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Different Ways To Use Feng Shui In Your Home

Different Ways To Use Feng Shui In Your Home

The art of feng shui is heavily steeped in mindfulness, calming down and remembering the nuances in your life to enjoy the present moment better.

“Feng shui” is a Chinese term that means “wind” and “water.” Our breath is wind, and humans are nearly 60% water. Wind and water, as well as feng shui, are essential elements for survival. Feng shui has its origins in Taoism and Buddhism. Feng shui elements, on the other hand, can be found in any culture throughout history.

Everything around us is nothing but made up of energy, and the principle of feng-shui teaches us how to tap into this energy and balance our life in the right way. Feng -shui also frees us from all kinds of negative energy and helps develop our lives better.

It is believed that Feng Shui of the house makes it even more comfortable and boosts happiness. Here are some ways with good Feng Shui.

When someone (or you) enters your home, the first thing you note is one of the best filters that your subconscious mind can get. As a result, the first thing you see must be stunning and refreshing. As a result, you might position a beautiful drawing, fountain, or something visually elevating at the entrance. Interesting! Then know more about the principle of Vastu for the front door.

“What are the best numbers for a home?” is the most frequently asked question. In fact, most feng shui practitioners, regardless of school, rarely consider numerology when it comes to a house number. You may, however, look at the numerological relation to the Bagua to learn more about your house. So let’s learn about your house number by using Bagua numbers.

Bagua or Kua numbers are a system of numerology that reveals the lucky and unlucky direction of your house when it comes to Numbers in Feng Shui. The concept of Kua comes from the concept of Bagua, where Ba means (8) and Gua (another spelling of Kua). There are a total of eight Kua; their numbers are usually (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9).

For instance, if your number of the house is If your house or flat number is #19-32,

Addition: 1+9+3+2 = 15

You have to cut it further if it isn’t a single digit: (1+5 = 6)

Now, you can then verify the value of the given number in the table below until you have this number.

Number Meaning Bagua Area Characteristics Element
0 Potential
1 New beginnings Kan (Career) Intuition, independence, wisdom Water
2 Balance Kun (Partnership) Feminine, sensitive, nurturing Yin Earth
3 Family, self-expression Zhen (Family) New beginnings, growth, vitality Yang Wood
4 Stability Xun (Wealth) Abundance, stability, deep roots Yin Wood
5 Adventure Tai Qi (Health) Connection, protection, gathering Earth
6 Calm, patience Qian (Helpful People) Leadership, precision, loyalty Yang Metal
7 Contemplation, solitude Dui (Children) Joy, relaxation, ease Yin Metal
8 Abundance, success in business Gen (Knowledge) Individuality, fortitude, contemplation Yang Earth
9 Accomplishment Li (Fame) Inspiration, brilliance, visibility Fire

We already know that plants bring vitality and colour to our surroundings. “Plants have inherited powerful chi, clear allergens from the air, which do wonders for us. So, The best indoor plants will bring intrigue, colour, and life into your home.

Some plants names that add feng shui to your home:

  • Jasmine: Are you up for some happy love feelings? The fragrance of this fragrant, floral plant will help soothe a troubled mind and help improve relationships. Jasmine should be held near a south-facing opening, according to experts.
  • Bamboo: Lucky bamboo is a common plant among feng shui practitioners. It brings a very calm and wise aura into your home, and since it is easy to expand and doesn’t need much sunshine, it demonstrates a great deal of versatility.
  • Orchids: Orchids can add beautiful colour and serenity to any room, as well as the aspect of affection, which can help strengthen relationships. Orchids are particularly helpful in the bedroom because they encourage harmony. For better performance, position them in the relationship section of the home or the relationship corner of the bedroom.
  • Lily: Peace lilies are simple to care for and suitable for maintaining air quality in your home or workplace. They have a lovely white bloom and lush leaves, and because of their air-purifying properties, they can help increase air quality and correct energetic imbalances in an office setting.

Moving into a new home also signals the start of a new chapter of one’s life. We want a fresh start and happier endings, even though we also struggle to let go of the past. The ancient art of feng shui will aid in releasing old energies and the welcoming of new ones. Here are several customs and traditions to follow before moving into a new home.

  • Choose a suitable date:According to the Chinese Almanac, choosing an auspicious date and time is one of the most critical choices when moving to a new home. Birth dates of family members may need to be considered, with precedence given to the head of the family’s birth records.
  • Carry Auspicious Items:The Chinese are used to carrying goods as they enter the new house for the first time. Domestic workers should bring Feng hui pigs, potatoes, and fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, apples, and peaches to attract wealth. They reflect good fortune, wealth, security and good health. Is money a challenge for you? Then talk to our Expert Astrologers Now! for a remedy.
  • Set Up The Bed In A Correct Way:It is necessary to properly set up the beds to attract good energies to your new home. The bedroom is also linked to peace and fortune; think well about the architecture of the bedroom. Know more about bedroom Vastu Here!

The important thing is to make the order right: sheets, quilt, and then pillows. The bedding has to be done quickly. The quicker you get an order in your room, the better your chances are.

  • The Name Plate:Keeping a nameplate with a written address and property number on the exterior wall of your new home has benefits that go beyond the obvious. According to Feng Shui, this is important because it helps guide opportunities into your home and ensures that ethereal opportunities do not pass you by.
  • Feng Shui of House Design:When it comes to fostering good feng shui in your house, it can be challenging to know where to begin. What rooms should you start with? How do you start from scratch, or what do you do if a room has already been decorated?

Thus, we have compiled some proven ideas that will add feng shui to your house. So, let’s check it.

  • Feng Shui for House Entrance:In feng shui, the entrance determines how energy reaches your home and life. The front door is known as the “mouth of qi.” And Of course, the entry begins when the feng shui is excellent in the house.
  • Clear Up The Window:Windows reflect the eyes of the home adults and symbolise the voice for children. Thus, it is necessary to clean windows regularly to build healthy feng shui in your house. Moreover, the transparent window is also the gateway to sunlight.Naturally, sunlight energises and awakens us. Sunlight also makes all the colours and things we can see vibrantly. Therefore, as we let in more light, our homes become more expanded, dynamic and lively. Metaphorically, clean windows wake us up to see the most colour, transparency and precision of the world around us.
  • Feng Shui House Facing:The commanding position is one of the most relevant feng shui concepts. This concept reveals a lot about your personality, like how you position yourself in life. The commanding position of the house shows how stiffly your life is in your hand.
  • Clear Up All The Obstacles From Your Path:Take a close look at your everyday routine at home. Yes, we’re asking you to take a close look at the direction you take when you stroll through your house. From the moment you wake up and get out of bed, to the shower, and so on when you leave the house. Then you come home, prepare dinner, and go back to bed.Obstacles in your way are not a good sign. It affects your mood and day to day activity. For instance, it’s that light fixture that flickers or the door that always sticks, and you have to slam closed. It’s an obstacle when you have to squeeze through a cluttered hallway. All these small things affect your mood as well as decide what energy you produce throughout the day.
  • Tibetan Bell (Tibetan Bell):Ring the Tibetan bell around the house every few days to increase the overall energy levels of your home. This would help to increase the amount of positive energy in and around your home.
  • Unwelcome Visitors:If you sit by your home’s main door or entrance regularly, or if you’ve created a cute, little reading or praying/meditating corner, make sure you never sit with your back to the door or entrance. This is, however, a trick you might use to evict unwelcome visitors from your house. It would be best if you forced them to sit in seats with their backs to the door, and you can soon see them leave ?
  • The Water and the Fish:Flowing water and floating fish are considered significant and auspicious icons in Feng Shui since they tend to minimise negativity and invite good vibes. They may not, though, have to be overdone or performed incorrectly. You might, for example, instal a fountain or a water feature in your house, but it shouldn’t be too big, as this will cause an energy imbalance. If you want to put in a water element, go with a tiny one and make sure the water is flowing and clear. If you have a fish tank or a home aquarium, make sure the water is clean and safe. You will also want to have a little statue of a fish in your bedroom since this is said to ward off bad luck.

What do South-East facing Associates in Feng Shui?
According to Feng Shui of the house, the southeast is synonymous with wealth and abundance, not only in financial terms but in all aspects of life. It is ideal for those looking to increase their capital. Are struggling with finance in this trying time, Talk to our astrologers for a better solution.

What Do Northeast Facing Indicates in Feng Shui?
According To Feng Shui of the house, the Northeast facing front door indicates spiritual growth and cultivation. Feng shui is all about positive energy, and a powerful, auspicious feng shui front door will help you welcome it. Since the front door absorbs the majority of the energy required by the house to nourish your personal energy, it is critical to do your utmost to create a good feng shui front door.

Buying a home can be an exciting experience, even though it is fraught with anxiety and uncertainty at times. Applying feng shui to the home-buying process is an intelligent decision on several levels—it can give you peace of mind while still ensuring that your house is a safe financial investment. People are often drawn to good feng shui because it represents good energies. This will support you in the future with the home sale. Strong feng shui is also associated with good health, pleasure, and success.

The concept of place in real estate has a broader significance in feng shui because it deals with the nature of energy entering your home. Be sure that your house absorbs positive energies from its surroundings, such as a safe driveway, friendly neighbours, no Sha Chi from neighbouring buildings, no sloping ground behind the house, and so on.

In general, you want the house to have some breathing space, and the traditional feng shui location of a place on a lot is where the backyard is marginally more significant than the front yard. You will want decent backing (the mountain energy in feng shui) and a good min-tang, good quality energy and plenty of space in front of the home.

In feng shui, the front door is critical because it is where the building gets its chi or energy nourishment. People should start looking at the feng shui orientation of the house straight away to see if it matches one of the lucky feng shui directions for the family members.

Feng Shui aims to invite good chi ( Positive energy) into your home so that your life feels both energised and healthy, and it’s a relatively easy way to change the vibes of your house.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team