O. J Simpson and Boy George are facing Jail sentences

Introduction: Singer Boy George and fallen football legend O.J. Simpson have always been in the news for criminal trials and punishments. The ’80s pop star Boy George is due back in court for sentencing on January 16, 2009. He was convicted by a London jury of imprisoning a male escort at his flat in 2007. O. J Simpson has already been sentenced to at least nine years of prison term.

In accordance with Ganesha’s verdict, Boy George was to face a criminal trial and O.J. Simpson was to face a jail sentence and not a life sentence which came true. On the basis of these two verdicts, Ganesha again analyses their chart to predict their future.

O. J. Simpson’s Horoscope


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O.J Simpson’s Astro Analysis

He has Moon placed in the 8th house in watery sign and also in watery Navmansa which indicates his emotionally driven behavior. Mars-Rahu conjunction shows his aggressive and violent manner. Mercury is retrograde and placed in the 12th house with 6th house Lord in his chart. On September 15, 2007 when he was arrested he was under the influence of Venus-Mercury-Mercury period. The transiting Saturn-Ketu at that time in Leo squaring natal Mars and Rahu placed in the 10th house indicated confrontation with the authority and also legal harassment.

He is currently under the influence of Venus-Mercury- Moon period. Moon is the Lord of 12th house and placed in the 8th house He has Sun hemmed in between the malefic planets. The transiting Rahu is moving in the 8th house from natal Sun. Sun is the significator of ruling class and government as well. So, this period is extremely stressful and critical for him which is quite evident from the fact that he is now in jail. He will be under the influence of Venus-Ketu period from May 20, 2010. He will also be under the influence of Sun Mahadasha from July 20, 2011. Hence, he might not have any respite till mid 2017, says Ganesha.

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Boy George’s Horoscope


Boy George’s Astro Analysis

On October 7, 2005, Boy George was arrested in Manhattan on suspicion of possessing cocaine. He was then under the influence of Saturn-Rahu period and Rahu is placed in square with Sun. Sun-Rahu square always create one or the other legal issues. On June 17, 2006 and again on August 14, 2006 he appeared in the court facing legal charges. So, he has been constantly facing legal issues in this Rahu’s Bhukti in the Saturn Mahadasha. He is now under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and Jupiter Bhukti. He will be running Saturn-Jupiter- Saturn period, at the time when he will be sentenced. Currently, Saturn is placed with debilitated Jupiter in the 10th house and also the transiting Rahu will be in the 10th house which is the 8th house from the natal Moon. So, the year 2009 looks challenging for him and probably the worst year of his life. He might get a strict verdict and imprisonment seems very obvious.

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