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Another feather in Reliance’s crown – Reliance Mart

Another feather in Reliance’s crown – Reliance Mart

India’s first Reliance Mart has been launched in Ahmedabad on 15th August 2007. Astrologically, this is important day, because it is India’s Independence day. Ganesha notes that Sun and Moon were in exchange on the day Reliance Mart was launched. As per Vedic Astrology System, Sun was in Cancer and Moon was in Leo. The sign Cancer is associated with FMCG markets and sign Leo stands for good performance in a Royal manner. Of course, Reliance has invested a very huge sum in this market and launch was very Royal. It has all the scopes of getting success astrologically because Sun was in exchange with Moon on the day of launch, and Moon governs fast moving consumer goods.

Venus, Moon, Saturn and Ketu were in conjunction in Leo on the day of Launch. Saturn and Venus both were combust and Venus was retrograde. Venus signifies luxury and Saturn signifies constrains. This is good for consumers as per Ganesha’s view because Venus is ruler of finance and related matters too. When Saturn has good hold on Venus, it indicates `economy’. The idea behind the market is to make expensive things available at one place at very economical rates.

Virgo Ascendant was rising at the time of Launch. It’s Lord Mercury was combust but placed in the 11th house which indicates gains. In the Navmansha, it is delectated and second house Lord Venus is in the 12th house so amount of expense involved in this may be very great. Good part is, Navmansha rising was Gemini which is ruled by Mercury making the chart of launch stronger and Gemini sign rules the 10th house of Virgo Ascendant chart so it indicates strong business instincts.

Ganesha observes that 11th house of Gain’s lord is in the 12th house, 9th house of Bhagya’s Lord is also in the 12th house, 2nd house of finance’s Lord Venus is in the 12th house. All these planets are with Ketu which is in Square with Mars. This is what makes Ganesha feel worried about recurring expenses to run the Mart. Ganesha feels that although this is practically and astrologically beneficial and profit making plan, expenses to run the Mart may be too high to which Reliance will have to pay attention sooner or later. Rahu in the sixth house indicates that Reliance will be able to beat it’s opponents.

As per Chaldean Numerology the name RELIANCE MART totals down to 9 the sign ruled by Mars. Date of launch 15th totals down to 6 ruled by Venus. Both numbers are in friendly relations so Reliance Mart has potential of success. Full total of the date 15th August 2007 is 5, ruled by Mercury which signifies business and communication both. Reliance Mart may get good mouth publicity says Ganesha.

When good things happen, everything favours, that’s an old saying. One more feather in the crown is, Reliance Mart and Date of Launch’s synchronisation with Ahmedabad city’s name. AHMEDABAD is number 9 ruled by Mars. How wonderful it is that Reliance Mart and totals to 9 and Ahmedabad also totals to Number 9. Ganesha finds this to be very promising for fast growth of this business in Ahmedabad. No wonder if we get the news in future that Reliance has launched another Reliance Mart in Ahmedabad to meet requirements of consumers living at the other side of town!

In short, Reliance Mart has very bright future and wonderful prospects as the time progresses but expenses to run this Mart may be very high. Moreover, some controversy related to business or even employees’ related problems can be there in future.

Ganesha wishes good luck to Reliance Mart.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,