Significance Of Navagraha

Significance Of Navagraha

There are nine planets in Astrology, and the Navagraha order is Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The Navagraha in English are nine heavenly bodies or heavenly deities.

These Navagraha in astrology have a great significance, and they are a strong influence on a person’s life. The seven names of the week are derived from the nine planets. Rahu and Ketu are not planets but the shadow nodes of the moon.

9 graha pooja s are conducted. They are worshipped, and these planets are worshipped individually as well.

It is well known that these planets are very important when it comes to the calculations made by Vedic Astrology. Several things related to one’s density are directly connected to these planets.

You can seek the blessing of all the Navgraha and restore the blessings in your home with Navgraha Yantra.

Impact of Navagraha Astrology

This Navagraha produces different results and opposite effects while placed in the 12 other Signs (Rashis). Again each has some good results and some bad results in each Sign. This is an essential aspect of Vedic astrology which must be remembered.

At various specific distances from the Sun, the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn become retrograde or appear to move in the backward direction. Sun and moon do not have any retrograde motion. The motion of Rahu and Ketu is always opposite to that of the other planets.

Also, the following are the planetary rule of the below Navagrahas

The periods of the planetary rule are as follows:-

Ketu – 7 years

Venus – 20 years

Sun – 6 years

Moon- 10 years

Mars – 7 years

Rahu – 18 years

Jupiter – 16 years

Saturn – 19 years

Mercury – 17 years

Navagrahas are even found in temples. In the south of India, all the shiva temples have Navagrahas. Whereas toward the north, the Navagrahas are carved on doors to protect the devotees!

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