Bombs Blast Gandhi’s Gujarat

In the last few days the state of Gujarat has witnessed terror and horror. Unfortunate incidents like heavy rains, serial bomb blasts, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, Godhra carnage etc. bombarded and terrorised the denizens of Gujarat. One wonders on the planetary effects which do not let anyone in Gujarat heave a sigh of relief.

Gujarat Establishment Horoscope

In the horoscope of Gujarat, Sagittarius Ascendant is rising. Rahu is posited in the Leo sign in 9th house of religion and luck, ruled by Sun. This is unfavourable for politics, political leaders and administration. Mars is in opposition to Rahu which depicts religious intolerance and gives rise to communal disharmony and riots.

Transit at the time of Bomb Blast


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Natal Mars and Rahu opposition has played a vital role in the recent bomb blasts. If we view the past incidents, whenever ascendant Lord Jupiter is retrograde or placed in the constellation of the sixth or the eighth house Lord or when there are natural malefic planets transit through Cancer, Gujarat witnesses undesirable incidents. At the time of the bomb blasts on July 26, 2008, transiting Jupiter was retrograde and was in constellation of Gujarat’s horoscope’s sixth house (house of enemy) Lord Venus resulting in miseries.

It is to be noted that Jupiter was retrograde during 2001 earthquakes and also at the time of communal riots in 2002. Saturn and Mars are transiting through Leo over Gujarat’s Natal Rahu at present, adding fuel to the fire because Mars’ transits over natal Rahu in Leo has always been turbulent for Gujarat. In addition, Gujarat is currently under the influence of Mercury-Mercury-Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu is debilitated in the Navamsa chart. Moreover, in the Horoscope of Gujarat Rahu is posited in the ninth house, the house of religion. Owing to this planetary position, religious fanatics will lift their hood. The period till August 9, 2008 is very troublesome for Gujarat and the conjunction of Saturn and Sun in Leo will be baleful for political leaders.

Gujarat Earthquake Diurnal Chart

Looking in detail of these ill-fated incidents it can observed that in the diurnal chart of Gujarat for January 26, 2001, Virgo an Earth sign ascendant was rising and Sun, Moon, Neptune and Harshal were posited in Capricorn again an Earth sign. Ketu was posited in the 4th house which depicts the happiness of the citizens. Ketu signifies sacrifice and thirst. Due to this Gujarat has lost lots of dear ones in this tragic event of earthquake.

Gujarat Godhra Carnage Diurnal Chart

In the diurnal chart of Gujarat for February 28, 2002 on which Godhra Carnage occurred, Libra Ascendant was rising. The eighth house which is the house of death is occupied by two strong malefics, Saturn and Rahu. In the diurnal chart, the Lord of the fourth house (the house which denotes happiness) Saturn is posited in the 8th house, the house of death, with Rahu. In addition, Jupiter the significator of religion was in its enemy’s sign and debilitated Navamsa of the diurnal chart and placed in the ninth house of Dharma of the Diurnal chart. This resulted in the shameful Godhra Carnage in the name of religion.

Gujarat Bom Blasts Diurnal Chart

In the diurnal chart the day on which bombs blasted in the city of Ahmedabad Sun, Venus, Mercury and a strong malefic Ketu were posited in the fourth house. This signifies chaos and lack of peace in the citizens. Saturn and Mars were posited in the fifth house in fiery sign Leo forming opposition with Harshal and this is the reason for bomb blasts and unrest in Ahmedabad due to the same.

If we think about the long term future from July 24, 2008 in the diurnal chart of Gujarat, 4th house will be occupied by Mercury, Ketu, Sun and Venus in the watery sign Cancer. Till August 02, 2008 the presence of four to five planets can be seen in the house of heart (4th house), in Gujarat’s diurnal chart. In August 2008 two important eclipses namely Solar eclipse, on August 01, 2008 and Lunar eclipse, on August 16, 2008 will occur. Observing all the planetary positions the first two weeks of August 2008 will be problematic and stressful for Gujarat, according to the Indian and western astrology. The reason behind the restlessness, in the heart of subjects, will be issues related to water and internal and political influences. Gujarat can heave a sigh of relief after September 08, 2008. But, in the year of 2009 the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in Capricorn will again bring Gujarat in the bulletins. During the end of 2009, the ingress of Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Aquarius will fetch a fruitful period for Gujarat.

In the nutshell, though the stars of Gujarat are going haywire at present, the long term future of Gujarat is bright.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni

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