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The performance of iPhone 6s will be extra-ordinary in the first few months, says Ganesha

Apple’s iPhone 6s will break all previous sales records, but will slow down post January, 2016, feels Ganesha

The iPhone, first released in 2007 running Apple Inc’s iOS operating system revolutionised the mobile telephone landscape forever. The success of the smartphone, with a new model releasing almost every year, is the stuff fairy tales are made of. Under the able guidance of Steve Jobs, the iPhone went from strength to strength with its domination of the global smartphone market being almost invincible. However, with Google’s free operating system Android being adopted by more and more smartphone manufacturers, other companies started challenging Apple’s monopoly, and soon the smartphone market became a crowded place. Moreover, companies using the Android mobile OS started making phones with bigger screen sizes, which Apple Inc’s legendary boss Steve Jobs abhorred, and religiously stuck to smaller screen sizes, and sales started dropping. After Job’s demise in 2011, though, his successor Tim Cook freely embraced the bigger screen-size with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, released in 2014, and soon Apple regained its market domination. The iPhone 6s is and upgrade of the iPhone 6, and has been garnering record-breaking sales since its release last month. Read on to find Ganesha’s take on the future prospects of the iPhone 6s.

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Date of Announcement: 9th September, 2015 Foundation Place: San Francisco, CA, USA
Time of Announcement: 10.00 A.M.NATAL CHART


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  • Sun and Jupiter were transiting over the Natal swagruhi Sun and Jupiter posited in the 11th House, in the Natal Chart. Jupiter will be transiting till 11th August, 2016.
  • Saturn was transiting over its Natal Saturn in the 2nd House, and will be aspecting its Sun and Jupiter during the entire year ahead.
  • Mercury and Rahu were transiting over Natal Rahu and mooltrikona Mercury in the 12th House, and Ketu was transiting over Ketu. Both transits will last till January, 2016. Post this period, Rahu will be transiting over its Sun and Jupiter in its Natal Chart.
  • The Moon, Mars and Venus were transiting over the stellium of the same group of planets through the 10th House of its Natal Chart.
  • The company will be under the influence of major period of Saturn and sub-period of Rahu till 12th December, 2017.
  • Considering the influence of the transiting planets and their influence in the Natal Chart on the date of announcement of iPhone 6s, Ganesha feels that the announcement may turn out be lucky for Apple.
  • The model would be accepted by the majority of people all over the world. The performance of Apple’s latest smartphone model will be extraordinary.
  • It will prove to be a successful model and it may break all its previous sales records.
  • However, the high sales of iPhone 6s in the first few months may slacken post January, 2016.

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Ganesha wishes good luck to ‘Apple’.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team