Turbulence, infighting, militancy, economic slowdown and political setbacks await Germany till 2017!

Turbulence, infighting, militancy, economic slowdo...tbacks await Germany till 2017! - GaneshaSpeaks

“The combination of Jupiter and Rahu in the sign of Leo, post January 2016 shall add to the woes of Germany, and religious as well as racial issues shall crop up and there may be some communal unrest as well!”, the words of Ganesha!

Voice of Ganesha:
1) “Threat from militants and terrorist activities cannot be denied!”2) “The government may face a lot of difficulty in maintaining proper political and economic relations with the other countries.”3) “Saturn’s adverse effects shall throw spanners in the works for Germany and shall negatively impact the political and defence structure!”

The situations in Germany have been changing suddenly and there is a lot of activity going on in the country, but not all the activities are seemingly positive! The country showed a positive approach towards international harmony by agreeing to provide asylum to the Syrian refugees who are being persecuted by the inhuman and barbaric ISIS militants in the Iraqi-Syrian belt! But a lot of disturbing incidents are being reported from the country which raise a lot of questions about the future course of the country and the situations that may arise due to the current happenings. Many among the refugees are being reported to be ISIS militants in disguise! The country has also witnessed some violent protests and exhibitions by the refugees and the police and security establishments have been facing a lot of problems. Few days back, a policewoman was reported to have been stabbed by a refugee! These incidents portend something very worrisome for the country, which has been by far, seen as a strong nation with a decisive and no non-sense approach! What lies ahead for the country? How will the economic conditions of the country be in the times to come? Will the political dispensation be able to control the problems that may arise or will it itself get affected by the unfavourable atmosphere? Let’s find the answers with the All-knowing Ganesha!

Date :- 18th January, 1871
Place :- Berlin, Germany
Time :- 13.00 P.M


Important Astrological Observations and Predictions :-

  • Jupiter will be transiting over the Natal Ketu posited in the 4th House, and will be aspecting its Natal Mercury in the 8th House, Rahu in the 10th House and debilitated Saturn in the 12th House of its Natal Chart, till 11th August, 2016.
  • Saturn will be transiting over the Natal Jupiter, Venus and Swagruhi Mars posited in the 7th House, and will be aspecting its Natal Sun in the 9th House and also Ketu of the Natal Chart, till January, 2017.
  • Rahu will be transiting over its Natal Moon in the 5th House, till January 2016. After this period, Rahu-Ketu will be in the half-return phase, transiting over Natal Keu and Rahu respectively.
  • Germany will be under the influence of Major-period of Saturn and Sub-period of Saturn till 24th March, 2017.

Astrological predictions :-

  • Considering the above transiting planets and their individual and collective influences, Ganesha feels worried about the future of the country, which has been passing through a period of turbulence, unrest and uncertainty. The planets also indicate that the Germany is not in for some great times in the coming, at least till January 2017 as it will be facing a lot of disturbances on the various fronts including the socio-political, economic, military and security fronts.
  • Even the government would not be able to function smoothly owing to a lot of spanners that may be thrown in the works by the opposition parties or it may even have to face a lot of public ire due to various reasons.
  • Ganesha observes that the currrent refugee crisis is sure to add to the woes of Germany as it will fan the flames of the problems of Germany. Saturn’s negative impact on some key Houses may make the period upto January 2017 one of the most problematic ones! Saturn is aspecting the Natal Sun – the planet of politics, power, administration and power and thus all these areas would be under adverse influences. Also, Saturn is passing over the cluster of planets – Mars, Jupiter and the Ascendant Lord- Venus and thus the current transit of Saturn does not in anyway augur well for Germany! Mars stands for army, military establishments, all security and police personnel and Saturn passing over it does not make indicate a good time for the internal security of Germany. All the areas represented by Mars will be facing great problems, no wonder a police woman was stabbed by one of the refugees recently!
  • Ganesha says that it is a very nice gesture on part of Germany to play the role of a perfect host by accepting so many refugees and by offering great hospitality to the refugees of Syria, but then it is better to take care of the domestic security and stability. The economic situation also makes for an unfavourable picture in the case of Germany!
  • The import-export markets of Germany may also get affected badly, foresees Ganesha.
  • The problems are set to get worse post January 2016, when the half-return phase of Rahu-Ketu willl commence! The situations may become more tense and difficult to handle and to bring under control as the merciless malefics Rahu-Ketu shall be on a rampage! The problems may manifest in various forms and the current refugee-crisis will become a bigger encumbrance then as Rahu represents foreigners and the refugees happen to be foreigners for Germany. So, the problems from foreigners is one of the biggest issues that may haunt Germany and also the the economy shall go on a downward spiral!
  • The combination of Jupiter and Rahu in the sign of Leo shall not be favourable for Germany and religious as well as racial issues shall crop up and there may be some communal unrest as well!
  • The general public may face a lot of insecurity and there may also be possibilities of infighting for the basic rights.
  • The government may face a lot of difficulty in maintaining proper political and economic relations with the other countries.
  • Ganesha says that threat from militants and terrorist activities cannot be denied.
  • Ganesha says that currently Jupiter may provide some relief, but it will not be enough to neutralise the problems that the heavyweight malefics may create!

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Germany.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rantidev A. Upadhyay and Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks Team