How the Sun transit in Pisces will affect all the Moon signs

As a part of the planetary transits 2020, Sun will transit into the proverbial dreamer Pisces on March 14, 2020, Saturday at 11:54 a.m. The sun transit in Pisces will remain progressive until April 13, 2020. Sun in Vedic astrology represents the Soul. Hence, it is the representation of your outer self, of how you project yourself to the world and what makes you stand apart from the rest. In Vedic Astrology, it is connected with success in career, power, influence, authority, your relationship with your seniors and people in authority. Sun takes one month to complete a transit in a sign and one year to complete the entire zodiac circle. Pisces as a mutable water sign, is emotional and flexible. The Sun transit in Pisces will reflect Pisces native’s dreams, deepest desires, pain, compassion, and sublimity. This is a favorable period to make your creative or romantic dream come true. This is the time where your reasoning will be dominated by your emotions. However, your intellectual side will also receive a boost, which can help you achieve your career goals. Mars and Saturn, which are malefic in nature, will cast an aspect with the Sun during this transit. Thus, they will have a negative impact on the Sun. To counter or reduce the effect, you can use Sun remedy like performing Surya Namaskar every morning or keeping a surya yantra. Did you know, the Sun just recently eclipsed and affected your life! But the question is how and to what extent? Know how it affected your life, along with its remedies with the help of personalised Solar Eclipse Report. The Sun in Pisces will affect the zodiac signs as below:

Effects of the Sun transit in Pisces on all zodiac signs

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to Moon sign.)


Sun being the lord of the 5th house will pass through the 12th house of delays/loss. The 12th house represents unexpected losses, silent suffering, restraint, secret enemies, occult or hidden side of life. 

You may face some challenges in your career and might have to put in more effort than usual to achieve your desired goal. If you have foreign connections like clients or resources in a foreign country, there are high chances that you might get the desired success. Moreover, if you are running an import-export business, luck may be in your favor and you might get better and bigger deals. However, you may have to invest more in the same, in order to expand your business and increase its volume. You are advised to refrain from spending on unnecessary items and save as much as possible. You may have to practice caution while making any financial investments as chances of loss are foreseen.

You may face ups and downs in your love life and might have to maintain balance in your relationship. Even if you are married, harmony in your relationship with your spouse may have an adverse effect. And, you might experience some distance from your spouse. However, you might have to be patient for things to work out. Your health is likely to remain low as some old health issues might resurface. Hence, you are suggested to take proper care of your health.

Students are advised to give their best shot to get desired success in their exams. If you intend to study abroad, you may get your visa approval or admission to your desired university.


Sun being the lord of the 4th house will be passing through the 11th house of Gains/benefits. The 11th house constitutes friends, hopes and wishes, and the financial condition of the employer. 

You may receive a boost in your confidence at the workplace. You may now be able to shoulder all your responsibilities efficiently. You may be able to shoulder more responsibilities than before, which can make you ready to take up new challenges. If you go on a business trip, there are high chances that it might turn out to be a huge success. You may also be able to crack some profitable deals during this period. You are advised to manage your finances with caution, care, and wisdom. Your prior investments may yield better financial rewards. 

Your love life may thrive and you might be able to enter a meaningful relationship. Married couples may get closer to each other and experience peace and harmony in the relationship. It is also a favorable time for conception, if you’ve been wanting to start a family. There are chances that your health may flourish and the Sun might greatly boost your immunity.

Students with Taurus as their zodiac sign might be able to focus on studies. If you are trying to get admission into a reputed institution; there are high chances that you may get the desired success.


Sun being the lord of the 3rd house will pass through the 10th house of Career. The 10th house signifies profession, occupation, honor, fame, promotion,father, employer, affairs of the country or government.

You may receive immense support from your seniors and colleagues at your workplace. If you are a government employee, your desired success can be foreseen. It is a highly auspicious period to expand your wings on the professional front. You may be able to achieve your long-planned dreams and your efforts may finally bear fruits. If you are looking forward to starting a new business, it may be a good period to initiate it. It is also a great time to invest in property. You may freely spend your money to buy gadgets for your beloved. 

You may get the chance to be closer to your partner. You may also get positive responses from your loved one. You may go on a romantic trip with your partner. If you are married, your spouse may support you through thick and thin. This might make your month pass easily with positivity. If you had any major issues in the past with your partner, they may now be resolved. Your health may bloom. If you are trying to reduce weight and lose unhealthy fat, you may achieve your desired results. 

Students are advised to use a focused approach to get desired success in their mid-exams. You may be able to learn some new and innovative skills in studies.


Sun being the lord of the 2nd house will be passing through the 9th house of Fortune. The 9th house is the house of long journeys, foreign countries, dreams, visions, spiritual expressions, education, intuition, higher development, and scientific, philanthropic, philosophic, and spiritual tendencies. 

You may experience politics at the workplace. Hence, you may have to take necessary precautions while trying to pursue your career goals. You may also have to plan your official tours properly and execute them accordingly; or else they may go in vain. You might have to shift your primary focus to business deals and carry them out with the utmost care. If you are facing any legal issues in your business, they may keep you stressed during this timeframe. You may not be satisfied with the financial rewards that you might receive against your hard work. You may incur some unavoidable expenses, which might disturb your financial planning. Is your business,career or finance causing you too much stress and you can’t get a way out of problems? You can talk to our expert astrologers, who are always happily ready to listen to you and guide you. 

Your love life may undergo some emotional turmoil. Hence, you are advised to use romantic phrases in your daily communication with your partner to enjoy harmony in your love life. Your marriage may remain stressful during this period. You and your partner are advised to give each other and your relationship its own space to grow. This might help to strengthen the bond of your relationship. Your health may not be as good as usual. There are chances that you might suffer from some health issues related to the liver due to internal imbalance. 

Students may get distracted from studies. You may also experience extreme stress during your exams. 


Sun being the lord of the 1st house will be passing through the 8th house of adversities. The 8th house is associated with money or goods of others, death, and matters related to it, the astral experience and financial affairs of the partner. 

You might not achieve the desired results on your professional front. Your progress might remain below your expectations. You may face ups and downs in your relations with others at your workplace. Hence, there are chances that you may face friction with your colleagues or superiors. If you go on professional tours to expand your business, you may not be able to generate the expected revenues. Also, you may have to invest more as per the needs of your business. You might have to strictly plan your finance and execute the plan with minute attention and care. Decisions related to the inheritance of finance/property may take some uncertain time to get sorted out.

You might have to pay attention to your love life as well. You may miss the old spark and romance in your love life. If you are married, you and your partner may have to practice patience to attain the desired peace in your relationship. You might also have to handle family matters and issues with extreme caution. You are advised to take precautions to maintain your health as well. There are chances that you may suffer from some viral health issues, which might disturb your professional schedules. 

Students are advised to push their limits and give their best shot to get the desired grades in their exams. You may need to maintain a proper time-table in order to study; as there are chances that you may be unable to complete the syllabus.


Sun being the lord of the 12th house will be passing through the 7th house of Marriage/Marital happiness. The 7th house represents unions, partnerships, marriage, contracts, lawsuits, open enemies, dealings with others and the public.

You might have to put sincere efforts to maintain cordial relations with your seniors and colleagues at your workplace. You may find it challenging to achieve desired progress in the workplace. If you are into business and are associated with a business partner, you may face some issues in your relationship with them. If you start a joint venture, it may not remain in your favor. Hence, you are advised to do careful planning and avoid hasty steps on the financial front. You should also avoid any planning or decisions related to joint investment. 

You may face rejection in your love proposal. If you are in a relationship, it may remain moderate. Your relationships with your spouse may not be as cordial as before. Your family life may face some disturbance. Hence, you are suggested to avoid arguments of any kind. You may face some health issues, which can hamper your overall progress. You might have to take extra care of your health as pains related to low back or kidneys are predicted.

Students may find this month quite frustrating regarding studies. You might not receive adequate support from your teachers. 


Sun being the lord of the 11th house will pass through the 6th house of Job/Enemies. The 6th house signifies sickness, servants, employees, service, work environment, hygiene, clothing, and small animals. 

You may be able to surpass your competitors and overcome your enemies at your workplace. You may grow on the professional front and your efforts may be appreciated. There are chances for you to get a promotion as well. If you are doing business, it might do well. You may also be able to expand your professional network. You may be able to make some rewarding financial decisions as well. Your investment may also help strengthen your financial status. 

It’s an auspicious period to embark on  a relationship. You may expect a better response from your loved one. Your mental peace in regard to your marriage  may increase. You might get to experience harmony on the marriage front. Your health may get better. Health issues that you faced earlier may reduce in number.

For students, it is a good time to pursue competitive exams. Your sincere efforts may pay and you might get desired success in education. 


Sun being the lord of the 10th house will pass through the 5th house of Love /Relationship. The 5th house is associated with children, love affairs, pleasurable emotions, and speculation. 

Your communication and presentation skills may significantly improve. You may be able to handle work pressure and tricky situations quite tactfully. This may increase your chances of career growth in the future. In business, you may not get the expected and desired profit. There are chances that your business partnership might dissolve and come to an end. Plans that involve only long term investments may yield better rewards. Miscellaneous expenses may disturb your schedule and keep you stressed. 

There are chances that your love life may remain stressful. Hence, it is advised  to communicate your feelings to your beloved. In case of your married life, you are advised to avoid getting into petty fights with your partner. You may have to pay proper attention to your health. There are chances that heart or spine related issues may disturb you during this phase. 

Students may face challenges in examinations. You can only perform well if you put sincere efforts and work hard. You may remain stressed as you might not be able to decide on the matter related to new admission.


Sun being the lord of the 9th house will pass through the 4th house of happiness/mother. The 4th house is the house of mother, home, environment, domestic affairs and general condition close to life. 

You might have to practice strict discipline at your workplace. You are advised to be careful with your words while having any conversation with your seniors. If you are into business, you are advised not to shift it to a new place during this phase. The profit margin may not be as per your expectations. You might have to be extra careful while making major financial decisions; as wrong financial decisions may hamper your progress. You may also have to give second thoughts to property-related matters.

You may not receive a positive response from your partner. Hence, it is not a favorable period to express your feelings or propose to your loved one. In terms of your married life, you might have to be cautious not to get caught up in arguments related to small issues. Your mother’s health may require proper attention. Your mental peace and health may remain above average. However, there are chances that you may suffer from gastric ailments. 

If you are a student, you may achieve academic progress  if you make sincere efforts. You are advised to be mindful during exams.


Sun being the lord of the 8th house will pass through the 3rd house of enterprise. The 3rd house represents short journeys, writings, studies, mental inclinations, colleagues, and ability. 

You may receive a boost in your career progress due to your positivity and an optimistic attitude. You may be highly energetic and enthusiastic at your workplace. On the business front, your professional skills may be enhanced. Your professional dealings may bring fruitful results. You may spend money on purchasing electronic gadgets. You may be able to manage your finances quite well, which might help you  get the desired rewards in the future. 

There are chances that you may go on a romantic adventure with your beloved. If you are single, you may be able to find a suitable and compatible match for marriage. Hence, it is a great period to propose to the person you have feelings for. And, if you are married, you may experience marital bliss during this phase. You may have to add some diet plans and exercise in your daily activities as it might improve your overall health. You may be healthier than before during this period. 

For students, they may have to pay more attention to studies. It is an auspicious period to move abroad for studies. 


Sun being the lord of the 7th house will be passing through the 2nd house of Finance /Family. The 2nd house signifies financial affairs, monetary prospects, gain, self-esteem, and self-worth. 

You may have to keep an eye on your communication. There are chances of internal changes/transfer in your existing workplace. In business, you may face clashes between you and your partners or vendors or customers. You may have to consult an expert and take his/her advice in financial matters. You can expect some materialistic gains through the property, vehicle, etc. 

You might face some issues in your love life due to your ego. However, you may experience slow and steady progress as well in your love life. You are advised to avoid hasty decisions. On the family front, it would help to stay calm and mature when dealing with your loved ones. There are chances that you may experience some friction with your partner due to some misunderstandings. Your health may remain moderate. However, an issue with your ears or throat cannot be ruled out.  


Sun being the lord of the 6th house will pass through the 1st house of self. The 1st house is the house of personality, natural disposition and tendencies, self-interest, and worldly outlook. 

You may have to practice caution at your workplace and keep yourself away from egoistic clashes. Your relationship with superiors may remain moderate. If you are into business, it may not give you the desired profit. You may not get the expected cooperation from your partners/working team. You might have to be patient while making financial decisions, or else you might make some wrong ones in haste. You may also make donations for a noble purpose during the phase. 

You may have to keep a control on your anger and be calm  when dealing with loved ones. There are chances that your relationship with your spouse may not stay amicable. Your old health issues might resurface as well. Hence, your health may be a cause of concern.

On the educational front, students’ social networks may expand and improve. However, you may have to make sincere efforts in friendship to get the desired help from your friends.

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