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What is a Rising Sign?

Rising Sign or Lagna is one of the 12 Zodiac signs that will be rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The Rising Sign is also called an ascendant. The Sky is divided into 12 parts for 12 zodiac signs which create a 30 degrees span for Each zodiac sign. Therefore, your Rising Sign will also have 30 degrees. A rising sign depicts the circumstances of your birth, and the characteristics you are likely to have as life goes on. It can also tell how you will learn from the things around you after your birth and how to apply or express them further. Let’s Find out more about Rising Signs.

Let’s find out what is your rising sign with Ascendant Calculator and see what it says about you: Enter Your Details Below.

Why is the Rising Sign Calculator Helpful?

  1. Rising Sign Calculator can help you know more about your physical appearance, temperament, and character traits.
  2. It also helps to know your stature, fame, and physical constitution.
  3. Rising Sign reveals the important predictions about your health and fitness in future.
  4. It can give you an indication about your struggles, failures, and successes in your life.
  5. It can also tell you a lot about the extent of your success.
  6. Rising Sign also reveals your fortunes and misfortunes going ahead in your life.
  7. It can let you know whether the success will find you near your home, or the fame lies in the foreign lands over the seas.
  8. It will reveal a lot about your family dynamics, gains, relationships with your older and younger siblings, and much more.

How Do I Calculate My Rising Sign?

It’s Easy. Just follow these simple steps to get results from our Rising Sign Calculator.
  1. Enter Your Name & Gender
  2. Enter Your Birth Date & Time
  3. Submit Your Details
Yes, one-two-three, and you are good to go. Your Rising Sign/Ascendant/Lagna details will be available to you with accurate predictions.

Information Needed to Calculate Lagna

To determine your exact rising sign and the subsequent predictions based on it, you are required to know your exact time and place of birth. Since the Lagna is the sign on the East horizon at the time of your birth, the time of birth is essential. Similarly, for accurate rising sign calculations, place of birth is essential. If someone is unaware of their time of birth, 12 PM (noon) is considered. However, the accuracy of the Lagna and predictions based on them will be somewhat compromised without the exact time of birth.

Rising Signs or Ascendants in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the rising sign or Lagna of a person represents a lot about the personality of the native. Among the 12 houses in the birth chart, the ascendant or rising sign sits in the very centre of your Janam Kundli in the first house. As the first house of your horoscope, it represents your appearance, physique, childhood, character and virtues, health, childhood, and your inclinations towards different aspects. It will also define your strengths & weaknesses, likes & dislikes, how you will perceive your life, your behaviour & attitude, and much more. Every ascendant is also related to an element, which further tells you about yourself and your character.

Elements of Your Rising Sign

Every zodiac sign is associated with an element of either Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. With the rising sign calculator, you can know your rising sign and its elements, to understand your personality better.
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Adding to these elements, there are also ruling planets associated with each Lagna or ascendant. Here is how the elements and the ruling planets affect your life and define your characteristics.

Rising Sign Calculator & Sign Characteristics

As you may already know, each zodiac sign comes with its own characteristics. There are positives and negatives to take from every zodiac sign. With a Rising sign, you can understand which of these qualities you possess. Not only it can help you in understanding yourself better, but it will also help you in making better decisions with that additional knowledge. Since the time of birth and place is also involved when it comes to the rising sign calculator, the characteristics for everyone will be different accordingly.

How is Rising Sign Different from Your Sun Sign & Moon Sign?

The Sun Sign is the zodiac sign where the Sun is positioned at the time of your birth. Since the Sun stays in each sign for nearly 30 days, we see the zodiac signs based on the date of birth. Most of the publishing horoscopes are based on the sun signs, and therefore, they sound vague many times. However, with rising signs, the time of birth is known, so accurate predictions about an individual can be made.
Moon signs denote the zodiac signs where the moon is situated at the time of your birth. Since the moon stays in one sign for about 48 to 60 hours, the moon sign horoscopes are more accurate than the sun sign. Then how does a moon sign different from your rising sign? Well, the rising sign is the sign which is on the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same sign where the moon is situated. As it changes every 2.5 hours, the predictions derived based on the rising sign is most accurate.

Descendant and Ascendant Signs:

A descendant is the exact opposite sign from your rising sign, again based on your time of birth. Where the ascendant is a representation of what characteristics you have, the descendant tells you more about what you lack. Therefore, it is a tell-tale sign of the challenges you are going to face in your life. Some also believe that when compared to your partner, if your partner’s birth chart has what is missing on yours, the compatibility is even stronger! Thus, a rising sign calculator can also help you in finding the right partner.
Rising Sign Symbol Ruling Planet Characteristics
Aries Ram Mars Bold, Optimistic, Passionate, and Outspoken
Taurus Bull Venus Smart, Ambitious, Trustworthy, Determined
Gemini Twins Mercury Youthful, Curious, Enthusiastic, and Fun-loving
Cancer Crab Moon Caring, Matriarchal, Sensitive, and Dependent
Leo Lion Sun Creative, Confident, Extroverted, and Dominant
Virgo Virgin Mercury Perfectionists, Smart, Sophisticated, and Kind
Libra Scale Venus Cool, Calculative, Cerebral, and Charming
Scorpio Scorpion Mars Mysterious, Secretive, Passionate, and Deep
Sagittarius Archer Jupiter Wise, Curious, Explorers, and Restless
Capricorn Sea-Goat Saturn Hard-working, Sincere, Calm, and Soft-hearted
Aquarius Water Bearer Saturn Enchanting, Sociable, Charming, and Humanitarian
Pisces Fish Jupiter Creative, Generous, Detached, and Rigid
This, however, is not even scratching the surface for these rising signs. This is just an overview of how these signs can shape your personality. There are much more remains to unlock, which you can access with your Rising sign calculator right now!

Degree of the Rising Signs

The degree of the Lagna or Ascendant points to the intensity of the influence your rising sign will have on your life and personality. If a person is born with a low degree of the Lagna, he or she will exhibit less of the characteristics of their rising sign. However, a high degree of the rising sign will impact individuals and their characters much more than the lower degree. Other factors like planetary positions and houses in one’s birth chart also play a major role in their attitude, personality, and the way of living.