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The USD 70 Million Deal May Not Turn Out To Be A Path-breaking Move; But Stock Position May Improve

Flipkart – India’s most favourite online shopping platform has made it to the headlines again and this time, it is because of the deal it has cracked by purchasing the giant e-tail fashion brand – Jabong. This deal which is estimated at a whopping USD 70 Million, comes at a time when Flipkart’s valuation is being written down by its investors and the online shopping space seems to be at a low. It is being reported that Flipkart managed to grab the deal from right under the nose of Snapdeal and other serious competitors. But, how lucky will this deal prove to be for the company? Will this deal be able to revive the spark of the online fashion shopping space? Ganesha has the answers. Let’s get to know from him.


Date: 5 September 2007, Wednesday

Time: 07:00:00 (Surya Kundali)

Place: Bangalore City

The Foundation Chart

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In the Foundation Chart of Flipkart, it is to be noted that there is a combination of Sun, Saturn and Ketu in the 1st House, which indicates the leadership potential, management acumen, prosperity, image, shareholders and the employees of the company. Currently, Jupiter and Rahu are passing over this trio. This transit will give mixed results on the overall. But, one highlight of this combination is that the new ventures or initiatives taken up in this time frame may benefit the company and the loyal customer base and employees may stand to gain handsomely.

Ganesha feels that the period till 11th August, 2016, would be a somewhat smooth phase and the period after that will be relatively torrid. This is because after August, Rahu will get a freehand to perpetrate its malefic effects on the Natal Sun, Saturn and Ketu. This also indicates that things may not be as smooth and rosy as they may appear to be right now. It may also prove to be difficult for the company to deliver the desired results and to maintain effective leadership. Moreover, this deal may not have a very significant impact on the fashion industry immediately.

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No. This deal may not prove to be highly favourable for gains of the company. It will have to wait till August 2017 for substantial returns. The plans and strategies made currently will start showing the desired effects post then. Feels Ganesha.

Ganesha notes that the transit of Jupiter over the Natal Mercury will prove to be a very auspicious one for the e-tail giant and this will prove to be very supportive for the financial fortunes of the company. Though the overall growth of the company may not happen at a lightning speed, it will be able to take smart financial decisions. This transit may also bring favours and gains from the financial institutions and FIIs.

Due the transit of Saturn through the 4th House and 5th House of the Chart of Flipkart in the year 2017, there may be a noticeable reduction of the workforce and key personnel of the company. Its position in the speculation arena and stock markets may also take a negative turn.

Also, the 7th House of the Solar Chart will be under the affliction of Ketu, as it will be passing over the Natal Rahu. So problems in partnerships and joint resource management are indicated. Also, there is a possibility of some controversies.

Considering the larger picture, Ganesha feels that the upcoming year may not be very smooth and the path may be a bit bumpy. The adverse influences of Saturn, Ketu and Rahu may act as spoilsports and may subdue the positive effects that Jupiter may otherwise create.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmesh Joshi
(Creative Inputs: Aaditya Sain)
The GaneshaSpeaks Team