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Jupiter is ‘Guru’ – the spiritual teacher and guide – the benefic planet of wisdom and learning

Jupiter is the largest planet astronomically. Astrologically too, Jupiter is viewed as the mightiest or most benevolent planet. The day of Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter, and that is why, you may see many people sporting yellow clothes on Thursdays. In Hindi, Jupiter is also known as Guru—meaning teacher or Brihaspati, and that is why Thursday is known as Guruwaar or Brishapatiwaar.

Here are a few more associations of the day of Thursday and the planet Jupiter –
Colours of the day: Yellow and all shades of saffron and orange.
Number represented : 3
Direction: North
Gemstone: Topaz or Yellow Sapphire
Metal: Gold
Representative Deity: Guru Dattatreya/ Lord Brahma

“Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuhu Guru Devo Maheswaraha

Guru Saakshaat Parabhrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha||”

With a mammoth diameter of about 142,800 kilometres, astronomically, Jupiter – the golden or yellowish planet is the biggest planet of the Solar system. It is placed at an average distance of 778 million kilometres from the Sun. It has 63 natural satellites of its own.

Most famously known as the Planet of Wisdom and Higher Intelligence, he is the one that indicates everything that is abundant, huge, mighty and progressive. As per Astrology, Jupiter transits through each Zodiac Sign for approximately a period of 13 months (one year and one month). It owns the 9th and 12th Zodiac Signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It gets exalted in Cancer and gets debilitated (weakened) in Capricorn. Mythologically and also as per the Vedic Astrology, Jupiter on its own considers Sun, Mars and Moon as its friends, while it considers Mercury and Venus as its enemies and with Saturn, Jupiter’s relationship is neutral. On the other hand, it would be interesting to note that no planet, including Rahu and Ketu, considers Jupiter as its enemy. Such is the positive power of Jupiter, that no one can have hostile feelings towards him! You would also be able to deduce by now that Jupiter represents everything big and expansive. Even in its nature, it is considered as same, in Astrology.

Vedic Astrology personifies each planet (as a human form), and here Jupiter is held as someone who is purely Sattwik nature and a Brahmin by caste. Jupiter is known as the preceptor or teacher or mentor of the Devas or Gods. Devaguru that He is, He is also regarded as the chief offerer of prayers and sacrifices to the Gods. Thus, he can also be considered the celestial Purohit or Priest.

In Indian mythology, Guru or Brihaspati is the son of Maharishi Angiras and Surupa. Maharishi Angiras- the one with the Divya Teja or Divine Glow, and the one born out of Divine Intellect, was the son of Lord Brahma. Thus, Jupiter or Brihaspati is consiedered as the direct descendant of Lord Brahma. As would befit his divinely glorious and illustrious lineage, Brihaspati was crowned with the position of the Preceptor of the Devas or Gods by Lord Shiva. He was also assigned a role as one of the Navagrahas or Nine Planets upon intense penances to Lord Shiva. Rishi Bharadwaja is said to be the son of Brihaspati and all the Brahmins of the Bharadwaja Gotra are said to be his descendants.

In Astrology, Jupiter is said to be the planet with the maximum auspicious power and might. No auspicious or favourable event in a person’s life can take place without the divine and generous grace of Jupiter. Jupiter is also known as the destroyer of negativity and evil.

Jupiter signifies the following aspects, traits or qualities: Spirituality, divinity, learning, wisdom, higher level of intellect, knowledge of the holy scriptures, vedas and shastras, religion, philosophy, rituals, scriptures, culture, traditions, temples or places of worship, nobility, devotion, righteousness, principles and morals, evolution, education, fortune, wealth, treasures, opportunity, understanding, enthusiasm, optimism, opulence, riches, power, generosity, charity, compassion, honour, status, dignity, law and administration, long voyages and journeys, growth and expansion amongst various other things.

Jupiter also represents leaders, ministers, judges, lawyers and people working for judicial processes and in courts, preachers, teachers, spiritual masters, priests, sages, god-men, preceptors, philanthropists, social-workers, reformers, counselors, financiers, organisers, etc., and all other professions which are dignified, noble and high-class in nature.

Jupiter is known as the Cosmic Minister or Adviser or Teacher- who is ever-generous and the one who tries to guide people on the right path. He is the one who tries to connect us to the supreme truth, that is God or the Divine Power because of which the entire mankind has come into existence, through the help of spirituality and wisdom.

For anyone to become anything in life, he needs a good teacher to teach him the basics of life in the form of primary education, without which he will be ill-equipped to deal with situations in life. Jupiter, the highest Guru or the spiritual teacher, thus, is known to play an integral part in making a person aware and responsible about the various aspects of life.

But, Jupiter seldom uses harsh techniques or difficult methodologies, unlike Saturn, to teach anything to the people, in general. He is believed to be always kind, benevolent and merciful. He makes sure that an individual proceeds towards the ultimate truth, only after a considerable level of satisfaction in the other areas of life. Lord Jupiter is known to bless a person with great wealth, possessions, riches and happiness. Through His optimism and goodness, He inspires people to do good Karma and be kind and helpful to others.

Through refined knowledge and wisdom, Jupiter’s influence is known to open and activate a person’s thought-process and horizons of imagination. Thus, an individual becomes aware of his capabilities, and is inspired to give it his best in life, so that he can get recognition, social appreciation and an identity of his own. Jupiter gives the power to distinguish between the right and wrong. He wards off all the unfavourable aspects. He has the ability to neutralise any kind of evil or untoward incident in a person’s life. He is the protector and fosterer.

A well-placed Jupiter in the Natal Horoscope of an individual tends to give very auspicious results to the native, such as a dignified stature and a pleasing personality, wisdom, leadership and humane tendencies, spiritual inclinations, fortune and luck, boundless wealth, honour and recognition, comforts and good food, a great reputation and public-image, opportunities, avenues, nobility, the ability to transform other people’s life and spread happiness apart from various other wonderful things. Such a person would be very lucky for even people around him.

On the contrary, a negatively placed Jupiter may give adverse results such as over-optimism, foolishness, vulnerability, flatulence and body-fat problems, problems to the kidney and intestines, excessive greed for sweet items of food, diabetes, ego problems, harm to reputation, a negative attitude and such things. But as always, Astrology has remedies for every problem.

Wish to strengthen the effects of the great benefic Jupiter in your life? Here are a few tips to appease the Lord Jupiter and fill your life with happiness, compassion and prosperity –

1) Worship Lord Dattatreya or any spiritual Guru of your choice.

2) Recite the following mantra 30 times at least on thursdays after having bath and wearing yellow/saffron clothes: “Devanaam cha Hrisheemaam cha gurum kanchana sannibham, buddhi bhutam trilokesham tam namami brihaspatim” or you can also recite the following mantra 108 times: Om brum bruhaspatye namah.

3) Donate yellow clothes, turmeric, saffron, bananas, yellow pulses, etc. to poor Brahmins or poor people.

4) Feed bananas to cows.

5) Wear yellow clothes on Thursdays.

6) Always carry a yellow thread or a yellow coloured item in your pocket, especially when heading for any important work.

7) Never interact or form friendships with people of a dubious character, and the people who are addicts, specifically if you have a weak Jupiter in your Horoscope.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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