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Aries Ascendants

Would you make a good impression if you met yourself? Obviously, right? Is that even a question!? But have you ever wondered what type of the first impression you give out to people? Well, your Ascendant also known as the rising sign is responsible for that. It represents your mannerisms, appearance, how you act, and other important factors. So are you planning to read and know more about it or simply came to stare? Go on without much ado.

Aries Ascendants have a Bounce in Their Step

Mars is the ruler of Aries Ascendant who has blessed the Mesha Lagna with youthful spirits. Aries Rising Signs have it in them to dominate, pioneer, direct, and instruct others. It may look like being very controlling to everyone but they have the gift of self-control as well as control over people. If anyone wants to learn how to lay out a game plan, Aries Risings are the ones you can contact. Even in tournaments and matches, they are considered the most important player as they have the talent to form a strategy and execute it with other players. They are the self-starters in the team with a get-up-and-go mindset. At times, they are accused of being selfish but that is only because they have one goal in mind.

Aries is a fire sign and therefore Aries Rising Signs are fiery and short-tempered. They are not afraid to tell the bitter truth even though it can hurt someone. There is nothing nasty or harmful intention behind it but this trait makes them loyal and trustworthy friends. On the plus side, they never hold any grudges and are capable of resentment or indignation. Their mind wanders in many places to even remember they were upset in the first place.

Although this behaviour can cause them to lose many important things in life. Aries Ascendants are advised to train themselves not to insist on others very much. Anyway, their goals and priorities are set and they even can overcome any obstacles. Aries rising signs love being the free bird and are perfectly happy doing their own thing. The Truth is, Aries Rising natives have an innate desire to be at the forefront of the action, amid progress and leading the pack to thought and action.

Aries is said to rule the head and part of the jaw, therefore they have prominent facial expressions and strong facial movements. The rising signs are pressing in their speech and when they are interested in the topic of discussion they will ask endless amounts of questions as if they are an FBI agent. They may get intense but they aren’t being nosey; they are only genuinely curious and excited. Can say it’s one part of their personality.

People with scientific thoughts and philosophical ideas attract Aries Ascendants and they will communicate those ideas with profound insight with them. Aries Rising Signs will do very well in their respective careers. A profession that requires quick actions, decision-making, and the ability to assume responsibility suit them best. They have faith in their efforts and know that success will taste sweeter when acknowledged.

Mesha Lagna has very intense strong emotions and feelings. This passion-filled personality may get a rushed wedding at a young age as they feel the need to have someone by their side. But they need to walk this road ahead carefully. Because if the relationship doesn’t turn out well they will be very hurt. As they are full of energy, they need something to keep happening to keep them mentally and physically occupied.

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The Mystery Behind the Glow of Aries Ascendant

Aries Rising Signs are likely to have an average height but strong and sporty bodies. Either way, they typically have a tall lean frame with a long face and neck. Exercise is very important to you to maintain that strong and athletic figure and even mental outlook. The complexion will usually be ruddy and they get reddish if they work under the sun! During playtime injuries to the face are common with Aries Ascendants, the scars will usually be on their forehead or near the temple area. The salon is their second home because of their bushy eyebrows.

Mesha Lagna has sharp eyesight that catches even the smallest flaws. The colour of the eyes may be of light hues, like grey or greyish brown. During childhood days, they enjoyed soft and thin hair, and as adulthood came it might have got all rough or wiry like Einstein. The colour of their hair may vary greatly from blonde to reddish to brunette.

If you see an Aries Rising taking a promenade, you’ll see that they tend to have a swift walk and quick hand movements. As a Mesha Lagna, the idea of ‘image’, ‘reputation’, ‘status’ is of special importance. Because of this, they are very careful about what they wear and how they present themselves outside.

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The Famous Fiery Aries Sun

Red-hot, like red chilli, is what the Sun in Aries means. Aries Risings vigorously walk into life, which gives them the advantage of walking one step ahead of the crowd. They are ready to take charge of any situation, and others fall in line with Aries Ascednant’s sense of certainty. All these traits make the Sun in Aries a born leader. It also shows the area of life where the truth lies, a purpose, and a deeper meaning.

There are a few personality traits if the Sun is in Aries. For instance, the Aries Ascendants will have a larger-than-life-outlook. If the party’s dull, their entrance will light up the room just like the Sun does when it rises! Their charisma will keep the party lit ‘til dawn. They crave excitement and won’t sit still till they seek out the next big thing. They have big ambitions and their inner energies drive them to fulfil them. They’ve got bright minds, amazing ability to initiate things, and action is their middle name.

When Aries Rising signs have set their goals they will become Flash and finish it which leaves others in the dust. Although sometimes if you leap before looking you can get stuck in the bush it is said that Aries Sun learns it the hard way *shrugs*. And at times, the rush hour can cause Aries Ascendants to take wrong turns or crossroads without looking which can cause accidents.

Also like the Sun, if you go too near it can burn you, Aries dark side can be dangerous. In the heat of the moment, they can be a bully who will go too far and scorch and say hurtful words not only to outsiders but to their loved ones too. They are not good at tidying up their mess and tying loose ends. On frequent occasions, they even speak with outside voices and are feisty about what they want.

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Aries Ascendant is like the year 2020, you never know what’s going to happen the next minute. And in a world full of uniformity, Mesha Lagna is an original. The sexist trait about Aries Ascendant is their personality and their appearance is just a bonus.

When you catch the attention of Aries ascendant, it’s a win-win for you. They will pursue you till the end of the world and put in all the efforts but if they feel like you don’t reciprocate then they will leave without one word because they don’t like wasting time. You gotta earn the attention and time. As the Aries Rising sign, it’s not a mountain task for them to make friends, they are very sociable and click with people easily, but on the other hand, those friendships don’t last long. A piece of advice would be to build some common interests which can strengthen those bonds.

Life must have thrown all kinds of snakes at Aries Ascendants for them to be self-sufficient and not rely on anyone’s resources. But gradually what they can learn is that sometimes their close friends and family want good for them. To reject their offer for help and assistance every time will leave them lonely. To progress in life, sharing emotions, keeping in touch with your near and dear ones is important. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to be there for someone and then allowing them to be there for you too?

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Important Ingredients

Optimistic, Honest, Self-assured, Brave, Passionate, and FocusedImpatient, Mood Swings, Short-tempered, Impulsive, and Aggressive
Leadership qualities, impressive fashion senseRushing everything, Over Dynamic, and Wild
Super active and affectionateExtremely competitive and desire to win
Excellent organizational skills, motivation to accomplish various thingsIn constant search for answers
Courageous and Thirsty to take up Risky ChallengesDoesn’t hesitate to say anything, quite straightforward, and just blabbers out without filtration

What to do When Chanda Mama (MOON) Comes to Aries House?

Chanda Mama – Moon pushes Aries Ascendants to try something for the first time, facing their fears, to come out of their cocoon and be a butterfly. This might put the Mesha Lagna in an edgy and punchy mood, but when they’ll fly that restless feeling will fade away.

Don’t just sit back while the Moon is out in Aries Sign. It is an amazing time for you to take your game up one notch and take up something challenging that you’ve never done before; maybe MMA or Pilates class, Scuba diving, or Bungee Jumping. Doing something daring and out of ordinary will be very satisfying. You have our word!

While the Aries Moon is here, there can be heated moments that will bring a spark in your relationship and a lusty look in a young lover’s eyes. You gotta do more than talking and try other things than simple vanilla *wink*.

These days can be emotionally purifying for you Aries rising signs. If you are facing problems, instead of going at a snail’s pace, attack head-on. You have to let go of the bottled-up anger, the Moon gives you the moral strength to bring out the fight in you. Sometimes this anger, this fight can provoke you to start a row with others but maybe it’s for the better!?

Aries Rising Signs it’s a great time for you to have an opening for your new showroom or an art show, or a business, or if you want to sell your house. The Aries Moon will support you if you’ve got to be spontaneous, be it for a date or a job interview. Plan for short activities rather than any tedious footwork. It’s time to celebrate, and the reason can be your self-promotion, encouraging a friend, or well you don’t really need a reason to party now, do you?

During the Aries Moon do try some meditation and soul searching. The invincible energy may make you believe you can do anything and everything. But the Moon in Aries proves to be a good time to dream big and follow your passions.

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Not Everyone Can Pull off these Hairstyles

You need guts to carry some of these haircuts/hairstyles. But Aries Ascendants are courageous to go anywhere with it confidently.

Want something Short and Simple? Coming right up. The first on our list is Pixie Cut. Aries Ascendant is always on the go and living the fast and furious life, amidst this it is easier to manage short lengths. Just like Katy Perry did on her tours!

The next one is pretty daring. Shaved side or full head altogether. This fierce look will make them stand out from the crowd and capture everyone’s attention without yelling. It can be scary at first but after every last bit is chopped off, Aries Rising will be full of freedom!

Every Aries Ascendant is different from each other because of different Sun signs but one thing that they have in common is their bluntness. Mesha Lagna is not afraid to keep it real no matter how rude it may look. They can rock a Blunt Bob Cut. The stunt can be to make everyone aware of their straightforward behaviour.

It can be a hassle sometimes to manage the Long Layers but if it makes Aries rising to feel wild and free, who are we to comment anything folks? To get into work mode all they gotta do is tie it in a ponytail, easy to toss it up and outta their face!

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