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Choice of Food by Different Sun Signs

Choice of Food by Different Sun Signs

If you are planning for a party or date and are unsure of what kind of delicacies or restaurant one would prefer? Ganesha has very simple suggestion. Know the sun sign of that person, read this article and take a call.

Firey Rams (Aries) love appetizers and hot and spicy food. Being impatient, they prefer fast food or anything that doesn’t take time in cooking would be best for them, eg. pizza or cheese grilled sandwich. Preferably luxurious restaurants but it should be value for money. They would like to spice up their meals with cinnamon, basil and curry.

As Taurus is ruled by Venus, they prefer luxurious restaurants, turning a blind eye to their wallet without compromising to mediocre meals. Gourmet Taureans having sweet tongue, love marshmallows, cinnamon, nutmeg, Gulabjamun, Rasgulla or anything sweet. In short, if your `sweetheart’ is a Taurean, offer the sweetest dish available.

Airy Geminis would prefer variety in light food. They love ginger and parsley but if you surprise them with a mix match, they would love it more. Take them for a long drive on a dark desert highway and pick up something from food-joint On-the-GO, as they are always in hurry. They would love it.

Home dwelling Crabs may prefer homemade food. Diet cautious Cancerians know what suits their stomach. They love food with basil, garlic, mint, nutmeg and vanilla. Restaurants of their preference should have collection of old or country songs – Beatles, Bee Gees or Frank Sinatra can really delight them. If you invite them for `potluck’ at your home and play oldies, they would be more than happy.

Leos prefer `Royal Treatment’ – so they may choose `Five Star’ Restaurants and Three Course Meals. They like hot spicy food – mostly cloves, nutmeg and parsley. They might avoid Garlic or Onions. They prefer heavy and tongue burning delicacies- like tavaa paneer. Leos become lazy after having their meals and prefer to hibernate.

Virgos are choosy eaters and prefer hygienic, healthy and well balanced diet. They like parsley, vanilla, herbs and mint. Virgo being fixed sign, may go for tried and tested food only. They fancy well-decorated dishes, reflecting their organised behaviour. To please and impress a Virgo, you can choose a restaurant with extravagant ambience.

Librans love to give and take treats. They prefer sophisticated and luxurious places. They may take time on deciding what to eat and order something twice because they just can’t resist the temptation. Ruled by Venus, Librans also like and prefer Five Star dining. They love ginger, mint, cloves, vanilla or anything sweet.

Never impressed with big meals, Scorpions love to try out wide variety of food. They would prefer food with strong flavours like garlic, ginger, curry and cinnamon. Offer them something that makes them nostalgic. They are not so choosy about restaurant but if savour matches with what they eat at home, they will be glad.

Well-targeted and enthusiastic Sagittarians prefer exotic cuisine. Generally bored with routine, Archers always seek for unusual. Foreign cuisine is a good option for them. Remember they love onions, garlic, cloves and curries. They prefer to go on a long drive till they are famished and then HOG!!

Back breaking Capricorn always thinks of value for the food they have. They believe in `dream dining experience’. Capricornians adore exotic things, like cloves, nutmeg or plain parsley. They find pleasure in pulses, as they believe in maintaining appetite. Either they would go to a place where food is hygienic or an eatery with large sitting areas.

Creative and innovative Aquarians always like new variety. If you serve them with a mix match, they would adore it. Take them to a multi cuisine and they may just go on ordering varieties till they are full. Busy and always On-the-GO, Aquarians like `quick bites’. Fast food joints and pizza joints match their expectations perfectly. Paradoxically, they have wide preferences but may prefer almost everything. Buffet at public places is a good option for them.

Piscean would love `Sea food’ which is but natural. Living their dining experience is very important for fantastical Pisceans. They make mental sojourn to Mexico if you take them to Mexican Cuisine. Poolside or outdoor sea facing restaurants would make them merry. They may prefer to have organic food. They believe in enjoying every single moment by being fantastical or nostalgic.

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