Moon in Cancer

Moon Sign Cancer - The Moon in Cancer

Moon Sign Traits
With the moon in Cancer, individuals are extremely sensitive and feelings are of utmost importance to them. These individuals like to be in touch with their feelings and have the knack of figuring out the feelings of others quite well. In other words, they are very intuitive. Nobody can beat their power of memory. They yearn for familiarity and security and tend to have a tight grip on their home, their familiar surroundings, their family and friends and even their possessions. They prefer peace and are afraid of change. They can be prone to mood swings and this makes others clueless about how to deal with them. However, they have a unique perspective about life and tend to value their relationships. These people are extremely sensitive in nature. They also exhibit great amounts of creativity in them and if they don't have their own artistic talents, they certainly possess the eye of appreciating the arts minutely. They tend to feel uncomfortable when in an unfamiliar territory or situation. However, in situations where they feel comfortable, they can be very affectionate and caring. You may try the Janampatri report, basis your Natal Chart, that will help you to prepare yourself for a better future.

Positive Qualities
With the moon in Cancer, individuals are most nurturing souls who tend to value their relationships with their near and dear ones. They are very emotional individuals who see through the shallowness of feelings of others as they have a solid grip on emotions. They understand emotions very well and that is why they are very accommodating. They value people and their feelings. They have a unique sense of humour and can be great entertainers when the occasion demands it. They are also very protective about their near and dear ones and are extremely affectionate towards them. The nurturing aspect of their personality is expressed by them by being hospitable and compassionate to others. They develop strong friendship bonds, even with total strangers. Besides, you can avail Chart your Destiny service, which is based on your Natal Chart and make the most of your inherent abilities to lead a fulfilling life.

Individuals with the moon in Cancer can easily fit into the domestic scene and they tend to excel in the art of home decoration, gardening or even cooking. Usually, they prefer to stay at home and may tend to be uncomfortable in new surroundings. However, the moment they adjust themselves to the new situations, they come in their own elements and become very interesting company. Thus, they are very entertaining and have a calming influence on people due to their skills and rarely lose their cool. They are also able to balance their instinct with practicality. 

Negative Qualities
With the moon in Cancer, individuals are extremely moody and sensitive. They may behave unpredictably at times. Such individuals may often feel insecure, and in order to counter this sense of insecurity, they may resort to accumulating things around them. As they are sometimes overly sensitive, they don't forget easily if someone has hurt them and tend to hold on to the grudge for ages while others may have moved on. In fact you can get Ask A Personal Question – Detailed Advice report, which is based on your Birth Chart, to get solution to your pressing problem.

Also, they may often feel that nobody can understand them and their feelings. They feel that they are been taken for granted, and don't like to face others directly on this issue. Thus, they may indirectly leave clues and hints about their unhappiness so that they can get hold the attention of others. In some instance, they may be quite manipulative. Some of them tend to become over possessive about their partner and have a tendency of bottling up emotions instead of letting them go. They can be very vulnerable and dependent on others. You may also be interested to know more about Cancer Relationship.


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