Sixth House In Astrology: Traits & Significance

Sixth House In Astrology: Traits & Significance

6th house in Vedic Astrology

The Birth Chart is the celestial canvas of the sky at the moment of your birth. It is divided into 12 houses which is an accommodation of nine planets, also known as Bhava. It is filled with many cosmic symbols that represent the past, present, and future of our life.

Meaning of 6th House as per Vedic Astrology

According to the Vedic Astrology, the 6th house is the house that relates to your daily habits, routines and responsibilities. It is a house of work, health and well-being, and ability to make adjustments. Virgo is the ruler of the house, and it represents the work and service, employee and subordinates or servants. Condition and faithfulness are judged through the sixth house in Astrology.

Significance of Vedic Astrology

In Astrology, the 6th house depicts obstacles, hostilities, challenges, debt, etc. If any malefic planet occupies the house, then it will reduce the negative effects of this house, which render benefics results in competition, daily routine challenges or tasks. Human beings are inclined to suffer from sorrow and disruption till they are alive. Only the sixth house of the horoscope has the power to give the internal strength to the performer to fight from the outer world.

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Ascendant in the Sixth House:

Aries in the Sixth House: Natives with this combination are very hard-working and committed towards their work. Such individuals burn midnight oil to achieve what they want. And they expect the same from the others also. They are very disciplined and follow a routine in their work. A good solution for these individuals is to not work for an employer, instead work for themselves. About Aries Sign
Taurus in the Sixth House: Natives with the cusp of the sixth house are very balanced and never mixed personal and professional life together. Such people enjoy their profession and manage to find time to relax after a hectic schedule. They do not rush with the thing, and take their own time to do their job.About Taurus Sign
Gemini in the Sixth House: Natives with this cusp of the sixth house are sociable and rather tired easily. Such individuals find their passion at the work where they use their intellect or profession where they can use their creativity. About Gemini Sign
Cancer in the Sixth House: Natives with the cusp in the sixth house are very deeply attached to their profession, and feel overjoyed when achieving great milestones in their career. While stressful projects lead to worry and mental stress. Finding true joy in mundane activities such as house cleaning, cooking dinner might be rewarding for such people. About Cancer Sign
Leo in the Sixth House: People of these cusps take pride in the work they do, and always approach every project with sheer joy and excitement. And when their work does not go successful, they feel lethargic and unhealthy. Such people need to look for a job where they can experiment on a daily basis. About Leo Sign
Virgo in the Sixth House: People of these cusps are very hard-working and give utmost importance to their profession. They can be great at jobs in which caring is required like education and medicine. They are very practical and calculated about their job. Such people are very keen on what they eat and drink, and how much they exercise. About Virgo Sign
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Libra in the Sixth House: Libra are very particular, and balanced people. They work well with others and do best with their partner. They like harmony within their work and without it they find themselves uncomfortable with work.  Such individuals avoid conflict and develop health problems as a result of a negative work environment. About Libra Sign
Scorpio in the Sixth House: Natives with Scorpio in the fifth house are extremely hard-working, and sometimes even get obsessed with their work. They love working alone and hate being chained to a desk. They love challenges, thus it will be better for them to choose such a profession that requires creativity. About Scorpio Sign
Sagittarius in the Sixth House: These individuals are very social and other people find it pleasurable being around them. Sagittarius natives are very lively and energetic, and thus they have a positive attitude towards their life. They are rarely prone to diseases, and if by chance, they are caught, it will be because of overeating and the habit of drinking. About Sagittarius Sign
Capricorn in the Sixth House: Natives with the capricorn in the sixth house enjoy work and always look for things that are to be done, and hate being in the same place doing nothing. Such people are disciplined and are frequent with the jobs they are doing. They are very responsible with their health, and can have issues with bones, nails, and teeth. About Capricorn Sign
Aquarius in the Sixth House: Natives with the Aquarius in the sixth house are innovative, energetic and forward thinking. They are always into new and exciting projects, and take upon as many projects as they can without any exhaustion. For such individuals, creative and innovative fields are the best option for professional preferences. They love working with others and pay perfect attention to their nutrition and exercise habits. About Aquarius Sign
Pisces in the Sixth House: Natives with this cusp are daydreamer. They love doing jobs that they enjoy most, hate that requires mental prowess. These people are those who worry too much about their work and feel inconvenienced if something goes wrong. About Pisces Sign

Planets in the Sixth House and its Consequences

Sun in the Sixth House: The sixth house is about eliminating risk and ensuring the safety of natives, and the presence of Sun in the sixth house means they are very careful about every particular thing they do. Whatever they do, they do it perfectly and precisely. Read More
Moon in the Sixth House: Natives with the Moon in the sixth house are very caring and don’t lose their desire to live well and acing their skills. They have a sensitive body-mind connection, and thus if they get disbalanced, then their mental balance and peace might get lost. Such individuals are very particular about their routine and often stick to their routine which gives them comfort. Read More
Mercury in the Sixth House: Mercury in the 6th House makes the native a quarrelsome and a showoff. Despite this, enemies both love and fear him. If you have malignant planets in your natal chart, you are more likely to have a nervous breakdown or mental problems. This placement often causes a native to be sluggish and very harsh in tone. Read More

The Conclusion:

The 6th house in Astrology also represents your friendship with your domestic helpers, coworkers, and family on your mother’s side (maternal relatives). The house also represents your struggle and attempts to handle them. In reality, the devilish thoughts that one has are also influenced by the 6th house.
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