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International Women’s Day | #Choose to Challenge

International Women’s Day | #ChoosetoChallenge

Throughout history, women have been the most crucial aspect of human society and have made an extraordinary contribution to transforming humankind. But still, she has been the victim of several social causes and disparities. Moreover, she has encountered and yet does many unexplainable events that are just chilling to our senses. But, now the situation has differed and is rebelling for an enormous change as women throughout the world are now moving beyond the restrictive boundaries and imposition. Thus, challenging every patriarchal imposition and oppression coming out victoriously in the suffrage battle, having an equal right to education, and symbolizing power and strength. Hence, all kinds of polarity and bias should be stopped as women deserve the same respect in the connected society of both Male and Females. And, therefore came the ideation of International Women’s Day.

8th March, which became the revolutionary day for women and stood in support of women for the better cause. Women, who are the real forte of a nation, and without whom the whole country is just an empty piece of paper. But what actually happened on 8th March, and why the day is so special for women? Let’s find out in the bottom line.

Women’s Day Special

– World inside her Kumbh
– Outstanding creation of Moon
– Mother of all Nation
– Aptly orientation, and thus
– Nothing is worthwhile without her creation!

International Women’s Day is the day to celebrate the essential contribution made by women to humankind. To all those women across the globe who fight, inspire, and support in every possible manner across the globe.

The day is dedicated to those pioneering women who choose to challenge every single societal stereotype, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate all women’s achievements in an equal manner without any unfairness.

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Women’s Day: The First Rise Of Women

  • International Women’s day that is celebrated on the 8th March of every year is immensely linked to the women’s movement of the Russina Revolution (1917)
  • New Zealand was the self-governing nation that allowed women for the first time to vote.
  • In the first known campaign, the Egyptian society of physician went against tradition by declaring the negative effect of FGM-Female Genital Mutation. And this was in 1920.

8th March: The Days For All Walks Of Life

For the first time, women’s Day was celebrated back in 1908. At that revolutionary time, when the women of the various caste and creed cascaded on the streets of New York, demanding their rights. Since that very day, 8th March has been celebrated for the cause of women’s support. And raises important issues, inspires and motivates women from all walks of life.

Every year International Women’s Day comes up with some special theme and this year 2021 has something more special. “Choose to Challenge” is this year’s theme. A theme that inspires millions of women around the world to accept challenges and evolve as great leaders leading the world in a new direction overcoming the hurdles of the unprecedented times.

A ‘Choose to Challenge’ comes to a change and who rise to the challenges called a woman! Thus, all women must come together and choose such challenges that make the women equitable among all and create phoenixes that rise from the ashes of all the disparity filled nations. Only to come out with a new dawn of an equity packed world.

The main purpose of women’s day is to express love and gratitude for the historic contribution of women to our lives and society. It is the day to show respect towards the women, who have broken all the chains of disparity and reached the pinnacle of success. Today, women across the nation actively participate in politics, education, social work, corporate, sports, IT, research & development, innovation, and diverse fields, and have left their footprints. But still, she feels deprived of society.

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So, let’s understand the power of YOU based on your Sun Signs and be PROUD of your inherent strong qualities.

Aries women are full of confidence, lively and bold. Quite frank in their approach, they play their card on trust. Mentally strong and confident, Aries are passionate and fearless warriors. As modern and self-reliant, they may be difficult to manage at times, but are quite interesting. And, therefore, as Aries you can always live life to the fullest.

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Calm on the surface, surprisingly Taurus women cannot be triggered easily and don’t get upset so quickly. However, they tend to become stubborn and extremely hot-headed, when pushed. They are genuine and loyal and make a great partner. So, if anyone has earned a place in your heart, they will be lucky to have a Taurus woman cherishing your loyalty and closeness.

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Gemini women make great friends, though they have dual nature. Their vivacious personality and positive attitude with striking characteristics, Gemini ladies boost morale. Though sometimes they act strange, Gemini women can easily be swayed if touched by love. Gemini Ladies are always helpful and motivate others to achieve their dreams. With your attractive personality, you possess a never-say-die and positive attitude.

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With wavering moods and emotions, Cancer women, owing to their Zodiac symbol, become extremely irritable. Crab females are strong and are quite capable of taking care of themselves. However, as they are quite sensitive, they need to be regularly assured to be taken care of. This assurance always keeps you happy. In return, you shower rewards on your loved one.

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Leo women are real Lionesses in their life. They may be a little bit headstrong but make BFF (Best Friend Forever) material. The Lioness holding a kind heart and compassion are always ready to help. You have the quality to love passionately and will always stick to the person.

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Virgo women are loving, intelligent and quite helpful by nature. On the rarer end, Virgo ladies are not easily influenced, therefore, your partner needs to really work hard to impress you. Nevertheless, they possess a soft corner and are quite emotional. Therefore, when a little extra care is given, you just give your heart.

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Lady Librans are charismatic, romantic and surprisingly, possess two distinct facets to their personalities. Owing to their Zodiac sign symbol, they look out to maintain balance in all aspects of their lives. Libra women make loyal friends and never have a tendency to interfere with others’ privacy. Hence, you can cherish their loyalty and companionship at full length.

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Scorpio ladies possess huge energy reserves and persona and therefore, you will always attract the masses and nobody can ignore your inner charm. With the willingness to sacrifice anything to reach your goal, being a Scorpio woman, you always succeed in your goals. Your little care and love will make them feel special and these tiny moments of love you will never forget and always remain grateful to you.

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Sagittarius women are idealistic, fun-loving and witty. With the quality of living in the present moment, they would never like to compromise their freedom. So be well aware of this fact if you’re a woman with a Saggi sun sign. Amazingly, Sagittarius women love to meet people, share their experiences, and like to try out different things. So, you just sway around and cherish the love of an adventurous life.

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Capricorn women are always disciplined and methodical. Holding strong belief in their strengths, they also never ignore their weaknesses. With strong hold to family values, Capricorn ladies are prudent and sincere. And therefore, your family relies on you. Holding a Capricorn sign, you think profoundly, analyze all pros and cons before deciding on anything. Therefore, no one can convince you so easily for anything. But, on the other end, you won’t go against the family’s wishes for what they want.

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Ladies, holding Aquarius zodiac sign, speak their minds and have strong convictions. On the other side of the coin, they are quite unpredictable and are impractical by nature which may bring a bigger challenge for your better half. And, therefore, they need to have a lot of patience to understand you as an Aquarius woman. However, as you are smart and friendly with great inner power, and inherent leadership qualities, you always play a leading role wherever you go.

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Being both mysterious and sensuous holding deep emotions, Pisces ladies tend to be romantic, poetic and at the same time spiritual. As a Pisces woman, you are quite sensitive and moody, and quite difficult to deal with. Once your oblivious negative qualities are provoked, it will be tougher for anyone to gain your trust.

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Holding such inherent qualities owing to your zodiac signs, just don’t waste your precious lives by drawing a line, instead, live life to the fullest by crossing it. Happy Women’s Day to All! To all the women on this Earth.

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