The Mars Transit In Sagittarius Will Broaden The Horizons of Optimism, Says Ganesha

The Mars Transit In Sagittarius Will Broaden The Horizons of Optimism, Says Ganesha - GaneshaSpeaks

Mars – the planet of energy, action and courage will be entering the Sign of Sagittarius on the 18th September, 2016, and will stay there for an approximate duration of around 45 days. Though the Sign of Scorpio happens to be the Swakshetra or Own Sign of Mars, its unusually long stay in the watery Sign may not have been a very favourable one, owing to the presence of even Saturn therein. But, the entry of Mars into the Sign ruled by Jupiter will be a very positive planetary transit. But, how exactly will this transit affect you? Ganesha predicts as per your Moon Sign.

AriesFor the Aries natives, Mars will be transiting through the 9th House. You shall feel highly relieved now and there will be a lot of positive developments in your life due to this transit. You will be very lucky in important matters and will witness things working in your favour. During this period, you will be high on confidence and energy, and you can also afford to take a few risks. You are likely to be more target-oriented in this phase and this will help you to progress well in various areas of life. You will be able to focus on your goals well and there may be increased clarity overall. There may be improvement in the connections with the people abroad. Ganesha feels that your interest in subjects like occult and metaphysics may increase.

TaurusFor the Taurus natives, Mars will be transiting through the 8th House. Primarily, your health will require great care and it will be better if you avoid taking too much of stress. Sudden health issues and illness are foreseen. You are advised to handle your finances well as sudden losses are indicated. Ganesha advises you to be a bit more mindful of your speech, as there may be some arguments and misunderstandings with close ones. Relations with your life partner may get strained, so be careful. There may be some problems with your in-laws, so be a bit more diplomatic in your dealings.

GeminiFor the Gemini natives, Mars will be transiting through the 7th House. During this period, you may be a bit more forceful in your approach and this sudden change may rub people the wrong way. This may give rise to arguments and even heated-up debates. So, it would be better to play it easy and express yourself in a more balanced manner. Differences with life partner or business associates are foreseen. You may disapprove of the way the world looks at you or treats you, but, it would be better to look within and improvise. Avoid getting into arguments with people over petty matters. There may be increased activity at your workplace and you will push for faster completion of work. The desire to achieve fame within you may increase.

CancerFor the Cancer natives, Mars will be transiting through the 6th House. During this phase, you will be able to take on challenges head-on and will be able to fight against the odds in a more confident manner. There may be health-related problems and thus it will be better to ensure that you take enough rest. Chances of an accident, body-scar or injuries are high during this phase, so take care. You may find your job becoming more demanding and you may be required to put in more efforts. Though great success in competitions is foreseen for students, there may be some distractions, which may affect the academic performance.

LeoFor the Leo natives, Mars will be transiting through the 5th House. The upcoming period will be a highly favourable one and you may get good results in various areas of your life. During this phase, the adventurous streak within you may surface and you may also want to try your luck. Stuck-up projects may now get completed and this will give you the confidence to start new ventures. Being high on optimism, you will be able to attract the right opportunities. There may a stronger urge within you to buy a new property or better luxuries. It will be better to control your temperament and be composed, as there are chances of sudden outbursts. This will be a good time for those interested in higher studies.

VirgoFor the Virgo natives, Mars will be transiting through the 4th House. Matters related to your property and vehicles will now come to the fore and you may be presented with the opportunity to purchase landed properties. While driving vehicles, be extremely careful, as there are chances of accidents. Rash-driving and thrill-seeking activities are a strict no-no, says Ganesha. Be polite and understanding with your mother and avoid getting into arguments with her. Disputes with maternal relatives are foreseen, so it will be better to deal with them tactfully.

LibraFor the Libra natives, Mars will be transiting through the 3rd House. During this transit, there will be higher chances of short-distance trips. This may be a busy period, especially for businessmen. There will be a tremendous surge of confidence within you and you will now prefer dealing with situations in a bolder manner. There are chances of some quick money coming your way, but it all depends on your ability to grab the right opportunity, at the right time. Be careful while handling sharp objects, as chances of cuts or injuries to hands and fingers are foreseen. This planetary transit will keep you very active, and there will be a lot of new ideas and innovative concepts that will keep coming up.

ScorpioFor the Scorpio natives, Mars will be transiting through the 2nd House. Your focus will now be shifting towards higher financial security, well-being of family and all-round material soundness. This will be a good time for financial planning and you may also get success in speculation or good returns from previous investments. In this period, you will be able to present your views in a more co Try to be more pleasant and polite in your speech, or otherwise you may end up offending others inadvertently. Differences or altercations with family members are foreseen, so be careful. Eat food items that are cool in nature, and avoid excessively spicy food. There may be redness in eyes and fatigue may be the main reason, so take proper rest and keep splashing cold water in the eyes.

SagittariusFor the Sagittarius natives, Mars will be transiting through the Ascendant or 1st House. You will now be at your adventurous and combative best, and will prefer playing it hard. Your ability to take on things head-on will now sbe stronger than ever and this will propel you to achieve uphill tasks with great ease. You will be overflowing with energy and enthusiasm in this period, but the key lies in the proper channelisation of this energy. Try to prioritise your tasks and set defined targets, in order to be able to function efficiently. Though you will be able work at a faster pace during this transit, ensure that you do not miss some important aspects.

CapricornFor the Capricorn natives, Mars will be transiting through the 12th House. You may have to face some adverse effects during this transit, so being cautious and calculative will help. Chances of accidents and injuries are foreseen, so Ganesha warns you to be extremely careful, especially while driving. Gains from foreign contacts are foreseen in this phase. This will not be the ideal time to buy or sell property, so it would be better to postpone such deals. Ganesha foresees strong chances of long-distance trips in the coming days. It would be better to avoid arguments with your spouse or business partners, as things may escalate into a big clash.

AquariusFor the Aquarius natives, Mars will be transiting through the 11th House. During this period, you may wish to expand your professional network and increase your circle of friends. Some outings or group events with friends are in store for you. Though there may be faster progress in your career, some issues may cause concern. Chances of taking hasty decisions related to the stock markets or investments would be high in this period, so, it would be better to take expert guidance in this regard. There may quick monetary gains, so make the most of it

PiscesFor the Pisces natives, Mars will be transiting through the 10th House. Due to this transit, you will receive good support of your fortune in important matters, especially those related to your career and finances. You will be able to perform at a faster pace at your workplace and this will help you to finish off the tasks, which may have been pending from a long time. Despite of hard efforts, some targets may seem difficult to achieve. There are some chances of conflicts with superiors, so try to remain calm. Those into business may witness positive developments, but will have to avoid taking rash decisions.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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