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More hardships are in store for the people of Greece, predicts Ganesha

More hardships are in store for the people of Greece, predicts Ganesha

Greece has been facing a severe economic and political crisis due to the fallout of the Greek government debt crisis. Even being a part of the European Monetary Union couldn’t save the country from a crippling economic crisis, which is blamed on gross mismanagement and structural weaknesses of the Greek economy. Severe austerity measures adopted to revive the ailing economy resulted in spiralling unemployment, salary and pension cuts, tax increases and jeopardizing the country’s health and education system. Facing such turbulent times, the beleaguered Greek government on 11th June 2013 announced the closure of ERT, Greece’s state owned public radio and television broadcasting corporation, with its 2,656 employees facing a bleak future.

Ganesha sheds some light on the on going economic and political crisis in Greece and predicts what future beholds for this nation battling severe hardships.


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As per the country chart of Greece, Mercury-Mercury period will be in influence till 30th January 2014 and after this, Mercury-Ketu period will operate. The retrograde Mars-Ketu conjunction in the 7th House may not augur well for Greece. International pressure and internal conflicts may derail the reform process. As per the country’s 1974 chart, Jupiter-Mercury period is in influence. Mercury is in the star of Rahu. The transiting Jupiter will raise the hopes of ushering economic stability. But it will be illusionary, and possibility of a concrete recovery is still a distant hope.

Considering the chart of Antonis Samaras’ coalition government, it reveals that his government is under tremendous stress. The transiting Saturn and Rahu in Swati Nakshatra will result in the government being under extreme stress and may encounter substantial challenges right till the end of the year 2013. Hence, the Greek government may survive for now, but the weakened government cannot last for long.

The chart of the new cabinet that was sworn in has Leo, a fixed sign Ascendant, and Ascendant Lord Sun is placed well in the 11th House. A strong Mars is placed in the 10th House. However, Moon is in the 6th House and 7th House Lord Saturn is retrograde and conjuncting Rahu. The Saturn-Rahu-Sun conjunction in Libra will pose many challenges in the month of October and November 2013. A number of crisis situations are likely to emerge. Present government won’t be able to continue with the reforms and people of Greece will endure lot of pain and hardship. There are very strong possibilities that Greece will have early elections.

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