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Healthiest Of All – Sattva, Rajas or Tamas

The world is full of people with different qualities. Some may be positive, while others may be negative. But whoever thought that the energy of our planets governs our rates? Every planet in Astrology has some quality, and this is known as Gunas. A person’s nature and character are based on the Gunas of the planets in the houses.

According to the Gunas, people can be Satvik, Rajsik or Tamasik.

The three guṇas known as Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik are the energy movement that helps define a person’s character. They can be positively, negatively and neutrally charged. As per Astrology, the three Gunas are associated with zodiac signs.

People who have Satvik guna are the ones who are incredibly loving, generous, knowledgeable, intelligent and wise. They have divine qualities and are always devoted to God. Satvik guna helps us gain an understanding of higher wisdom.

Selfish people who are violent and impulsive have Rajasic guna. They show too much aggression and a competitive spirit with great passion. Rajsik guna motivates us.

Those who are ignorant and often remain away from greater wisdom are the ones with Tamasic guna. This Guna brings stability.

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As mentioned above, every planet has a specific guna. The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are known to be Satvik. Rajsik Guna is dominant in Mercury and Venus. While Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are Tamasik.

  • The Sun represents the Soul, and so it is considered Satvik. Similarly, the Moon signifies Purity and is Satvik.
  • Jupiter holds the qualities of forgiveness, wisdom, faith, and spirituality. Thus, it is Satvik.
  • Venus is known for desire and pleasure. So, it is Rajsik. Similarly, Mercury is for worldly interests, and hence it is also Rajsik.
  • Saturn makes its native lazy and depressing. So, it is Tamasik. Rahu is related to phobias and attachments. Thus, it is also Tamasik.
  • Mars invites enemies and accidents. So, it is known to be Tamasik.
  • Ketu can be both Satvik and Tamasik. When it displays shy behaviour or abstains from any action, it becomes Tamasik. When it shows spirituality, wisdom, and liberation, Ketu is known to possess Satvik Gunas.

Along with Satvik, Ketu has other malefic qualities which can be nullified with Cat’s eye, which is a gemstone for Ketu.

The twelve zodiac signs play a vital role in expressing the four elements – fire, earth, air, and water. These zodiac signs also have their associated Gunas, but one should remember that we cannot compare the Gunas. We need to balance the three Gunas. This can be attained by harmonising our mind, body, and Soul.

  • Rajas gunas are dominant in the natives of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn zodiac signs. The symbol of a volcanic eruption represents Rajasik Gunas.
  • The zodiacs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, have dominant Tamasic Guna, and a tall mountain symbolises it.
  • Satvik Guna is possessed by the zodiacs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. A newborn baby is the symbol of Satvik guna.

satvik rajasik tamasik

People with different dominant Gunas have other characteristics and traits. Below are a few observations about people with different Gunas.

  • Absolute Tamsik people don’t follow the principles of Dharma, Karma, Moksha, and Artha. They are lazy and destructive people.
  • Absolute Rajsik people are passionate, active and dynamic but might be self-centred sometimes.
  • Absolute Satvik people are wise and knowledgeable with pure Soul. They believe in good karmas only.
  • People with mixed Tamasic and Rajsik Guna are often arrogant and self-centred.

While talking about these three gunas for our mental health, it is characterised as follows:-

Tamas’ mind is disconnected, dull and lethargic. It is usually filled with ego and pride.

Sattva’s mind is about intelligence and manifestation.

It is expansive, progressive and beyond and is different from Tamas and Rajas.

A pure rajas mind is very self-centred and selfish when their Sattva with the rajas’ mind, the pursuit of achievements begins through the sense of organs.

In Ayurveda, there are three doshas or the body types around which the science of healing is surrounded.
1) Vatta
2) Pitta
3) Kapha

All these three doshas or the body types create the biological force in our body.

Dosha is a peculiar combination varying from each person. It is a combination of mental, emotional, and physical attributes, which includes their vitality.

Doshas are the energies that are found throughout the body, including the mind. They are one of the primary reasons for the functioning of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is an individualistic roadmap to health and fitness.

Similarly, the concept of gunas comes together to form sensory, balanced thoughts, each with a different combination.

The elements of the Universe are associated with the doshas in Ayurveda, so are they with gunas

Pitta is Fire + Water
Vatta is Air + Ether
Kapha is Earth + Water

The elements associated with the Gunas are as follows.

Sattva with Space
Tamas with Earth
Air with Rajas
Fire with Sattva and Rajas
Water with Sattva and Tamas both.

When tridosha combines with the gunas – sixteen, personality distinction emerges. This combination helps doctors identify the mind, body energy state.

The sattva personalities are as follows.

Brahma Sattva:- Knowledgeable, Loving and respectful people
Varuna Sattva:- Good orators are calm and spiritual.
Mahendra Sattva:- Leaders and have a mass following
Kuber Sattva:- Interested in wealth acquisition
Gandharva Sattva:- Physically beautiful, sharp dress sense, sensual and elegant.
Yama Sattvav:- Intelligent, determined and courageous people
Rishi Sattva:- Dedicated to spirituality and being religious

Rajas Personalities are as below

Asura Sattva:- They are shrewd, brutal and cruel taskmasters
Rakshasa Sattva:- They are violent and addicts.
Paisaca Sattva:- They are loners who do not maintain hygiene.
Sarpa Sattva:- These folks are both threatened and shy. They could be violent if cornered.
Praita Sattva:- They spread hate, hold a personal vendetta against people.
Sakuna:- Mastermind, group leader and opportunist.

Tamas Personalities are as below

Pasava Sattva:- Has qualities of an animal.
Matsya Sattva:- Has qualities of a fish.
Vanaspatya Sattva:- Simplistic living and views


Sattvic food or the diet is an ideal and the recommended diet by many. It is a diet that does not include onion, garlic, or anything that is grown underground. This food creates lightness.


Rajasic meals are heavy, rich meals and have a lot of flavours. It increases the heat in the body. It is a kind of food that is usually served in marriages and Indian functions.


Tamasic food is towards an excess of spice, heat, not very rich though unlike Rajasic food. It usually consists of meat, fish, fermented foods etc. Tamasic food in excess could negatively impact the mind related to anxiety, anger, aggression, and dullness.

No matter whether your Guna is sattva rajas and tamas – if you can balance your emotions and actions, you can have a balanced personality. Your planets and zodiac sign may give you an idea of the dominant Gunas, but what you make of yourself depends upon your skill to balance your characters.

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