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Numbers in Numerology Grids

In one of the earlier readings on Numerology and its Grids, you must have learnt about the Lo Sou Grid or the Magical Square, which is often used by the Numerologists as a basic method to assign Numbers to your Name and analyse your personality. This Grid is also used to place the Numbers as they appear in one’s Date of Birth, and the final analysis can be used to give a very real understanding of one’s life and personality (and sometimes, even the destiny). Also, in the same article, i.e. Numerology Grid – you may have learnt of the various ways of interpretation of these Charts, Grids and Numbers. Here, we bring you the various meanings attached to these Numbers, and how their presence or absence can affect your personality.

The Karmic Debt Numbers

In your numerology chart which has the core numbers like your Life path numbers, Expression numbers, Personality, etc may contain digits like 1, 4, 5 or 7. These are formed when you add two-digit numbers together and can be arrived at through a lot of ways. For example, number 1 can be obtained by combining 10 (1+0), 28 (2+8), 37 (3+7), 46 and so on, all of which adds to the number 1. But only in the case of the number 19, is the Karmic Debt Number considered. We can conclude a single-digit interpretation of Karmic Debt when the numbers add up to 4, 5 and 7 though things are more specific in case of such Karmic Debt Numbers because these additions are only considered when the numbers are anteceded by 13 (1+3) in case of Karmic Debt Number 4, 14 (1+4) in case of 5 or 16 (1+6) in case of number 7.

Karmic Debt Numbers can be found anywhere in the chart with the totals based on your birth date or the calculations based on the numbers signifying the letter in your numerology alphabet numbers name. To find out what the letters of your name predicts about you, know about your numerology alphabet numbers. Therefore, depending on the place in the chart the number is found, the same Karmic Debt Number of two different persons can have a different impact on them. For instance, two people with the same Karmic Number 14 may experience the impact of the Karmic Number distinctively if it were derived from different locations in the chart. The following are some examples of Karmic Debt numbers along with their general features and some guidance.

Number 0

This number isn’t given any position in the Chart, even though it may appear in a person’s Chart wherein a date or a month is in a single digit, or even in a year like – 02/02/2000. The person will only have the number 2 in his/ her chart, and no other number.

Number 1

Number 1 is located at the bottom left column of the chart, and hence at the beginning of the Practical plane as well. This placement is an important cue as to how the native will communicate and behave in interpersonal relations.

One 1

For people with only one Number 1 in their charts, its extremely difficult to express their innermost feelings and desires. They are unable to convey their true feelings, even though they may not necessarily be bad at communication, at other levels. It will also be hard for them to be able to appreciate other person’s point of view.

Two 1s

Comparatively much balanced in their approach, people with two Number 1s in their charts find it easy to communicate and express their inner feelings. They have an ability to look at life in an unbiased manner, and are better judges of other people’s point of views. This is also considered as the best quantity of Number 1s to have.

Three 1s

Such people may have a duality when it comes to their personality. But one thing is for sure that such people are outgoing and entertaining (many famous entertainers have this combo). Coming back to the ambivalence – people with three Number 1s may either be complete chatterboxes or they may be quiet and introspective. The truth is that they are actually both, and their personality manifestation depends on situation.

Four 1s

Sensitive and caring, such people are frequently misunderstood, as they tend to be quite inexpressive. Verbal expression is not one of their better qualities, because of which they tend to be misfits among groups and find it hard to relax and simply let go.

Five, Six or Seven 1s

Too many Number 1s in the chart isn’t a very good indication. An absence of ability to verbally express oneself is stark in these natives, and they may even face enormous difficulty on account of this. They also stand a high chance of being misunderstood due to this inability. Such people, however, may be very creative and may use such forms for inner-expression like music, dance or painting. There is also a possibility of over-indulgence of any kind.

Number 2

Two is the first number on the Emotional Plane, and is often an indicator of a person’s intuitiveness and sensitivity. It is the third most common number in the Chinese Astrology charts.

One 2

Such people tend to be quite sensitive and intuitive, but can also be easily hurt. Blessed with an uncanny ability and discretion to see through other people’s insincerity, these people are naturally good judges of others. The famous astrologer and the doomsday naysayer Nostradamus was born with one 2 in his chart.

Two 2s

Such people who have two 2s in their charts are highly intelligent and sensitive. Born with a superb intuition, they end up benefiting immensely from this prowess of theirs. Very much like the people with one 2 in their charts, these people also tend to be masters at detecting and assessing the motivations of others.

Three 2s

Such people tend to go overboard with their sensitive side, may experience premonitions, may easily get hurt and may also give others an impression of being aloof. Prone to living in a world of their own, they loathe socialising and spending time with others as they are afraid of getting hurt.

Four 2s

Impatient and rash, these people have a tendency to over-react to small problems. Extremely sensitive introverts, they prefer to spend time by themselves, rather than risk getting hurt because of others. Some great scientists like Louis Pasteur come under this category.

Five 2s

Born with an incredible sensitivity, such people find it hard to deal with their own self doubt and the world at large. This kind of a chart is a rarity, but it’s actually a good thing, as more the number of 2s, more difficult it is for the native to adjust. Lack of self confidence and trust in others are also the marked qualities of such people.

Number 3

Placed at the top left-handed position of the chart, at the beginning of the Mental Plane, Number 3 is also the final number of the Thought Row. It is largely related to the intellectual ability of a person, and also to the ability to think clearly, lucidly and rationally. It is also a happy and positive number.

One 3

An excellent memory and a marked creative streak are the prominent gains of people who possess one Number 3 in their Numerology chart. A positive, yet a practical, realistic approach towards the attainment of their goals and an honest optimism towards life set them apart from others, and even make them a source of inspiration for others. The famous Elvis Presley was born with such a chart.

Two 3s

Mentally alert and creative, such people are quite imaginative and love their eccentricity and a crazy streak that allows them to be unconventional. Giving the native an ability to express well in words, this combination allows people to excel in creative and literary fields, and many such people may be writers.

Three 3s

Three 3s may be counted as too many, for they make the native extra-imaginative, so much so that the native may remain self-absorbed and prefer to live in his/ her own imagination. Such people appear as aloof and remote, and find it hard to relate to others and usually are bad listeners. Even though they possess an excellent mental faculty, their tendency to remain in a dream world proves disadvantageous for them. They may even be argumentative and petty, at times.

Four 3s

This rarely found combination makes the natives extremely impractical, timid, fearful and super-dreamy. The imagination of these people tends to be so strong that it is difficult for them to step out of it into the real world, and confront the day-to-day chores and demands of routine.

Number 4

A number that is practical and hard-working, 4 is associated with the qualities of labour and hands-on practical approach. It also indicates balance. No wonder that the natives with this number tend to be neat, tidy, prim and proper.

One 4

People with this combination in their Numerology chart tend to be practical, earthy and basically good with manual work. They tend to enjoy ‘hands-on’ approach and such vocations. A more than practically needed emphasis on theories and imagination makes them impatient. The digit also relates to work like handicrafts and pottery, and even instrumental music. Such people also are good organizers.

Two 4s

Born with excellent organizational skills, such people love the task of initiating a task and carrying it to the end, Accurate, conscientious and prim, these people make great managers, and may even be sculptors or someone great at origami. However they may be inclined to become overly involved in superficial, physical and materialistic pursuits, at the expense of fun or spiritual pursuits.

Three 4s

Almost exclusively given to material, practical and physical pursuits, people with such a combination find it hard to attend to any other sphere of their lives. Organized to the T, these people are self-disciplined and hard working. Their abilities may be apparent to others, but they themselves may frequently be unable to realise their natural talents, and may end up working in roles or jobs where they are misfits.

Four 4s

An extremely rare placement, it is rarely found. Such people, if any, are totally immersed in physical activities. Anything to do with intellectual or spiritual domain is beyond their understanding. They also possess enormous capability at any task that needs working using hands. But such people may be susceptible to damage or injury to their lower limbs.

Number 5

The Number 5 occupies the central position in the Numerology chart. It is an indicator of mental balance and emotional stability, and also relates to freedom of the spirit.

One 5

Emotionally stable and balanced, people with one Number 5 in their chart find it easy to motivate and inspire others. Their compassionate and caring nature allows them to positively reinforce others in a manner that makes them achieve and perform much more than they otherwise would have.

Two 5s

Intense, emotional and determined, people with two 5s in their Numerology chart tend to be extremely enthusiastic and driven about whatever they do or possess. This generally makes them passionate, and sometimes even obsessed. This means that they may have difficulties containing the barrage of emotions they experience. This may lead to certain regrettable situations and outbursts, which may even disturb their lives and balance.

Three 5s

Blessed with an unrelenting drive, boundless energy and a streak for risk-taking, excitement and adventure, these people really need to channelise this vast reserve in the right direction. They tend to speak without contemplating, which may put them in tricky situations, wherein they might have hurt others unintentionally. They love any passionate activity and enjoy change. But, as already mentioned, they need to carefully guard themselves, in order to avoid going over-board.

Four 5s

This combination is possible only three times in a span of a century (100 years). Hence, this is obvious that people with this combination are very rare. It’s a dangerous combination to have, as it makes one prone to accidents, and generally also the potential of accidents increases for such people. Anyone with four 5s needs to slow down, and contemplate and re-contemplate before doing anything.

Number 6

Located right in the centre of the top row, Number 6 relates to creativity and familial and filial love. Such people who have a balanced amount of Number 6 in their charts are usually home lovers, and enjoy their domestic responsibilities.

One 6

People with one 6 in their Numerology chart have a great filial, familial and home love. Obviously, they make excellent parents, and equally good children. They love handling their domestic responsibilities, and they also have a good amount of creative potential. Most often, they are the people in their families to whom everyone wants to come to, when things go awry. However, such people can be quite insecure, and may remain constantly worried about their family members’ well-being.

Two 6s

Inclined towards over-anxiety and fretting over even minutest details, as far as the family and home are concerned, people with two 6s in their chart tend to have a certain nervous streak about them. They need more mental rest than others, and need to relax more often. They have a great love for aesthetics, and love surrounding themselves with beautiful objects. They also enjoy creative pursuits, and are usually over-protective. This could also be a reason that they make their children too dependent on them.

Three 6s

Over-protective and possessive of their loved ones, people with three 6s tend to be borderline cases of extreme restlessness and stress. They also have a tendency to become negative, and thus they need constant motivation and encouragement. Blessed with considerable creative potential, they, thankfully, are able to release their emotional tension by pursuing interesting activities.

Four 6s

Very creative and extremely driven, people with this combination are quite weak and vulnerable when it comes to the emotional front. Almost everything has the power to affect them, which makes adjusting to everyday life very difficult for them. This problem may afflict the most in the earlier part of their life. It is essential for these people to constructively channelise this limitless emotional, intuitive and innovative energy.

Number 7

Situated at the bottom right-hand corner of the Lo Shu Grid, Number 7 represents sacrifice, and indicates learning through the hard way or a loss.

One 7

Such people are likely to learn the most important lessons of their life from either losses of love, possessions or health. As they learn from these experiences, they become more mature and interested in metaphysical or spiritual pursuits, along the way.

Two 7s

Growth in knowledge and wisdom is achieved mostly by losing love, health or money by these people. Extremely analytical, these people are excellent at solving intricate, cryptic or technical problems. The losses they meet with make them more spiritual and pique their interest in psychic or occult practices.

Three 7s

Strong and silent, people with three Number 7s in their chart often lead sad lives, which is a result of certain major disappointments and setbacks they end up suffering in their lives. These misfortunes may be in the area of love, health and finances. However, these people tend to develop enormous reserves of inner strength along the way.

Four 7s

There are only three days in a century when such an occurrence happens. And it’s a good thing, for this combination is not a lucky one. Fate has a strange and sad way of teaching almost all lessons of life to these people. They may have to go through some major losses in life to gain in terms of maturity and wisdom.

Number 8

An indicator of observation power and astuteness, this number relates to attention to detail.

One 8

Methodical, fastidious and immaculate about details, people with one Number 8 in their Numerology chart have restless, active minds that crave mental challenges. However, on the flip-side, these people often find it difficult to finish the tasks they, very enthusiastically, had initiated.

Two 8s

Very perceptive, observant and painstakingly careful of details, these people prefer to learn everything through experience, rather than trusting on others or the available reference. This is a good thing, but only to an extent. An excess of this trait makes them rigid and inflexible, and hence it’s difficult for these people to alter their views, decisions or plans.

Three 8s

Rigid and restless, especially during their early years, people with three 8s tend to become more stable by their middle age, approximately around forty. That is when they progress at the maximum possible pace. This is also the time when they develop a better perspective and purpose in life. Otherwise also these people tend to be perfectionists, and may become overly materialistic. Their personalities are well-suited for vocations related to business and finance.

Four 8s

Variety is the spice of life! This is the mantra by which these people live their lives. Never averse to change, they, in fact, cultivate variations and distortions in regular patterns of life. Restless beyond belief, it is vital for them to find their true calling and purpose in life. Once they do that, the progress that they make is humongous and for others to see. If this doesn’t happen by any chance, these people tend to live aimless, pointless lives.

Number 9

It’s obvious that everyone born in this century has at least one 9 in his/ her chart. This number is good and is humanitarian. It represents idealism, courage, ambition and self-belief. The Number 9 is on both the Mental plane and the Action line. And it is one of the reasons that humankind has made such giant strides of development in the present century.

One 9

Possessing a strong, marked desire for self-improvement, people with one 9 in their Numerology chart are quite ambitious. All the people alive today have at least one 9, and it’s undeniably true that we all have much more humanity inside us than we tend to express. An important lesson from this fact we can derive is that even numbers favour humanitarian tasks, and we all need to re-learn and nurture this philanthropic side of ours.

Two 9s

Idealistic, intelligent and astute, these people are quite likely to be critical of others. And many times they can be blunt and derogatory. Since they themselves are near-gifted in the intelligence department, they might even look down upon others. They desperately need to cultivate the ability to shun their personal biases and gel with others. Kareena Kapoor is one such Indian celebrity with two 9s in her chart; her birthday falls on 21st September.

Three 9s

Virtuous, idealistic, brilliant, mentally astute and caring, people with three 9s in their charts tend to get better with age. They become maturer and happier in life, once they understand how to make the best use of their capabilities. Initially they display a marked tendency to exaggerate and ‘make mountains out of molehills’. This may lead to a tendency towards pessimism and negativity. This may make them feel frustrated, especially when they feel they have hit a road-block in work or relationships.

Four or Five 9s

Such people are gifted when it comes to mental brilliance and intelligence, but they are quite vulnerable and find it extremely difficult to adjust to the everyday, mundane worldly matters. Five 9 combination has happened only thrice in last few decades and that was 9th, 19th, and 29th September 1999. It will now happen only on 9th September 2999, which is too far-fetched. These people frequently retreat to their own dream, imaginary worlds. But deep inside them they have immense power and energy, which when harnessed constructively can be of great good for humanity.

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