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Shooting in Tokyo Olympics: Divyansh Singh Panwar & Elavenil Valarivan

Shooting in Tokyo Olympics: Divyansh Singh Panwar & Elavenil Valarivan

If India’s performance in the London Olympics is to be considered and matched, where they won six medals, then shooters need to show their best of the best to account for multiple medals in Tokyo Olympics. One of India’s strongest medal wagers at the Tokyo Games is Shooting.

Divyansh Singh Panwar, born on 2 October 2002 in Jaipur, is an 18 years old rifle shooter from Rajasthan State. He shot to fame through his performances during the ISSF junior world cup 2018 as he competed for the 10 m air rifle event. There was no looking back after this achievement for the sprightly Panwar, who has ranked number 2 as of now in Tokyo 2020 Rankings, number 3 in 2021 World Rankings, and is now entering the Tokyo Olympics India team in shooting in top 10m rifle shooter.

The 18-year-old Panwar is likely to give his best shot at shooting to get India a gold medal. Are you ready to give it your all to make yourself proud? Ask An Expert.

divyansh singh kundli

Date of Birth: 19 October 2002
Place of Birth: Jaipur, Rajasthan

As per the solar chart of Divyansh Singh Panwar, the Virgo sign is present in the first house, being the ascendant. Sun and Mercury are creating Budh Aditya Yoga in the Virgo sign, which is very favourable. Talking about the shadow planets, Ketu is in the Scorpio sign, and Rahu is in the Taurus sign. The devil’s planet, Saturn, is in the Gemini sign. Planet Moon & Jupiter are in Cancer signs. In the Leo sign is planet Mars. Now, how does it look for him? We need to understand the chart of the finale first to get closer to Divyansh Singh Panwar’s results.

Final Competition of Men’s Shooting:-

Date Of Final Competition: 2 August 2021
Time OF Final Competition: 08:30 to 18:00
Place Of Final Competition: Tokyo (Japan)

final shooting kundli

As per the solar chart Of Divyansh Singh Panwar & chart of the final competition date, Aquarius Jupiter is aspecting planet Mars (3rd & 8th house lord) and planet Venus (2nd & 9th destiny house lord) with the 9th aspect. Planet Sun & Moon are transiting on Planet Moon (11th house lord) & Planet Sun (12th house lord).

Solar chart Moon is in Cancer Sign & the final competition Moon is in Taurus Sign. Both the moons are in the 3rd House & 11th House with each other. Planet Saturn of Capricorn sign is aspecting planet Moon & Jupiter with complete aspect and planet Venus with 10th aspect. Here Planet situations are in favour of Divyansh Singh Panwar.

But due to the Saturn aspect on Venus as well as Moon & Jupiter, he has to put more effort into getting gold for India. Probability is there for a Gold Medal in the Olympics.

shooting kundli

With their skills in Shooting in Tokyo Olympics, Divyansh Singh Panwar and Elavenil Valarivan can surely get India a Medal. The Indian duo has the talent to put on a brilliant display of shooting, just like they did to beat the Hungarian team of Istvan Peni and Eszter Denes 16-10 to take home the top prize in the ISSF World Cup being held in Delhi.

Elavenil Valarivan, born on 2 August 1999 in Cuddalore city in Tamil Nadu, a 21-year-old specialising in rifle shooting, participates mainly during 10 m air rifle. She became famous with her 2018 ISSF Junior World Cup performances. Though she was not the one who won the India quota, she has been accommodated in the squad in the last several years because of her dedication and consistency in the past few years. Currently, in the Tokyo 2020 Rankings, she is ranked number one in the 2021 World Rankings, number 12.

Date of Birth: 2 August 1999
Place of Birth: Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu

As per solar chart of Elavenil Valarivan Cancer ascendent is there. Planet Sun, Mercury, and Rahu are in the Cancer sign. Venus, the planet of beauty, is in Lioness/Lion sign, Leo. The red planet is residing in the fifth sign, Libra. The other shadow planet Ketu is in the Capricorn sign. Watery Moon and Water sign Pisces are together. And lastly, the giant planet Jupiter and ring planet Saturn are in the Aries sign.

shooting kundli womens final

Final Match Date:- 31 July 2021
Time Of Final Match:- 12:00 To 17:10
Place Of Final Match:- Tokyo (Japan)

The day for the finals are around the corner, and the stars suggest that this time it can be pretty challenging for the Indian duo, but they cannot give up. And neither can you.

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As per the solar chart of Elavenil Valarivan & the final competition date chart (shooting), Aquarius Jupiter is aspecting planet Venus (4th & 11th house lord) with the complete aspect. Capricorn Saturn is transiting on planet Ketu & aspecting planet Sun (2nd house lord), Mercury (3rd & 12 th house lord) & planet Rahu.

Planet sun & mercury are transiting on planet Sun, Mercury, and Rahu in the Cancer sign. Planet Moon & Venus are transiting on planet Venus in the Leo sign. Both the moons of the solar chart & final date chart are in biyabaru (Aries/Pisces sign). Here planet position is not in favour of Elavenil Valarivan. Time is too demanding. She can get a Bronze medal, but she must be careful & make more effort to get Gold.

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