Venus in Libra: Time To Unleash The Inner Artist And Enjoy All Things Pleasant, Says Ganesha

Venus in Libra: Time To Unleash The Inner Artist A...l Things Pleasant, Says Ganesha - GaneshaSpeaks

According to Ganesha, Venus will stay in Libra from 19 September, 2016, to 13 October, 2016.
Venus – the planet of beauty, arts and luxury will be entering the Sign of Libra, which happens to be its own Sign. The previous two transits haven’t been very favourable for the bright planet, as, its stay in Leo was marked with its conjunction with the malefic Rahu, and the Sign of Virgo happens to be the debilitation point of Venus. So, the effervescent Venus will now be entering its Moolatrikona Sign – Libra. Venus happens to be the second most beneficial planet after Jupiter and its strong placement will augur well for the mankind overall. Considering the general perspective, Ganesha feels that this is the time, when people may get more interested in the fields like music, arts and entertainment. Artists and people of the creative fields will be able to witness great progress and success. Moreover, there may be some positive developments in the entertainment and media world. But, what will be the specific effects that you will witness in this transit? Ganesha gives you an idea, based on your Moon Sign.

Aries For the Aries natives, Venus will be transiting through the 7th House. You are likely to be your charming and romantic best in this phase. During this period, you may come across an interesting person from the opposite sex and things may work out smoothly. Those wanting to get married shall get a good match in this period. Love life or married life will blossom, so you can plan that special outing or a long drive now. This is a very opportune time for socialising and you may come across some nice people.

Taurus For the Taurus natives, Venus will be transiting through the 6th House. Things at the workplace may get more pleasant currently. Chances of higher interactions with female colleagues are foreseen during this period. Your daily routine is likely to become more smooth and you will be able to go about your duties in a more cheerful manner. There may be a desire within you to spend more on comforts and for this you may not even mind taking a loan. It would be better to curb frivolous expenses.

Gemini For the Gemini natives, Venus will be transiting through the 5th House. This will be a dream period for your love life and there will be very good bonding between you and your partner. Those single and ready to mingle may come across someone magical. Those into academics will be able to perform well and may good success. This is the time to rediscover your real creative talents and pursue your artistic talents, says Ganesha. Those into media and entertainment fields would shine bright.

Cancer For the Cancer natives, Venus will be transiting through the 4th House. During this period, you will start focussing in a more concentrated manner on matters pertaining to your home and family. There will be a strong urge within you to decorate and spruce up your living space, which also means that you may not mind setting out for shopping some attractive home décor products. There will be a stronger emotional attachment with your family members and especially mother. Some auspicious event seems to be in the offing for you. Also, you may receive some good news from one of your relatives.

Leo For the Cancer natives, Venus will be transiting through the 3rd House. Make sure to note down all the new ideas or concepts that may come into your mind, as there will be a surge of creative and innovative thoughts. A pleasant and fun-filled short trip seems to be in the offing for you. Relations with siblings may improve in this period and you may receive good support from them. If you are into the writing or publishing firms, then there will be a lot of good opportunities coming your way.

Virgo For the Virgo natives, Venus will be transiting through the 2nd House. During this period, the artist, poet or singer within you may surface may surface in a more prominent way. Attachment with family members is going to get stronger now. There will be magnificent financial progress in this phase and you may be presented with wonderful earning opportunities. Your pleasing speech will help you to gain prospective clients or to present your views in a more convincing manner.

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Libra For the Libra natives, Venus will be transiting through the 1st House. This is the period wherein, you may be a bit dreamy, preferring to have food items that are creamy and develop a stronger interest towards things which are filmy! Your fashion quotient may get high in this period and you may prefer to go out on a shopping spree. Your charm will be at its peak and if there are some major events coming up in the next few days, then you will be able to impress others easily. There will be a significant improvement in your lifestyle. There may be an increased interest towards the people of the opposite sex.

Scorpio For the Scorpio natives, Venus will be transiting through the 12th House. This will be a period of absolute sensual bliss and contentment. Married couples will be able to enjoy great understanding and pleasures. There are high chances of setting out on a long-distance trip. There will be a stronger inclination towards the charms and joys of the material plane. During this transit of Venus, your imagination will be quite vivid and you may come up with unconventional concepts, which may help you in some or the other way.

Sagittarius For the Sagittarius natives, Venus will be transiting through the 11th House. This transit of Venus will be a highly beneficial one for you and will help you to form new contacts or friends. This will be a very opportune period for even increasing your professional network, as these very contacts will prove to be helpful for you in the future. Ganesha also feels that an amorous relationship or bond with a person of the opposite sex may get established during this period. There may be sudden financial gains which may significantly enhance your financial position. Friends may be quite supportive now.

Capricorn For the Capricorn natives, Venus will be transiting through the 10th House. Faster progress in business is foreseen in this period and your client base may expand. Those doing a job will witness an enhancement in their status and position. Those wanting to start their own ventures will be supported strongly by the heavens. There are high chances of purchasing a new property or an article of luxury, feels Ganesha. Your social image may get a boost.

Aquarius For the Aquarius natives, Venus will be transiting through the 9th House. This will be the ideal time to set out on fun trips and even long-distance journeys. Your luck will support you very strongly and will give you the special edge, which will help you in crucial matters. You will be able to maintain a fine balance between the personal and professional spheres. You may spend more than usual on entertainment and cosmetic products.

Pisces For the Pisces natives, Venus will be transiting through the 8th House. This is the ideal time for researching on topics that may have been on your mind for long. Especially, if you are into the creative or arts field, then you will be able to come across more authentic facts and interesting information. This will be a very active time sexually and desires are likely to run high. There may be some positive developments related to inheritance or joint property and you stand a good chance to benefit from this. This will be a creatively rewarding period.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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