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Mercury Retrograde In Aries 2017: Predictions For All Signs

Mercury Retrograde In Aries 2017: Predictions For All Signs

Mercury Retrograde Dates and Timings

The Mercury Retrograde began on 10th April, 2017 at 04:43 AM. The retrogression of Mercury will continue till 3rd May, 2017, 10:02 PM. After this, he will be transiting in a direct motion.

In Astrology, planet Mercury is regarded as the significator of communication, intelligence, research, business, commerce, academic activities, contracts, documents, publishing, writing, agreements, documentation regarding will/inheritance, nervous system and nerves. If Mercury is strong in your horoscope, and transiting Mercury turns retrograde, it will provide positive results. But, if Mercury is weak in your horoscope, and transiting Mercury turns retrograde, it may provide negative results. Currently, transiting Mercury is transiting in a retrograde motion, which will be auspicious or inauspicious for various signs as follows:

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants.]

Aries sign signifies energy and speed. Besides, Mercury becomes Lord of 3rd and 6th House from your sign. As Mercury has now turned retrograde, it may provide unfavourable results to Aries natives associated with business and commerce. They may also face recession in their trade/business. Moreover, Aries is a dynamic sign, hence Aries natives work rapidly. But, Retrograde Mercury may cause problems while communicating. Your words may be misinterpreted. Difficulties related to financial transactions are likely . You might also become impatient. Consequently, you may suddenly lose your temper and speak rashly. Business relations may probably get strained during this period. Besides, Mercury will aspect the 7th House related to Life Partner. Thus, you are likely to develop a love relationship, and get many opportunities to spend time with your spouse. You will also think quickly, but you should especially remain patient while taking decisions.

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For Taurus natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 12th House related to Expenses. Hence, you may especially incur expenses for communication related gadgets. You might also think negatively, and unintentionally speak harshly. Consequently, it may strain your relations or your basic intention may get misinterpreted. Students may also experience lack of concentration and understanding. Especially, control yourself while interacting or discussing with your senior officials and influential people. Those associated with activities related to oral communication like sales, marketing, education and consultation must speak very carefully, this time around.

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Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 11th House related to Gains, which will be highly beneficial for Gemini natives. Mercury – Lord of your sign is currently transiting through House of Gains, hence your friends will be cooperative. You will also receive adequate guidance from your elders. Your health shall improve. Benefits through friends in matters associated with planet Mercury is indicated. Students will be highly interested in their studies. Developing a love relationship is also foreseen, but you should especially control your ego. Those who wish to bear a child may not succeed or face some problem. Pregnant women natives are especially advised to remain cautious, during this period.

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For Cancer natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 10th House related to Karma. Hence, you may face issues regarding your work, and your workload might increase. You may also argue with your senior authorities. Those who are especially associated with activities like journalism, education, banking, finance, brokerage, legal advice, and statistical work in government departments must remain extra careful. Ones working in fields involving oral communication should remain cautious while speaking with their clients or anyone, else you may unintentionally convey the wrong message. You are also advised to avoid needless discussions. Besides, Mercury will aspect the 7th House of Happiness, which shall be favourable and lead to domestic bliss.

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Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 9th House related to Fortune, which will be auspicious for Leo natives. You shall be more fortunate during this period and your brothers will be cooperative. Relations with your senior officials shall be very cordial. You are likely to receive some gift from your father, guide or superiors. There are chances of going abroad for higher education. Long-distance travel to attend meetings, or signing new contracts for professional purposes is also foreseen. But, you should remain cautious while entering into any partnership or agreement. Also avoid depending on others, else some people may conspire behind your back in the future, and you might face a loss. Rise in expenses related to your profession is also indicated during this period.

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For Virgo natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 8th House, which shall provide mixed results. This will be a very good period for those interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge about occultism, research, spiritualism, rituals and astrology. But, natives who are pursuing general studies may experience lack of understanding and memory loss. Further, you should especially remain cautious about your health, as the Lord of Virgo sign – Mercury is posited in the 8th House from your sign. Moreover, you may hastily do some financial transactions and consequently make a mistake due to some misunderstanding. Besides, interaction with your in-laws will increase, this time around. However, take care that you do not speak egoistically.

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For Libra natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 7th House, and provide highly auspicious results. Your marital life shall be very romantic during this period. You will plan an outing with your spouse to spend quality time with him/her, and also try to understand each other very well. But, physical intimacy with your life partner may be average. However, both of you will share responsibilities with mutual understanding, which will increase intimacy in your relationship. Overseas business or partnership business with foreign traders shall be very fruitful, this time around. On the professional front, progress in matters regarding new contracts or partnerships, due to your intelligence is also foreseen.

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For Scorpio natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 6th House related to Diseases & Enemies, and also in Ketu’s constellation. Hence, you should take extra care of your health, as you may probably suffer from some skin disease. Moreover, those suffering from health issues related to the digestive system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, kidney and appendicitis must especially remain very cautious. Further, as the 6th House is also related to Job, relations with seniors in your workplace may get strained, if you argue too much with them. Thus, especially control yourself during discussions with your superiors regarding some project. Also think pragmatically while devising any future plan, and setting goals to complete the related work.

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For Sagittarius natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 5th House from their sign. As a result, students will move ahead very carefully in academic matters. Besides, you shall be highly interested in your studies during this period. Students will also perform excellently, and hence receive appreciation from everyone. This period is also favourable for love birds, consequently they will develop lots of mutual trust. But, you should avoid unnecessary haste while taking your relationship to the next level. Moreover, you need to remain cautious to avert ego clashes with your love partner, this time around.

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For Capricorn natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 4th House related to Happiness, which shall be highly favourable. Consequently, you are likely to buy some new items to make your life more happy and comfortable. Moreover, you will especially buy some vehicle, property, electronic item, or spend money to improve the same. Besides, property related matters shall get resolved, this time around. Relations with your mother will also be very cordial, during this period. Further, you are likely to discuss some important issues with elders in your family. But, you should control yourself, as you may argue strongly with them to prove that your viewpoint is correct.

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For Aquarius natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 3rd House related to Courage. Hence, relations with your brothers shall be cordial, and you will be able to happily interact with them. Moreover, you are likely to buy some communication gadgets during this period. Besides, as Mercury is currently aspecting the House of Fortune, you shall become more fortunate. Further, intimacy with a friend of the opposite sex may increase, this time around. But, avoid thinking too much about starting a new venture, or making a new beginning on the professional front, else you may lose the opportunity.

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For Pisces natives, Mercury will transit in retrograde motion through the 2nd House related to Wealth and Family, during this period. As a result, your blocked funds shall now get released. Moreover, issues regarding your family will happily get resolved. You shall also do some financial transactions related to property, this time around. Further, loan related work will now get accomplished. Besides, those who are associated with sales, marketing, insurance agency, brokerage and educational activities will progress due to their eloquence. But, you must remain cautious in money matters, and also communicate carefully, during this period.

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