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This Is What Aquarius Ascendants Are Like, The Stars Don’t Lie!

Your b-day defines your Sun Sign, but what about the Rising Sign? Well, it is determined by the time you were born. As the zodiac sign on the eastern horizon changes every two-ish hours, you gotta be precise with the timings. You can be Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising, or Cancer Sign and Aquarius Ascendant, or Taurus Moon and Aquarius Rising – you get the idea, right?

The first impression people might get after meeting you would be that you are one in a minion. They admire the universal take you have on life. You are creative, original, smart, and you see the world through the lens of ethics, values, and ideas.

Does Your Sign Work as a Magnet for the Aquarius Ascendant?

Intellectual hobbies such as reading, writing, discussing, debating, etc. catch the attention of Aquarius Ascendants very fast. They are also fond of travelling, music, and drama. If you want someone to vent your sorrows, they are the go-to person as they are great listeners and very good storytellers too!

Aquarius rising signs can play hard to get and also have a habit of resisting people’s attempts to get to know them better and on a deeper level. This means that creating a spark or initiating intimacy with an Ascendant sign Aquarius can be the most challenging part for other signs if they want a relationship with them.

To attract the Aquarius Rising sign you ought to have a high class and an amazing fashion sense. And even though they can be a bit showoff, they have a big heart for the less privileged and a visionary mind for long-term planning. So chasing an Aquarius Ascendant and breaking down their walls will be worth it. Maybe you were destined to be with Virgo Ascendant someone who matches your compatibility.

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Are You the ‘Soulmate’ Aquarius Ascendants are Searching For?

While dating an Ascendant sign Aquarius you cannot wish that things are simple because everything will be Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! While you’ll also have a taste of Sarcasm, Wine, and Everything Fine!

It’s no surprise that some signs have higher compatibility than others. The most compatible signs that are qualified to be the Soulmate of Kumba Lagna are Fire and Air signs.

RED ALERT: Aquarius Ascendant lives to defy expectations set by society, so it is quite common to find them in non-traditional and mismatched relationships.

GeminiLibra, and Aquarius are the Air Signs that are most often considered the perfect match for Aquarius Rising. As they share the same element they understand each other even on a psychic level. These signs appreciate each other without making any emotional demands. While these friendships and partnerships are strong, fun, and adventurous, there can be a lack of intimacy, love, and communication.

However, it’s the Fire signs that can stir up a volcano in Aquarius Rising’s life. Kumba Lagna paired up with a Fire Sign can be an explosive combo. But at the same time, it’ll be the best romantic match. Not only that, even their sex life will be blazing and exciting.

Aries and Sagittarius are the Fire signs that will heat the temperature in the room for Aquarius Ascendant and also who will give them enough space. But sometimes that distance doesn’t let these freedom-loving individuals settle down.

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6 Feets Apart Should Work Just fine!

Don’t take it to heart peeps. But the stars predict that the least compatible signs for Aquarius Risings are TaurusCancerCapricorn, and Pisces.

Why? Because these signs can have trouble finding a common ground as they are very different from Aquarius Ascendants. The Earth and Water signs have their future planned and look forward to it, they prefer to take baby steps and don’t like to change things constantly. Whereas an Aquarius rising is ready to embrace any change wholeheartedly. These opposite signs have a different approach to life which can be frustrating for both parties. Both the parties can try their best to accept the differences, that attempt may even be successful but that’ll only be for the short run, and stretching anything in the long haul will cause heartbreak.

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Signs PairingLoveFriendshipCommunicationOverall Compatibility

Asking if Kumbha Lagna is Good can be an Understatement.

Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius Ascendants hand in hand. Both the planets have opposite qualities but they have a complementary influence. Saturn controls the Rising sign to behave timidly, and to make the goodie-two-shoe a little rebellious Uranus throws in the impulsive and egoistic behaviour. The ringed planet invites the Ascendant sign Aquarius to adopt the socially accepted conventional values and show the ground reality while Indra pushes the rising sign to do adventurous and crazy things. Even though both the planets tear the Kumba Lagna in different directions, they ultimately make the sense of independence and determination strong. All in all, it can be said that Aquarius Ascendants are friendly, kind, and beautiful inside out. Not only are they stunning physiques and figure vice, but also show their radiant aura. They hold their kindness in their eyes and their warmth is extended outwards.

If Saturn takes Aquarius Ascendants for a ride, there can be mood swings. But you can Boost their mood with these tips.

Let’s Play House!

When it comes to which house to choose, it’s not one but four choices that are there. If Aquarius Ascendant is placed in the fourth house, it signifies peace of mind, fame, wealth, happiness, harmony, and fairness. Ascendant sign Aquarius will possess proper etiquette and nice mannerisms. They will also have properties, vehicles, and fixed assets either through their own hard-earned money or through the maternal side.

If Kumbha Lagna chose to enter the fifth house, it would attract good health, wealth, and prosperity. The rising signs will also have political support from the government earnings through trade and commerce. Although the sign is showered with such blessings, the stay in the fifth house will also make the Aquarius ascendant short-tempered and cause trouble to children.

Fortune and wealth are seen in all endeavours if Kumbha Lagna resides in the ninth house. The superior most family member will become rich and famous. Natives will be showered with a good amount of paternal and maternal properties. Marriage and childbirth will result in a beautiful and well-cultured spouse and children. The Ascendant sign Aquarius will have a religious mind and will take pride in helping others via their good communication skills.

The eleventh house is also a good position for the Aquarius Ascendant to occupy. In the due course of life, rising signs will earn good name, fame, and honours. In addition to this, good finances, wealth, and prosperity will also follow. The stars predict profit in commercial trade and business. Will you be the one who gets their ‘always and forever’, marry the girl/guy of your dreams, and play house with them? Take a sneak peek and know for yourself.

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Short, Sweet, and Rare…

Kumba Lagna is the most idealistic rarest zodiac sign. Prolly because it’s the shortest month of the year, which results in fewer birthdays, and not many people are born in the Aquarius season as it starts on 20th January and ends on 18th February.

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Aquarius Ascendant aka the Rebel Rising Sign

You say the word ‘challenge’ and you’ll see Aquarius Ascendants will be the first to raise their hand. They are seen as a rebel always up for a challenge. It could be a rebel for a cause, a rebel without a chase, or someone who rebels against change. Being ruled by the Devil Planet just adds to the fuel. The energy that Aquarius Rising carries is notorious. They are headstrong, loyal, and work very well with a community. But don’t get it confused that Aquarius ascendants can’t do it alone.

Kumba Lagna has a strong inquisitiveness that decides their actions. So if you see a child asking his mother at the grocery store why is Planet Earth flat when it looks like a ball, he/she is most likely following his/her Aquarius Ascendants instincts. This also proves the fact that Aquarius rising finds space, the universe, and science as the most interesting subjects. Their vision is about change, growth, advancement, and bringing these things into the world in a form of a new gadget or scientific research.

They are considered to have a broad view of society and therefore act as the social butterflies of the zodiac group. They love mingling with new people whenever possible. A true humanitarian can be the middle name of the Aquarius Rising sign. They also believe in the utilitarian approach; to act in ways that are beneficial for the larger group. They are considerate and socially responsible towards the people around them. They will always put others before themselves and compromise their likes and interests for the benefit of mankind in a huge landscape. Although this habit of prioritizing people over oneself and personal life can sometimes create issues in their relationships. But they have a way out of it as they know how to respond to a problem with a logical and reasonable opinion and solution.

Aquarius Rising signs have inventive ideas bubbling inside them, it’s like a cactus is biting them because they cannot just sit ideal. They have a good heart and a great deal of sympathy for everyone. Those with this Rising sign are friendly, exciting, people-oriented, unpredictable, and fun-loving. They will be the talkative ones but with nice and serious facial expressions. Their entire appearance will give you an impression of originality and liveliness. To sum it up you can say that the Aquarius ascendant will be the good looking friendly individual in the room. But on the other side, they are the ones who will disappear from the parties without saying goodbye. They are famous for being aloof and contradictory; just the way they are wired, don’t feel bad people! Don’t think that you belong to the Rebel Gang? Does Pisces Ascendant the Water Sign, the Calm one sound familiar, possibly that’s your call!

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How to Spot an Aquarius Ascendant in the Room?

Well for starters, you can practice rotating your neck a little, because you won’t find them in the middle of the dance floor. They will be cosy in a corner far from the limelight. But it won’t be that hard with their slime and tall frame. They may have dark and thick hair with huge bodies. The most common feature of Kumba Lagna is a high and well-defined forehead with a chiselled face and dreamy sparkly eyes.

Aquarius Ascendants reel people in by their beauty and charm. They have a quirky style that does not follow mainstream fashion. You’ll find their wardrobe to be full of eccentric clothing to match the varied personality of Aquarius. They can bring new trends in the market, but they may not work for everyone out there. Their character is Hatke with independent thinking and therefore they often get odd comments from their friends as to what they spend their money on.

Kumba Lagna has an intelligent mind and understands the value of higher studies. They do not compromise on the quality, fairness, and balance of it. The Ascendant sign Aquarius is quite patient and determined with their work. In addition to this, they have a sensible, thoughtful, and discriminating mind. Music, art, literature, poetry, nature, and scenery is something that allures them like a bee to a flower. Such interests give them a reasoning and open mind which is capable of handling various facts of Aquarius.

They carry their different selves confidently and follow the beaten track. This nature doesn’t leave them and stays throughout their life. They also have exceptional observational skills, turning ideas into big plans, putting puzzle pieces together, and pushing their team to achieve the goals. They can make great team leaders just like Leo Ascendants.

The most appreciated qualities of Aquarius Ascendants are faithfulness, kindliness, jovial, humane, and happy nature. They don’t let the opinions and thoughts of others affect them. It is all under control which sometimes looks like they are more practical than emotional, but it’s the way they bounce. Aquarius Rising signs can be strange fellows but oh so original, serious but innovative, simple but unique in their own way! And they will not fail to remind you of that…

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