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Raj Yog In Kundli: Formation & Effects

Raj Yog In Kundli: Formation & Effects

Chasing happiness is man’s daily affair; everyone tries to get maximum happiness. But happiness is a relative term. How much happiness you are entitled to depends on your fate.

A person’s joys and sorrows can be assessed by the positions of planets and Yogas in his/her Kundli. One such Yoga is the raj yog in kundli, which is formed by the combination of auspicious planets in a Kundli.

The effects of raj yog in Kundli depends upon the placement and natural auspiciousness of planets, which plays a role in determining how you get the good things in life (either lawfully or unlawfully, either by love or by force etc.).

It is essential to know the relationships between Navamsha and Dashamsha as it will show how long the good things would last. The final seal of raj yogas in Janam kundli by good Houses getting connected to good Houses in the Bhava chart. For example, if the 2nd house gets connected to the 11th house, the luck factor may not play a significant role, but friends or strangers will go out of the way to help the native. Astrology says that the Moon, in its various placements, has a significant impact upon Yoga. If the Trine or Kendra Houses have the aspect of Venus or Jupiter, then raj yog in kundli gives its full results, and the native gets power and position, which can be compared with that of the king.

There are a number of combinations of raj yog in kundli with various degrees of results. It is not correct to assume that just the existence of this Yoga in the Kundli will make the person like a king.

There are many other positive and negative factors that can play a role in how lavish the person’s lifestyle would be. Goddess Lakshmi is the epitome of the triangle, and Lord Vishnu is the epitome of the Kendra House.

A combination of these two provides excellent fortune to its native. This raj yog in kundli gives wealth, fame and prosperity. If a woman has Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga in her Kundli, her husband will be respectable and affluent in society.

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Types Of Rajyog In Kundli Chart

There are various types of raj yogas in Janam kundli, and each of the rajyog in kundli has considerable significance. Let us go ahead and see what does each of the rajyog in kundli mean:

Raj Yog In Kundli By Date Of Birth : Ruchika Yoga

Ruchika raj yog in kundli means the native is blessed with fame, wealth, and the chance to build a strong character. Ruchika Yoga is formed based on the position of the red planet Mars.

Hamsa Yoga

The position of the planet Jupiter forms Hamsa Yoga in Janampatri. Hansa Yoga makes the natives spiritual, intelligent and also gives them a long life.

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Malavya Yoga

The grace of planet Venus forms Malavya Yoga. Natives of Malavya Yoga enjoy a happy married life with a lot of luxuries.

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Bhadra Yoga

The position of Mercury forms Bhadra Yoga. It makes the native a good orator and helps them hold a strong position in society.

Shasha Yoga

The position of planet Saturn forms Shasha Yoga. Folks with Shasha yoga become good politicians, and their luck shines through in politics.

Sunapha Yoga

When in the natives Janampatri, the second house from the moon sign is occupied with planets other than the Sun, Sunapha yoga is formed.

Anaphora Yoga

Anaphora Yoga is again similar to Sunapha Yoga. In Anaphora Yoga, there are planets in the twelfth house from the moon sign except for the Sun.

Anaphora Yoga blesses the native with leadership skills and spirituality.

Durudhara Yoga

This Yoga is a combination of both the Sunapha and Anapha Yogas. There are planets in both the second and the twelfth house of the Moon except for the Sun.

This makes the natives rich and admired.

Vesi Yoga

Vesi Yoga is formed when there are planets in the Second House from the Sun except for the Moon. Now, the auspiciousness depends upon the planets that are in the second house. If there are auspicious planets together in the second house, it helps the natives succeed with hard work and build strong contacts.

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Vasi Yoga

Vasi Yoga is formed when there are planets in the twelfth house from the Sun except for the Moon. The result of which would make the natives spiritual and intelligent. If it’s a malefic planet, then folks with Vasi Yoga may face some difficulties.

Ubhayachari Yoga

This Yoga is a combination of Vesi and Vasi yoga. Expect the Moon; there are planets in both the second and the twelfth house. If the planets are beneficial, then it could help the natives with good fortune.

Trikon Yoga

Trikon Yoga helps the natives with good fortune and success both in corporate and government services.

Dhan Yoga

Dhan yoga, as the name suggests, makes the folks wealthy. They are blessed with luxury and affluence in life.

Chandra Yoga

Chandra Mangal Yoga is when both Moon and Mars are together in a house. When Chandra Mangal Yoga is there in the Janampatri, the natives can earn a lot of money, and their finances will always be strong and glorious.

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Neech Bhang Raj Yog In Kundli

Last but not least, one of the most exciting raj yog in kundli is neech bhang raj yoga as it removes the negative effect of the debilitated planet and instead helps the natives enjoy a life full of comforts.

Vipreet Rajyog in Kundli

Viparita Yoga is when the lords of the 8th, 6th, and 12th houses remain in their house or exchange in each other’s houses and aspects. People with Vipreet Yoga achieve tremendously in life.

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Special Raj Yog in Kundli

Below are the special raj yoga, other than the above yogas mentioned above

Gaj Kesari Raj Yog

Gaj Kesari RajYog is one of the very famous and influential Yoga. It is formed when Jupiter is positioned in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house from the Moon also called the Kendra.

The person with Gaj Kesari Yoga earns name, fame, wealth in life.

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Parashari Raj Yog

Parashari Raj Yog is formed when the trine and the Kendra houses are related. This raj yoga helps the natives to earn a lot of property, high designation, and influence in life.

Adhi Yoga

Adhi Yoga is formed when Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in the seventh and eighth house from the Moon or the Lagna. It helps folks develop leadership qualities.

Buddha Aditya Raj Yog in Kundli

This Yoga is formed when Sun and Mercury are together in the Kundli. The natives reflect the qualities of the Sun and Mercury, such as intelligence and fame in the administrative field.

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Akhanda Raj Yog in Kundli

The next raj yoga in the Kundli is Akhanda raj yoga which denotes dominance and leadership. Akhanda raj yoga is formed when Jupiter rules the 2nd, 5th and 11th house from the ascendant or the ruling lord of the 2nd, 9th and 11th from the Moon.

Natives with this raj yoga in kundli are blessed with luxury and high status in ministry.

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How Is Raj Yoga Formed in the Kundli

Below are a few of the permutations and combinations with which different types of raj yoga are formed.

1) When Kendra and the trine lord are in the same house.

2) When Kendra and the trine lord aspect each other.

3) When the lords of the Kendra and trine are in exchange

4) More benefic planets combine more are the benefits.

5) Trine planets posited in their own house or exalted.

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