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US Economy in 2009

US Economy in 2009

The US economy, generally perceived as a capitalist economy, is actually more of a mixed economy, unlike the purely free market economies. The country is endowed with a bounty of natural resources, a well-developed physical and judicial infrastructure and a work culture to match, which has resulted in the country being amongst nations that have the highest level of productivity. The US economy has been the largest national economy in the world right since early 1870s. Its gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated at $13.8 trillion in 2007. It is a mixed economy where private sector firms make majority of microeconomic decisions in accordance with the rules laid down by governmental regulatory authorities.

Ganesha has cast the country’s horoscope in the same manner as that of a baby at the time of its birth. Five of the most influential historical events in the US have been taken into consideration while casting the birth chart of USA. Major milestones in the formation of the country, such as the Articles of Association in 1774, the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union in 1781 and the US Constitution in 1787 have been examined in minute detail for their significance, legality and timing while drawing the chart. Ganesha tries to focus on the US economy bearing following details in mind: Leo rising as the Ascendant at 18:02:16 Purvafalgun constellation Pada-2. Lord of the Ascendant is in conjunction with natal Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the 11th House. Moon is posited in 7th House at 01:42:40 degrees. Mercury and Pluto are retrograde, says Ganesha. Saturn is posited in 2nd House whereas Rahu is posited in the 12th House. USA was born under the Mahadasa of Mars-Mars-Mercury.

Ganesha considers the 4th and 8th Houses to forecast oil related matters. Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in the 11th House of gains. Mars is the Lord of the 4th House and Jupiter is the Lord of the 8th House. Hence, USA will always benefit from dealings in crude oil. Lords of the 3rd and 10th Houses are also in conjunct in the 11th House. Thus, this matter has become a major issue in the context of US government’s reputation. Jupiter being the Lord of the 8th House will be transiting from Capricorn. It is afflicted by natal Pluto and Ketu. Transiting Rahu is also transiting from Capricorn in the 6th House of enemies. Ganesha expects that USA may make new enemies due to the crude oil business. USA will be in a desperate situation between July 18 to August 06, 2009 on account of global crude oil business. Prices of crude oil will undergo volatile fluctuations during this period and, therefore, investors should stay away from the market.

Gross Domestic Product, GDP, or growth rates are expected to maintain an average status due to the transit of Jupiter over natal Moon in Cusp chart. Along with this, the conjunction of the transiting Jupiter and Rahu from Capricorn will show high fluctuations between December 10 to November 15, 2009, says Ganesha. Simultaneously, health awareness, army and air forces, civil services, medical, labor and Red Cross societies can also be affected negatively. These issues can become matters of national concern.

Mercury being the Lord of the House of economy is in conjunct with Rahu in the 12th House. Besides, Saturn is posited in the 2nd House. Mercury signifies the banking sector. Hence, the Federal Reserve will have to face critical circumstances frequently.

Negative Period: February 07 to March 05, 2009
Dangerous Period: March 23 to April 06, 2009.
Upwards and Downward both: May 25 to June 05, 2009. FED can take strict decisions that will benefit the economy as a whole.
Very Critical: July 15 to July 30, 2009. Controversies may be created in the banking sector.
Very Positive: Banks may get assistance during August 20 to September 24, 2009.
Very Positive: October 05 to October 25, 2009.
USA has to face some problems in areas related to credit card holders, crime, underground activities, natural calamities and labor till November 17, 2009.

ECI (Employment Cost Index), Price Index, PPI (Product Price Index), CPI (Consumer Price Index) may remain on the negative side till September 09, 2009, opines Ganesha.

During January 14, 2009 to April 14, 2009, something may happen which may prove to be very negative for USA in the long term. Jupiter being the Lord of the 8th House will be transiting from the 6th House of enemies. Suicidal tendencies, death rates may increase after September 09, 2009, says Ganesha. Explosions, death of national leaders and many unknown problems are also expected to crop up in the United States during September 16 to October 17, 2009.

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