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Addiction Counseling


What is addiction?

An obsessional and compulsive drive to use drugs or alcohol typically serves as the defining characteristic of addiction and substance abuse. Addicts frequently show resistance to acknowledging there is a problem and that assistance is available. For such reluctance, online counselling might aid in facilitating the healing process. There are many causes for this reluctance, but most of them can be resolved with online counselling.


The brain’s reward, motivation, memory, and associated circuits are all impacted by addiction, which is a chronic but a treatable disease. It is a habit or a behavioural pattern in the form of response to a particular stimulus. Addiction affects the brain’s reward system.

How does addiction start?

People engage in potentially addictive behaviours to experience pleasure, and if these behaviours are reinforced over time, changes in brain chemistry may occur that result in an unconscious drive to continue the action. Numerous elements, including heredity, diet, mental health, previous traumas, pain, stress, and stage of life, have an impact on this process. 

How can an addiction be overcome?

Desiring change and staying away from that which encourages addiction like people, places,  are the first steps in recovering from addiction. Therapy is a very effective way for deaddiction. Click here to seek therapy.

Once the therapy is completed, support groups, mentors and counselors can also aid the de addiction process.Rehabilitation facilities offer knowledge and medication to alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Exercise and eating well both contribute significantly to recuperation.

Common behaviors and warning signs of addiction include

Usually, people with substance abuse addiction avoid social interactions or ignore relationships. Mood swings are their second nature. Losing interest in previously appreciated hobbies or activities is a sign of addiction. Support is available if you are concerned about a friend or acquaintance. It can be challenging to determine whether someone has a problem because not all addictions are obvious, and many people try to hide their behaviour from friends and family.

How is addiction counselling carried out?

After going through the goal of addiction counselling, it’s time to look at the various counselling modalities. Since therapy is an individual process, one form of counselling might be more successful for one person than another. The many counselling types are listed in the following paragraphs. 

Individual Guidance

Individual counselling, as the name implies, entails a counsellor meeting with the client alone. Meetings may occur more frequently or less frequently; you and your counsellor will decide on a frequency that is right for you. Together, the client and the counsellor create a thorough therapy plan.

This form of counselling is preferred by those who wish to work closely with a single counsellor in a private setting. Benefits are greatest for those who desire assistance in creating objectives and overcoming obstacles on their own.

Consult Therapist
Individual Guidance
Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Family members who live close to an addict are affected. Any family member, such as a spouse, parent, or sibling, who the client chooses to involve in the counselling can take part.

Family counselling has advantages for whom? This counselling offers a facilitator to speed up healing for people who want to work through family problems. The family gathers here to talk about the problems, their causes, and to work on solutions as a unit.

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Group therapy For Addiction

Multiple people are counselled at once in a group environment, which is known as group counselling. All throughout their lives, people join groups, whether they are religious, social, familial, or cultural. This kind of therapy makes use of how social groupings affect people’s behaviour, self-perception, and mental health. Who might gain from group therapy? For those who benefit most from the support of numerous people during difficult or painful times, group therapy is recommended.

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Group therapy For Addiction

Online Addiction therapy

Any of the above counselling models can be used for online treatment. The fact that it happens on the phone or online is the sole distinction. Online counselling is beneficial for whom? This is advantageous for people who prefer the added privacy of phone or internet sessions. Additionally, this environment may be more convenient for those who feel more at ease at home. Online support groups have become more and more common in recent years, giving you access to assistance wherever you are. Book therapy sessions to consult our wellness experts.

Benefits of Addiction Counseling

Counseling has several benefits for patients. Counseling for addiction can assist in identifying the root causes of addiction and assisting a person in developing coping skills. Counseling also helps many people with their mental health. The capacity to be heard in a nonjudgmental environment and address issues rather than burying them can have a good effect in a variety of spheres of life. There are many reasons why individuals attend therapy, ranging from enhanced interpersonal interactions to improved mental health.


How can connect with a Therapist

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