vimala Yoga, and it is an exception to this type of Vipreet Rajyoga.

Consider an example of Vimala Yoga for further clarity. In this example, if the officer has been influenced by Vimala Yoga, he/she would be a high ranking army officer. While other officers may be reluctant to do so, during a time of stress, he will provide his consent to lead an army operation on an enemy country. If he takes on the challenge, he can succeed, and he might even earn something in return.

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In a nutshell, we can say that Harsha yoga can arise in a horoscope that is powerful enough to handle the energy of the sixth house. Sarala Yoga can be established in a horoscope that is powerful enough to handle the energy of the eighth house. Vimala Yoga can be established in a horoscope if it is powerful enough to bear the energy of the twelfth house.

Vipreet Raj Yoga Benefits And Significance

The Vipreet Raj Yoga is not a thoughtful Raj yoga because the native will have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to succeed. Despite the fact that the beginning voyage will definitely be arduous, success will be achieved against all difficulties.

Even in the worst of situations, the Vipreet Raj Yoga elevates a person’s status as a trusted leader. Even if the native triumphs in the obstacles, there may be worse scenarios in store. The situations that cause turmoil, anguish, and suffering.

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Each of the Vipreet Raj Yoga forms has its own benefits:


  • Harsha Vipreet Raj Yoga bestows health and fortune upon the locals. He or she is seen as a leader who triumphs over opponents, gaining fame and glory in the process.
  • Sarala Vipreet Raj Yoga bestows wisdom and power on the practitioner. It gives the native a commanding presence and the ability to solve difficulties.
  • Vimala Vipreet Raj Yoga bestows a cheerful attitude, a respectable career, and a spiritual outlook on life while also collecting significant riches.

Vipareeta Raja Yoga Cancellation

There are rules for Vipareeta Raja Yoga Cancellation shown below:


  • The lord of Trine Houses is also the lord of Dushamsthana.
  • When any of the dushamsthana house’s lords engage in Parivartana Yoga.
  • The Lords of the Tenth or Trine Houses should not be present in the dushamsthana home where Vipreet Raj Yoga takes place.

Vipreet Raj Yoga Calculator By Date Of Birth

The planetary times are the key to this yoga’s effectiveness. Vipreet Rajyoga may yield good or very good outcomes as long as the planetary periods of the planets directing this yoga are in effect. This is because, as these planets acquire strength during their planetary periods, the entire balance of the horoscope may tilt more towards optimism. When the planetary period of the planet creating Vipreet Rajyoga is active, however, the native may experience difficulties. This is due to the fact that during its planetary period, such a planet gains additional strength. 

As a result, the horoscope’s overall balance may tilt further towards negative. As a result, the native may encounter difficulties. However, suppose the difference in power between the overall horoscope and the planets forming Vipreet Rajyoga is large and favourable; there might be great outcomes for the native.

The greatest thing to do if you have a dushamsthana planet in a dushamsthana location is to stay calm and work toward a specific goal. When the opportunity arises, the same composure and prior work will provide positive results.

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Conclusion: Vipreet Raj Yoga

Vipreet Raj Yoga is extremely difficult to appraise. Countless permutations and combinations must be understood before you are able to reach the correct conclusion. Most natives with a dushamsthana lord in their dushamstha house are presented with some type of assistance against the flow of circumstances. Blessings often come to the native in adverse or even contrary conditions. It means that the majority of individuals might opt to run; Vipreet Rajyoga might instead choose to face the same or more difficult scenarios.