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Know How Will The Mars Transit In Scorpio Influence Your Life

Know How Will The Mars Transit In Scorpio Influence Your Life

Dates For Mars Transit In Scorpio

Starts: 17th January 2018
Ends: 7th March 2018

Generally, Mars transits in one sign for 45 days, but if it turns retrograde and direct in the same sign, then it transits for 4 to 6 months. Besides, Mars becomes swagruhi in Aries and Scorpio sign and exalted in Capricorn sign. Moreover, a ruchak yoga is formed when auspicious planet is aspecting Mars in kendra-trikon and in Capricorn sign. Natives influenced by Mars have a strong body, and they are mostly associated with the science field, police department, military, laboratory, or they work as a pilot, surgeon-doctor, goldsmith, butcher, mechanic, etc. If Mars is afflicted in the horoscope, that person behaves furiously, has a brutal tendency and misuses his/her power. They also undertake blind risks and are addicts. Natives with inauspicious and weak Mars are weak, which may cause an accident, surgery, operation, burns, electric shock, gallbladder problems and circulatory system issues. The position of Mars in your horoscope also indicates whether you are a good or bad person. From 17-1-2018 to 7-3-2018 Mars will transit in its own sign, Scorpio. Following is the detailed description of how this powerful Mars will influence natives of all the twelve signs.

(Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants like for Sagittarius ascendant. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Mars is the lord of your sign and it is transiting in the eight house from your sign, which will cause health issues. If your horoscope indicates the possibility of an accident or operation, then you must remain extra cautious during this period. You may fall down by walking hastily and the injury might cause bleeding. Those suffering from haemorrhoids may experience more pain. However, Jupiter’s aspect over the ascendant house will decrease the pain. The prospects of foreign travel are strong. But Ganesha especially advises controlling your anger while speaking and interacting with anyone. Money helps in a number of ways. We should have it in good sum. Are you concerned about your finances? Buy the 2023 Finance Report and make big difference to your life.

Mars is transiting in the seventh house from your sign related to married life and partnership. Hence, you will suddenly become very angry due to your mental discomfort, restlessness and stress. This may lead to tension or conflicts in your marital life. Those involved in partnership activities will also face such a situation. After 13-2-2018 you should take care of existing or new partnerships, joint ventures and contracts. Also, avoid disputes while taking any decision. You will benefit by controlling your speech. Remain cautious as there is a possibility of incurring unnecessary expenses. Business should be run in such a way that earnings are more, expenses less. If you want to know the future of your business and change it, buy the 2023 Business Report.

The transit of Mars in the sixth house from your sign is considered to be favourable. If you are suffering from some illness, you will now feel relieved. Besides, you will work more enthusiastically and energetically due to your good health. Pending legal matters will also get resolved and there are many chances that the verdict will be in your favour. You will easily defeat your enemies. Those involved in activities related to land, construction and real estate will strike profitable deals and progress in their work. Your desire to go abroad may also get fulfilled. Desires are many. We need money to fulfil them. We have the means to expand your earnings. Buy the 2023 Finance Report, know the future and surge ahead in life.

Mars will transit in the fifth house from your sign. Thus, you will spend more money for your children during this period. You may worry or think about matters regarding your children’s career, health, studies or marriage. Failure in love relationship is also indicated. Hence, if you are already in a relationship, stay extra cautious. Problems while initiating a new relationship is also foreseen. Remain patient, as you are likely to act recklessly due to your mental restlessness. Control your anger, and as far as possible adopt a compromising policy in your relationships. Relationships are important and marriage is all the more important. Do you want to know your marriage prospects? Buy the 2023 Marriage Prospects Report.

Mars will transit in the fourth house of happiness from your sign. Hence, you will be more fortunate, but you may have differences with your mother. You will also feel anxious due to your mother’s health or due to some matters regarding your mother. You are likely to face some health issues, especially fever, blood disorders and chest diseases. Those suffering from
blood pressure problems should take care, as your blood pressure may fluctuate constantly. As far as possible, avoid disputes with elders. You may also incur a loss in real estate activities. Happiness and harmony at home are very important. If you are facing issues in relationship, buy the 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report and better your situation.

The transit of Mars in the third house from your sign will prove to be auspicious. Your effectiveness will increase, and your reasoning will become more powerful during this period. There is a possibility of making friends with dignitaries and gains through them are indicated. You will also get some assistance or benefits from the government. Employed ones are likely to get a promotion. Moreover, you will be highly respected in your workplace or public life, and also gain wealth. You will be eager to undertake ventures. Additionally, you will go an adventurous trip and participate in sports. Besides, the performance of sportspersons will improve and you shall make a new record. You will easily defeat your enemies. Those suffering from any ailment will now experience relief. Also, hope to receive considerable benefits from elders.You can find your detailed prediction for 2018. Access the 2023 Detailed Yearly Report.

Mars will transit in the second house of wealth from your sign, which is generally considered unfavourable. Family-related issues may arise during this period. Moreover, you may have to take other’s help or spend your savings due to financial problems. If a loss is indicated in your horoscope, then remain extra cautious during this period. Loss due to fire, fear of theft, or eye pain is also likely. Communicate carefully because you may speak harshly and furiously. Those associated with fields like sales & marketing, education, consultancy and customer care, wherein speech is very important, must speak very cautiously. Acidity and heat will also increase in your body. Besides, take care that your father does not face any problem. Are you facing struggles in your career? Let’s find out when you will get relief.

The transit of Mars in your own sign will be very significant. Take extra care of your health during this period. You will feel very energetic, but if you don’t use your enthusiasm in the right direction, it will turn into fury & anger and adversely affect your relationships. Remain extra cautious to avoid straining relations, especially with your life partner and business partner. Differences with your spouse for trivial matters are also indicated. You may face obstacles while buying a house, vehicle, electronic goods, or in property related matters. However, this period will prove to be good as you may get a promotion. Favourable changes in your job or business are also likely. Are you planning to change your job? Let’s find out whether it is the right decision or not.

Mars will transit in the twelfth house from your sign, and thus increase the possibility of foreign travel. But, problems in legal matters or government-related work are also indicated. Government employees and the law will be the cause of your difficulties. You may lose a good opportunity, hence stay alert. There is a possibility of humiliation, thus don’t get involved in any activity that may damage your reputation. Avoid controversies with your siblings, as far as possible. Staying away from your home is also indicated. Are you facing problems in your married life? Find out exclusive solutions from our Experts.

The transit of Mars in the eleventh house of gains from your sign is considered auspicious. You will take decisions related to land, real estate and construction during this period. This is a progressive phase for professionals in these fields. Your business profit and sources of income will increase. If you are anxious due to children related matters, they will now get resolved. You can expect benefits from elders. Ganesha also says that your desires will get fulfilled. You are likely to gain more after 13th February. Have you been facing unnecessary expenses or unexpected losses? Find out how experts can help you improve your financial situation.

Mars will transit in the tenth house of karma from your sign. Hence, you will remain very upset and annoyed during this period. But, take utmost care so that it does not affect your work. Unintentional arguments with your colleagues or subordinates will strain the relationship. You will be more concerned about your health. Problems regarding your children are also indicated. The initial period of this transit will be more troublesome, but as time progresses, circumstances will turn in your favour. Are you facing struggles in your career? Let’s find out when you will get relief.

Mars will transit in the ninth house related to destiny from your sign, and thus it will affect your luck. Hence, your superiors and colleagues will be less supportive during this period. As a result, you will face some difficulties while performing the tasks at hand. Besides, your coworkers or subordinates may also oppose you during this period. Moreover, you will remain very anxious due to your health, says Ganesha. Are you planning to change your job? Let’s find out whether it is the right decision or not.

Note: If unfavourable results are indicated for your sign and if your horoscope also indicates a bad period, the effect of malefic planets will increase. But, if your horoscope indicates a good period, then the effect of malefic planets will decrease. Also read Anger Management as per Mars.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bindu Pandya
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team

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