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Aquarius Facts

Aquarius Facts

Interesting Facts of Aquarius

Aquarius Horoscope:

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Ruling Planet:

Uranus and Saturn

Aquarius Traits:

The Aquarius-born people are humanitarians to the core. They are a progressive and modern lot. Broad-minded and creative, they are the real truth-seekers. Being affectionate and friendly by nature, the Aquarius-born are very attractive and popular. However, their frankness can cut both ways. Within limits it can be a positive quality, but when it borders on the insensitive, it can really hurt people and alienate them from their friends and loved ones. Besides, as they do not open up emotionally too soon, not many people can relate to them. So, though they may have many friends, not many of them will be close friends. Being unpredictable is another negative trait that works against them. Get your personalised Birth Chart based Janampatri report, to know more about your personality.

Lucky Day:

Sunday and Saturday

Lucky Number:

4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26

Lucky Colour:

Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black

Lucky Stone(s):

Opal and Aquamarine (The gemstone is suggested considering Aries as the Ascendant/Lagna Sign. To know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Lucky Talisman:

The Key (lead) and the Owl

Positive Qualities of Aquarius:

Truthfulness, Just, Curious, Affectionate Personality, Frank and Imaginative.

Negative Qualities of Aquarius:

Unpredictable, Detachment, Tendency to go off-track, and Inefficiency.

Possible Health Concerns:

The Aquarius-born people must be very careful of any kind of addiction. They should be careful about their nervous systems, as they are prone to disorders of nerves, insomnia, restlessness etc. They should also take good care of having a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep. Though they are conscious about fitness, they need constant motivation to do things to keep fit. Do you wish to invite health, wealth, peace and prosperity in your life? Get a fully personalised Birth Chart based report – Your Horoscope Analysis to succeed on all the fronts.

Compatible Signs:

Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.

Famous Personalities:

Subhash Chandra Bose, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Khuswant Singh, Albert Einstein, Boris Yeltsin, Charles Darwin, Dick Cheney, Franklin Roosevelt, Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton. Wish to know more about your future prospects? Then you may buy this Life Prediction – Overview report.
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