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Venus Transit 2017: Exalted Venus In Pisces Turns Direct – Good Times Ahead For You?

Venus Transit 2017: Exalted Venus In Pisces Turns Direct – Good Times Ahead For You?

The Artist and Entertainer amongst all the nine planets – Venus is regarded as the significator of feelings, arts, luxury and magnificence. Moreover, Venus or Shukracharya is known as the saviour, beause of the knowledge of the Sanjivani Vidhya. Venus is the Karaka of all the luxuries, cosmetics, arts and creative energies. A significant influence of Venus in the Horoscope can bless a native with artistic skills and an attractive personality.

Venus belongs to Brahmin Varna and is a female planet. Venus also signifies female companions, speech, wife, romance, morning and evening, excellent information, beauty, music, dance, poetry, film industry, cultural events, luxury items, fashion designing, interior decoration, garments, silver, perfumes, scented items, brocade work, glittering items, restaurant, hotel management, cookery, and all types of arts. Venus, especially dominates our relationships.

If Venus is strong in your horoscope, then it provides favourable results in above-mentioned areas related to Venus. But, if Venus is weak in your horoscope, it may cause difficulty. Retrograde Venus may also provide negative results in associated areas. Retrograde Venus may cause problems in relationships and may give rise to disharmony. Married couples or those in relationships may witness a lack of chemistry. The ones into creative fields may lack enthusiasm and may witness creative blocks.

Venus in its Sign of exaltation, when direct can give fantastic results and will bring in a sense of ease and comfort. As Venus has turned direct, you can go ahead with your plan

Venus has been transiting through its Sign of exaltation from 27th January, 2017. But, on 4th March, 2017, it turned retrograde and continued in the retrograde motion till 15th April, 2017. Now, Venus will remain in Pisces till 31st May, 2017.

Find out how the direct motion of Venus will impact people of all the Signs.

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.]

– Venus in 12th House

For Aries natives, Venus becomes Lord of the 2nd and 7th House. If there have been some differences with your family members in the recent past, then your relations are likely to become more cordial. Besides, you are likely to gain more wealth, but you should also be prepared for some unexpected expenses.

If your spouse has been suffering from health problems then, his/her health will improve now. Moreover, this period is favourable for those who intend to get married. Whereas, ones who are already married shall enjoy marital bliss, this time around. Do you want to get more clarity about matters related to relationship? Then, get the Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice report now!

You may also receive unexpected help from your family members. It is likely that you may take a loan for purchasing a major asset or property in the upcoming days.

– Venus in 11th House

Venus is the Lord of your sign. Besides, Venus and Moon are very sensitive. Moreover, exalted Venus is transiting in the 11th House from your sign, which shall provide mixed results. This will be a very good period for socialising, as you will be able to come across some interesting people. Your love life will be quite pleasant now and you are likely to spend some pleasant moments with your loved one. This prediction is based on the general effects of the transit of Venus. Do you want to know what the planets in your Horoscope indicate about your personal life? Avail the Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice report now!

Your health will be good, but those prone to cold and cough should remain cautious. Your desires will now get fulfilled. Gains through your elders, elder brothers and friends is indicated. You can also hope to receive their guidance when needed. Maternal relations will be cordial. You may also suffer from seasonal ailments, minor health issues, and stomach related pain. Know more about Taurus.

– Venus in 10th House

Venus is transiting in the 10th House from your sign Gemini, wherein it aspects the House of happiness. Thus, you are likely to buy a house or vehicle and make new investments. You shall also get new business opportunities. Remain cautious about the health of your children. Besides, this is an average period for love relationships. You may face hurdles while meeting your love partner, but love relations shall be intimate.

Students can expect good results. Moreover, you will spend money to make your life comfortable. There may be some positive developments at the workplace and you can expect better opportunities to come your way. Will these opportunities improve your financial situation? Buy the Wealth Ask A Question report to get the answers

– Venus in 9th House

Exalted Venus will form a trine, and transit in the 9th House from your sign, which will be highly favourable. Your desires shall now get fulfilled. This is an excellent period for those associated with the arts field. There are many chances of receiving financial benefits. Moreover, you will achieve growth by proving your abilities. Gains through your mother are indicated, but she may frequently face some health issues. You shall now recover your blocked funds. This prediction is based on the effects of the transit of Venus. The planetary positions in your Birth Chart can give a detailed idea about your financial prospects this year. To know about your financial fortunes in 2023, buy the 2023 Finance Report.

This period is opportune for starting new activities. You may receive the support of your father or other paternal relatives in important matters. If you have been planning to buy a new property or asset, then this will be a good time. Get to know more about Cancer.

– Venus in 8th House

Venus is transiting in the 8th House from your sign, which will provide moderate results. You may remain very busy in your workplace. Short/long distance trips are also indicated. Relations with younger brothers/sisters and neighbours shall be very cordial. You will be self-motivated and hence perform well. Matters related to will/inheritance shall now get accomplished. You will become more wealthy. You should take advantage of the upward trend in businesses related to Venus. Read more about Leo.

Those into research and analysis fields are likely to get great success in this period and may get important breakthroughs. You may develop a special interest in philosophy and occult in the coming days. You will be able to perform in a better manner in your career now. Do you want to know more about your career? Purchase the Career Ask A Question report now.

– Venus in 7th House

Exalted Venus is transiting in the 7th House from your sign, which will prove to be favourable. You shall receive very strong support of your fortune in the coming days, so make the most of it. Moreover, you will participate in religious activities and go on a pilgrimage. You shall develop new relationships. Partnership activities will be gainful, and you shall make new contracts or collaborations. Those who intend to get married will find a suitable match. Read more about Virgo.

Health of elders may be a cause of concern. Differences with your friends are also indicated. But, you may get very good support of your in-laws and spouse and important matters. Overall, you shall remain busy during this period. Are you confused about some aspect of life currently? It is quite possible, because Mercury – your Sign Lord is currently transiting in a retrograde mode. So, Ask Any Question and get guidance and solutions.

– Venus in 6th House

The Lord of your sign – Venus is transiting in its sign of exaltation, and through the 6th House from your sign. Consequently, you may incur some medical expenses during this period. Those suffering from obesity, diabetes and cough should remain extra cautious about their health. Maternal relations shall be harmonious. Gains through your in-laws are also foreseen. You will spend money for your happiness, or for some good purpose. Hence, you shall not repent for the expenditure. Are you wondering how your financial position in 2017 will be? Buy the 2023 Finance Report now to get the detailed picture.

During this period, you will go about your routine quite cheerfully and things in your daily life will unfold quite smoothly. This will be a good time to compromise, reconcile or come to a mutually agreeable situation with a person with whom you may have had some arguments or differences within the recent past. Know more about Libra.

– Venus in 5th House

Exalted Venus will form a trine, and transit in the 5th House from your sign, which will provide average results. This period shall be more favourable for love relationships and marriage. Your intimacy with members of the opposite sex will increase. Expenses for comforts and luxuries are also foreseen. Worries related to your children will decrease. But, remain cautious in legal matters. You shall now get the due benefits, as your hurdles will get cleared. Overall, this period shall be highly favourable.

This will be a good time for those into partnership business and if you have been planning to invest more money in your business, then go ahead. Read more about Scorpio.

Have you been planning to get married? Get expert guidance to plan well with the help of Marriage Ask Question: Detailed Advice

– Venus in 4th House

Venus is transiting in the 4th House from your sign, which is related to Happiness, and thus indicates domestic bliss. This period will be more favourable due to the aspect of the Lord of your Sign Sagittarius– Jupiter on Venus. Matters related to vehicle/property shall bring positive news. Gains through your seniors and those in authority are foreseen. You will accomplish many tasks with their guidance, achieve remarkable growth in your profession, and also get job satisfaction. Do your planets indicate the same for the rest of 2017? Buy the 2023 Career Report to know the answers

Moreover, this period is especially beneficial for those associated with the arts field. Rise in your esteem, and gains through elders is also indicated. You may suffer due to your enemies or some disease. Hence, don’t neglect your health.

– Venus in 3rd House

Exalted Venus is transiting in the 3rd House from your sign. Hence, you will become more fortunate. Moreover, there is a strong possibility of developing a love relationship. Intimacy with your love partner will increase. Short/long distance tours are foreseen. But, remain cautious to avoid differences with your senior officials, and especially take care of your health. Read more about Capricorn.

This period is favourable for those planning to go abroad, and ones associated with the arts, entertainment, creative and fashion fields. You will be able to finish important projects and assignments with great skill. You shall also frequently meet and interact with your younger brother/sister. Overall, you will spend a pleasant time with your dear ones.

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– Venus in 2nd House

Exalted Venus is transiting in the 2nd House from your sign, which will be highly beneficial, financially. Addition of a new member in your family is likely, or some guests will visit your home. This is an excellent period to get married or for childbearing. Relations with your spouse will mostly be pleasant, but some differences are foreseen. Besides, your blocked funds may now get released.

There are very good chances of acquisition of new belongings or valuable items. You can also go ahead and buy the vehicle or house of your choice. Moreover, you will achieve significant growth in activities related to Venus, and gain financially during this period. But, watch your health, as you may be prone to neck pain, thyroid issues, tongue blisters and hidden diseases.

This forecast is based on the effects of only the transit of Venus. What do the overall planetary configurations indicate about the year 2017? Buy 2023 Yearly Report for detailed expert guidance

– Venus in 1st House

Venus is transiting in your sign, hence you are likely to be quite emotional and imaginative. The ability to express yourself well and to present your ideas in a convincing manner will help you to turn a lot of things in your favour. You will be quite magnetic and your charm will make things easy for you to have your way in crucial matters. Your expectations and desires shall increase, and you may aim for a better lifestyle. But, you may get upset, as your expectations may not get fulfilled. Anyway, your marital life will be blissful.

Hurdles in matters related to will and inheritance shall now get cleared. Gains through your in-laws are also foreseen. Besides, you will be highly interested in occults and philosophy. Those who are already suffering from some disease must especially remain cautious, else your health may deteriorate. Also, beware of accidents during this period.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bindu Pandya
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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