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Dining Room Vastu

  • As per Dining Room Vastu the dining room should be close to the kitchen and in southwest, northwest or northeast directions of a house. To promote profitability, the dining room should be in the western direction of a building.
  • According to the dining table vastu shastra It is advisable to avoid the placement of the kitchen in southwest corner of the house as it obstructs financial growth and deteriorates the owner’s health.
  • As per the dining table vastu, The dining table must be places in the centre and not in southwest corner of your house.
  • Different floors for kitchen and dining room should not exist as carrying food from one floor to another causes inconvenience. Set your dining table direction as per vastu at a place nearby the kitchen to avoid worriment.
  • Set dining table position as per vastu such a way that The head of the house must face east while having a meal and the rest should either face east, west or north directions. If a family member faces south, it causes petty quarrels.
  • Design dining room as per vastu in such way that The door of the dining room mustn’t face the main entrance.
  • As per dining vastu The door of the dining room must face either east, north or west and be decorated with anything.
  • dining table according to vastu should be either rectangular or square and never round, egg-shaped or irregular. Also, they should not be foldable or attached to walls.
  • vastu tips for dining room suggested that The wash-basin must be either in east or north directions but never in the southeast or southwest corner.
  • According to the dining hall vastu Picturesque paintings or light adornments on the walls along with vastu colors like light blue, yellow, saffron or light green painted on the walls, create a happy atmosphere in the dining room. dining table as per vastu suggested that Toilets should never be in the same room as the dining. However, laundry area/room do not pose any harm.

Vastu for Kitchen

  • Vastu tips for kitchen says that the kitchen should ideally be in the southeast or northwest directions and the cooking should be done eastwards. Avoid using north-eastern direction of the house as kitchen as it brings negative vibes and caused feud amongst the family. And still if you have any issue then use this north east kitchen vastu dosh remedies to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Adopt the accurate vastu shastra for kitchen and make sure that The placement of washing area should be facing north-eastern direction and away from the stove as it holds back peace and love within the family.
  • Use this vastu kitchen direction guidelines and one should avoid having the kitchen in the north-eastern corner of the kitchen since it gives birth to distress amongst family members. To avoid any of the kitchen vastu dosh explore these kitchen vastu dosh remedies to get out from all the stress and inconvenience.
  • As per vaastu for kitchen, storage shelves must be south or west facing. Especially the heavy ones.