Full Moon Meditation & Its Unexpected Effects On People

A full Moon is an archaic method of introspection. The Moon is an extremely spiritual body. So, in other words, self-knowledge is paramount.

We are bound to the moon for generations, a piece of ourselves. When the moon is full, it shines brightly for nearly three days. Amazingly, the moon has no light of its own. Instead, the light of the sun illuminates the World at dusk.

What Is Full Moon Meditation? & Its Importance

A powerful way to tap into spiritual energies is by Full Moon Meditation. On this day, anywhere in the world, people flock together to form a connection between heaven and Earth. When we live together, we assume a massive lump of sacred force descends to the earth. So, moving further, let’s unveil the importance of full moon meditation.

What does the full moon have to do with us?

Humans have lived by the celestial cycle for centuries. Connecting to these forces helps us both anchor ourselves on the planet, as well as link us to the universe.

A new Moon signifies setting new plans, aspirations, and fruition, while a full Moon means completion and culmination. For two weeks, the dark phase of the moon collects intelligence. The other two weeks, it broadcasts its steam. So, to set new intentions, the new moon is your best bet.

The Moon’s two parts wax and wane, respectively. When the full moon approached, we began preparing our minds and collecting relevant facts. The waxing moon symbolises forward-moving forces and momentum, all of which foster project growth.

When the full moon arrives, the fading period begins, and we begin to lose all negative influences. Reflect on the work you’ve done on the waxing moon and farewell those who are no longer helping you.

The Complete Guide to Full Moon Meditation

Moonlight Meditation

The full moon is an excellent time to absorb the moon’s luminous powers. At this stage, you should begin meditating and establishing a new mentality in order to accomplish everything you want.

To begin, find a convenient spot with good visibility of the moon and sit comfortably.

Now, shut your eyes and imagine the moon’s light flooding your space and recharging your whole body.

Throughout this, your attention should be on your breath and the future intention you’ve set.

When you do so, imagine the moonlight purifying your body, mind, and soul.

Finally, gradually refocus your thoughts on the subconscious and open your eyes.

Repeat this procedure for hours before and after the full moon.

Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

Words are the brain’s most important ally, and picking the right words is similar to choosing a true friend; when a word no longer serves you, let it go. Fortunately, the full moon is an excellent chance to let go of something that no longer suits you. Simply make a list of all you want to release and declare, “I release you!”

Baith Under A Full Moon

Moonlight has the ability to rejuvenate your psyches. On the night of the full moon, immerse yourself in water and allow all your old wounds to heal in the moonlight. You should express your intention aloud and visualise absolutely healing all of your body’s broken cells.

Numerous Extraordinary Benefits Of Full Moon Meditation

Trigger Crown Chakra

Meditation on a full moon day usually assists in activating the crown chakra and bringing an abundance of divine energies into the body. Divine energy is essentially self-aware, and it cleanses our body of all negativity.

Assist In Cleansing The Aura

Your Aura is a snapshot of who you are. Have you ever considered how some see you? Your aura’s influence directs you to those types of individuals. If you have a pessimistic aura, you can draw negative people and circumstances into your life. The easiest time to cleanse your aura is after the full moon. It will assist in dissolving any blockages that can contribute to poor health and will increase the general well-being.

Heighten awareness

We all have a tendency to believe that we understand ourselves very well. However, everything you know for yourself is just a half-truth; it is not whole. And meditation possesses the ability to assist you in developing a deeper connection with yourself and in seeking the unknown spiritual reality.

Assists in Deeper Purification

An individual must realise that success and loss are entirely subjective. When we see life from unfiltered windows, it is breathtaking. And complete meditation is the most magnificent way to attain the state. It assists in dispelling all your erroneous views and feelings about yourself and provides you with an eye to see divinity all around you.

Meditation On The Full Moon Day

Celtic rituals refer to the full moon as the Wolf Moon. It is known as The Rest and Cleansing Moon in Sun Bear’s Aboriginal beliefs and embodies the Otter’s energetic characteristics of playfulness and pleasure. Both full moons have a profound effect on the oceans of our Mother Planet, as well as on humans. Our bodies are composed of more than 70% vapour, and the full moon’s energy boosts our feelings and energy levels. Each full moon is an opportunity to pray for and receive abundance with an open heart.

If possible, spend time outside during the full moon and drink in splendour. Grandmother Moon might be able to give you some tips. Sensitize yourself to the energies of the rays in order to get a deeper perspective, a wiser perspective, a cosmic perspective on the cosmos. Raise your hands above your head to experience the moon’s joy. Open the heart and give love to all the creatures on the planet, as well as to the planet herself. Place your hands over your heart and allow Grandmother Moon’s deep love to fill you. Allow this Divine Feminine love to permeate every aspect of your body, providing warmth, healing, and energy balance. Sensitize yourself to the soothing golden light coursing through each cell of your body. Consider how joyfully each cell radiates as it receives this blessed gift.

Full Moon Manifestation Meditation

Create a list of full moon manifestations. Allow the evening’s spirit to move you! This one is easy and stunning.

Begin by lighting a candle and focusing on being present and letting go of the thoughts that are racing through your head.

Consider what you want to unleash and what you wish to hold on to for a few moments.

Take a piece of paper and jot down one by one the things you’d like to manifest in your life over the next month – these are your full moon wishes.

Place the wish list in a special location, such as a nice box – or roll it up and place it in a jar – and then set it outside to soak up the moonlight.

Bring the wishes back inside and will them somewhere you can see them every day in the morning. I keep mine on a small altar above the fireplace in my bedroom, but setting it on your nightstand works just as well. Each evening, before you retire, review your list and reflect.

Wrapping Words

Plenty of people are aware of full moon meditation healing and transforming. Taking a pledge of meditating on a full moon night can help boost your awareness and do inner cleansing, as well as add a level of wonder and inner peace that typical meditation cannot. The light of the moon may not impart a mystical power into you, but it sure offers internal peace and calms an anxious mind.