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Vastu Tips For The Success Of Your Business

Working hard but not able to reach your goal? Is your business running in loss? Are you not getting as much profit as you expected? Are your dissatisfied and leaving you? If yes, then probably the business place is not vastu compliant. If your business area is not vastu compliant, it may lead to stagnancy in business, disharmonious relationships amongst the staff, constant financial loss, and bad reputation in the market. It is advisable to follow the principles of vastu shastra for business.

Vastu Shastra – A device for business growth

Vastu for business can be instrumental in laying a strong foundation in the corporate world. It can help the businessman and his employees to grow and get successful. Here is a brief on vastu shastra for business and how it can be helpful. By following these simple vastu tips for business growth, one can ensure success and profit at every level.

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Vastu Tips for Business Growth

To be a successful businessman and earn a great deal of profit, there are easy vastu tips for good business. These vastu tips are also applicable for business at home.

  • Always look for a Shermukhi plot for the business place. Such plots are wide from front and narrow at the end. Read more Vastu tips for plot shapes
  • Always select a commercial place that is on or near an operational road. This gives a boost to your business.
  • The main entrance of the office should be in the East or North as these directions are a gateway for positivity. Vastu tips for main entrance door
  • Do not keep anything at the entrance that obstructs it. This will hinder the inflow of positive energy.
  • Electrical equipment and the pantry should be in the south-east direction.
  • The owner of the business should have his room in the south-west, and he should sit facing the north.
  • There should not be any window or glass behind the owner’s chair. Also, there should not be any God’s idol or temple behind his seat.
  • The office desk of the owner should be regular in shape, square, or rectangle. Irregular shapes create confusion and instability.
  • Also, ensure that the desk is made of wood and is always clutter-free. Glass or metal is not advisable as it attracts negativity and stress. And clutter will create ambiguity.
  • Hang a painting or picture of a white horse on the wall in the north-west area. This enhances the inflow of cash and brings financial stability. Vastu tips for paintings and photo frames
  • The employees at the office should be seated in the north-west direction.
  • Toilets should not be in the north-west. This is not good for the financial growth of the business.
  • The accounts department should be in the south-east corner, and the accountants should be facing the north-east for enhancement of wealth.
  • Lockers should be in the south-west corner of the office. Ensure that the locker opens in the north-east direction to attract abundance.
  • Place beautiful fresh flowers at the reception to invite positivity.
  • Broken items, especially stationery, should be discarded as it attracts negativity and poverty.
  •  The conference room should be in the north-west to have successful and fruitful discussions at the meetings.
  • According to vastu for a successful business, one should place an aquarium in the north-east of the office and have nine goldfish and one blackfish in it. This attracts success and prosperity.
  • Keep the north-east and the central area of the office open for swift movement of positive vibes.
  • If the business involves some manufacturing or production, then it should be from the south-west to the north-east direction. This will improve the production potential and success rate of the product.
  • If the office has a provision of borewell, then it should be in the north-east as it makes the place peaceful and calm. It also keeps stress at bay.

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Wrapping Up

As seen in the article, with minor alterations, combination, and deletions, one can make the business place vastu compliant. Once the office complies to principles of vastu shastra for business, the chances of success increase to a higher level. Not only at a commercial scale, if one plans to set up a business at home, then also one should follow the vastu tips for home business. Vastu for business at home suggests having an office in the south-west area of the house. These are almost similar and equally easy to follow. The vastu for business at home will not only yield better results at business, but also reflect its positive effects on the members in that premise. So, what are you waiting for, call an Vastu expert and get the vastu for the success of your business done!

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