Moon in Cancer

Moon In Cancer - Positive and Negative Qualities

Energy: feminine, fruitful, moist, and very strong
Ruler: The Moon
Impulse: Tenacity
Rules: Torso


You are helpful, patient, compassionate, nurturing, romantic, and highly creative. You have a sentimental streak and the most emotionally sensitive personality. You clam up or go on the defense when someone hurts you or betray your trust. You possess a striking depth of feeling and imagination. You like to be in touch with your feelings. You have the knack of figuring out the other feelings quite well. You are also able to balance their instinct with practicality. You are highly responsive to everyone who comes for help. So you are wary of rushing into new situations or place with strange people. Your mood keeps on changing frequently. You may run hot or cold with the slightest shift in the surroundings. Your heart is like a locked box and only a few lucky people can enjoy your warm affection and sense of intimacy. Your delicate sensitivity may get hidden out of protection. Are you eager to know the lucky person who has the key of your heart. Get it from a personalized compatibility report. You may test the loyalty of your loved ones without revealing your feelings.  Matters related to home are of prime importance for you. You love to be at home and always urge to be surrounded by your loved ones. You prefer to stay at home and may feel uncomfortable in new surroundings. You will show up yourself very hard from outside. It is because you are incredibly sensitive and have a tendency to get hurt easily. You rarely lose their cool. 

Positive Qualities

Cancer have strong maternal instincts and love to take care of and nurture everyone. You are able to sense the feelings of the people around you. You often go out of your way to help and nurture others. You develop strong friendship bonds, even with total strangers. You are naturally gifted with strong intuitions. You can easily pick up on how others are feeling or what they need at that point in time. You possess complex souls which are bound to be challenging and exquisitely rewarding. You give high value to memories and always cherish your happy moments. Nobody can beat their power of memory. You never forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events of your life as well as in the life of your closed ones. You value your traditions and customs. You are sound with ancient knowledge that is being rediscovered. You are a homebody and have an urge to unity and harmony for your emotional wellbeing. You are emotionally very strong and have very powerful feelings. You are deeply loyal and serious in relationships with others. You love spending time with family and friends. You have strong ties with your closed ones and you always stood up for them. You are also very protective of your closed ones and are extremely affectionate towards them. You have a handful of close friends to whom you treat like family. You have a unique sense of humor and are great entertainers at times when the situation demands it. 

Negative qualities

You are extremely moody and sensitive. You may behave unpredictably at times. You may often feel insecure especially for the ones very close to you. You may resort to accumulating things around them in order to counter this sense of insecurity. You are overly emotional and get hurt even if there are some insignificant interactions or somebody pokes and advises you. You move into your shell and cut all the ties with the outside world when you are hurt or depressed. You also move into the shell when you don’t find enough emotional support or feeling uncomfortable. You hide in the land of illusions and imaginary well-being during bad mood, failures, and dangers and often escape from society. You get over-sensitive sometimes. You may forgive, but they forget if someone has hurt you or betray your trust. You will nurture your wounds for a long time and keep one foot firmly rooted in the past at times. You dissolve yourself too much into relationships that may turn into stalking attitudes after some time. Your good memory can become your enemy at times as you may get distressed by repetitive thoughts of bad incidents.
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