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Academic Orientation of Zodiac Signs in August

Academic Orientation of Zodiac Signs in August

The conjunction between Mars and Venus this month is likely to make you swing between extremes – no wonder then that you may sometimes be happy, jovial and in high spirits, and at other times may feel down in dumps – gloomy and sulking. Yet, there is a high possibility that you will be able to move ahead on the path of your dreams for higher education. Joining new courses in the field of Mathematics, Management and Social Sciences is also quite likely. This is also a favourable time to work upon your professional skills and overall efficiency. Also, try to make the best use of your hobbies, talents, creativity and communication skills. You may also join a new sport, take up a new hobby like Yoga or gymming or else simply try your hand at some social activity. All this will bring in good gains and will enhance the quality of your life. Read more about Aries.

You will be fun loving, energetic, and willing to explore new ideas now. The streak gets enhanced because of the Venus-Saturn conjunction that occurs this month. This is a particularly favourable time to participate in games, competitive and sporting activities and anything sporty in general. You will be able to learn technical subjects like hardware, computer software and science with dexterity under the conjunct’s influence. The educational program you join now shall amply help you in laying the foundation of a great career and a progressive future. You may also endeavour to regroup your energy, thoughts and focus, and may try to bring the basics in perspective by doing this. This will be hugely helpful to you in securing success and achievement. Just remember to adopt a softer and calmer approach that will come handy in maintaining your peace of mind and harmonious relations. Read more about Taurus.

Mercury trines with Rahu during this month. This is the best time for you to pursue fine arts, mathematics, mass communication, acting and related fields as this looks set to be a creative and analytical time for Gemini natives. You will also be able to inspire others with your extraordinary prowess and creations. You possess the ability to give a new approach to communications, and projects and assignments benefit from your astuteness and knowledge in myriad areas. You will also be able to manage and communicate dextrously with moody and angry people. You sensitive approach and gentle manner under such circumstances will amaze others. Avoid rash driving, and handle family matters politely. Remember that you will be most successful doing tasks that involve cooperation and team harmony this month. Read more about Gemini.

Mars receives the aspect of Jupiter this month, making the handling of conversations, seminars and meetings easy. You will come out with flying colours in the subjects you have taken up for studying. If you have been thinking of further studies, especially in Mathematics, Statistics, Communication, now is the right time. The time is favourable and you will make the most of it. You will make best use of your talents, gain experience and would successfully implement your creative ideas in your work. New acquaintances, associations and beginnings are in the offing. Opportunities come knocking at your door, not just on the professional front but there will be some that will help you improve your relations with the people around you. Read more about Cancer.

Sun will be in sextile with Mars during this month. This makes you more peace-loving than usual. Also, it may make you slightly detached on the personal level during the first half of the month. You shall be successful in combining your inner and outer strengths to achieve success on the academic front. It would be essential for you to be very attentive in your regular classes as there are chances that you may not have the time for studying at home due to some or the other reasons. For the Lion involved in higher education, Research, Philosophy and Occult sciences, this will be a favourable month. You would successfully regroup your energy and thoughts and focus on education from the middle of the month. Read more about Leo.

Mercury will be in sextile with Ketu this month. These planetary positions shall make you more responsible, managerial, ambitious, and willing to concentrate on your studies. You might spend a lot of time in long conversations, short frequent trips, meeting friends and loved ones. Attending regular classes will prove beneficial, particularly for the students of the Technical line, Social sciences, Management and Statistics. You are fully aware of how the people around you should be tackled and you are frank, outspoken and can be outrageous or undiplomatic on occasions this month. A favourable time to take charge of activities related to seminars, presentations, organizing events and programmes. Read more about Virgo.

The conjunction between Venus and Saturn this month is favourable to learn arts, medical sciences and technical subjects. Friendship, cooperation and synergy will be all yours and you will spend more time on phone calls, emails, short but frequent trips, and communicating with friends this month. Students eyeing higher studies may have to go far from their home as they may get admission at a far away place. Your ability to concentrate and focus helps you achieve whatever you set your eyes on. The project or assignment you take up in this month has a good chance of being successful. You may feel restless at times; healthy food, yoga and meditation are recommended for you by Ganesha. Read more about Libra.

Mars receives the good aspect of Jupiter this month. You will be independent, creative, innovative, ambitious, determined and self-assured. Higher studies are calling and there is no reason for you to say no. Your concentration level is at its best and you shall grasp everything taught in your class this month. You suddenly develop a liking for studies. As you are likely to reconsider a subject you have taken, Ganesha advises you to trust your feelings and intuition while making major decisions. With chances of your words being misunderstood, Ganesha advises you to be careful while expressing your feelings and emotions as you are likely to be misunderstood. Get to know more about Scorpio.

With Jupiter aspecting Mars during this month, the time becomes favorable for higher learning and joining new courses to improve your professional prospects. Subjects such as Technology, Finance and Management related subjects are likely to attract you. You will get a chance to attend seminars, lectures, meetings and social events and you will willingly do so. You intuition is something you can look upto this month as it is your sixth sense that will help you make assessments and decisions. You would be more communicative and busy than usual. Success is yours this month as you, the Archer, will radiate brilliance. Good fortune awaits you and hence the perfect time to apply your unconventional ideas in your work as success is assured. Read more about Sagittarius.

The conjunction between Saturn and Venus brings forth a favourable month to learn Fashion designing, Fine arts, Travel & Tourism, Mathematics, Communication and Biotechnology. You are social, friendly, and outgoing this month. Ganesha envisages possibility of travel and engagement in a variety of activities including making new acquaintances. This is a great time to present your ideas, to improve your communication skills, to expand your social circle, and to make more contacts and friends. You would learn new lessons, and you’re more likely to be attracted to unusual and unconventional issues. Read more about Capricorn.

Saturn aspects Jupiter this month, providing a new approach to communication projects, learning and self-expression. You tend to entertain others with your words and your sense of humour. This is a very significant period of the year for you. You are inspired to concentrate upon work and studies. You would express your views, terms and conditions without hesitation, and deal with many issues bravely and successfully. You may be inclined towards technical subjects, fine arts and finance related studies and may even join a class to learn about it. Take care of your health and adopt a routine of brisk walking and exercise. Get to know more about Aquarius.

Jupiter squares Rahu. This brings several opportunities to socialize with friends and make new acquaintances. You would be more creative and unconventional than usual. This is the time to learn Social Sciences, Physical Education, Mathematics or maybe something that you like and find easy. You feel attracted to intelligent people with whom you may communicate well and exchange ideas through phone calls, sms and mails. Keeping in mind that the limelight is on you, do what you feel is right. Your leadership qualities come to the fore as you resolve and organize activities related to communication and travel. Read more about Pisces.

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