Iron Lady Meryl Streep reigns supreme due to her powerful planetary positions!

is the epitome of perfection! And, a real beauty with brains… she
is Meryl Streep. After 17 Academy nominations and three Oscar Awards,
this 62-year old Hollywood actress can safely be classified as one of
the most remarkable and finest actresses of her and even previous
generations. It was in 1971 that this hugely talented actress started
exploring her passion for acting. Much like her other counterparts,
she began her career as a stage actor. Meryl’s background in theatre
gave her the acting finesse few can match, even today. In theatre,
she also got the much needed platform that helped her establish
herself as a television and film actress. Her performance in her
d?but film Julia
in 1977 garnered critical acclaim, which was aptly followed by her
role in The Deer Hunter
in 1978. This film did not only put Meryl in the league of
extraordinarily talented actresses, but also gave her, her first ever
Oscar nomination. This was a particularly special film for Meryl, as
in this film she got to act opposite her then-partner of three years
John Cazale. Incidentally, this was Cazale’s last film, as he
succumbed to bone cancer even before the movie was completed.
Although the tragedy left the young Meryly heartbroken, she did not
let this deviate her focus from her passion – acting. In the
following year, the hugely talented Meryl Streep won her first Oscar
Award for the film Kramer
vs Kramer
(1979). Her
second Oscar Award came pretty soon with the movie Sophie’s
Recently, Meryl got lucky for the third time, and won yet another
Oscar Award for the Best Actress for her convincing portrayal and
promising performance as Margaret Thatcher in 2011 film The
Iron Lady
. Besides
Academy Awards, Meryl has been honoured with many more awards and
titles during her entire career.

the stars and planets responsible for Meryl’s formidable career?
Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic Astrology.

of birth:- 22
June, 1949
of birth:- 08 hours 05 min.
of birth:- Summit East, NJ, USA

Streep’s Horoscope


  • Meryl
    Streep is born with Cancer Ascendant and Moon – the Lord of the
    Ascendant is placed in the 10th
    House of success.

  • Venus
    the significator of arts is in the 12th
    House in Gemini, but it is placed in its own sign in the Navmansha
    chart, which makes her a very good actress.

  • Moon
    becomes exalted by Anyo
    Anya Uchcha Yoga

    because it is placed in the sign ruled by Mars and Mars is in Moon’s
    sign of exaltation. This makes the Lagna Lord (Lord of the
    Ascendant) very powerful in her chart. This gives her power of
    imagination and also makes her expressive as an actress.

  • Jupiter
    is debilitated but retrograde, thus becomes very powerful. It gives
    exalted aspect to the Ascendant. Moreover, Jupiter becomes Swagruhi
    in Navmansha chart.

as per Astrology

and 10th
House rule awards according to Western Astrology System.

school of thought in India believes that the 4th
House rules awards. The 4th
House of Natal chart is the 10th
House from the 7th
House of public image. So, it indicates success through public image.
Moreover, the 4th
House is the 7th
House of the 10th
House of success/Karma, which indicates that the 4th
house is public image of the success that you achieve through your

vs Kramer

Kramer vs Kramer, Meryl won an award for ‘the best actress in a
supporting role’. Kramer vs Kramer was released in 1979, but Oscars
for 1979 were announced on 14th
April, 1980. At that point in time, she was under the influence of
Mars major period and sub period of Moon. Mars is Yoga Karka, placed
in the 11th
House of gains and Moon is the Lagna Lord, placed in the 10th
House of success. This is why this Dasha sequence helped her win the
Oscar Award .
Sub sub period of Saturn was in force and Saturn is placed in the 2nd
House of finances.

Iron Lady

was under the influence of Jupiter major, Mars sub and sub sub of
Moon between 17th
February, 2012 and 16th
March, 2012. Jupiter and Moon both were transiting through the 10th
House. It was Lunar Return for her!

Jupiter is placed in the 7th
House of public image in her chart. It is retrograde but exalted.
Mars is Yoga Karka placed in the 11th
House of gains, and Moon is placed in the 10th
House of success. This is one reason why she won the Oscar this year.

Lord of the 4th
House, Venus was exalted (was transiting through Pisces) when she won
the Oscar Award for ‘The Iron Lady’. So, even from that perspective,
she was bound to win the award this time.

N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team

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