Tokyo Olympic 2021: Happens Or Not

Tokyo Olympic 2021: Happens Or Not

At long last, the waiting is over for supporters of the Tokyo Olympics. This long-awaited summer Olympics has finally arrived, which was held up due to the prolonged lockdown that was caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is an upcoming international multi-sport event scheduled to be held in July 2020, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the events got postponed.

However, as per the latest news and the talk between the organiser and the prime minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga recently confirmed the news that the Tokyo Olympics is finally happening. The Venue of the upcoming summer Olympics will be divided into halves, one heritage zone and second is the Tokyo bay zone. Later, the two zones will merge to form an infinite sign, symbolising the games’ heritage and the connection between past, present, and future.

Important Dates and Additional Information

(23-07-2021 To 8-08-2021)

Location: Tokyo (Japan)
Events: 339 In 33 Sports (50 Disciplines)
Motto: United By Emotion
Nation: 205 (Expected)
Athletes: 11,091 (Expected)

Solar Horoscope Of Tokyo Olympics 2021

tokyo olympics kundali

According to the Solar Horoscope of Tokyo Olympics 2021, Aquarius and Jupiter are in perfect conjunction with Mars and Venus. Additionally, Jupiter is aspecting Mercury in the fifth house, indicating that the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be hosted smoothly and peacefully.

Solar Horoscope Of Tokyo Olympics 2021 For India

tokyo olympics india kundali

Planetary Position: Taurus ascendant is present in the Indian horoscope. Rahu is in the Taurus sign, while Ketu is in the Scorpio sign. Mars is in a symbiotic relationship with the Gemini sign. Additionally, the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are all in the Cancer sign. Jupiter is imprisoned in Libra’s sixth house.

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Current Transit: According to the Indian Horoscope, planet Rahu is passing through Rahu. Mercury is on the move from one planet to another. The Sun is now transiting through the constellation of Cancer on many planets (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury). In addition, Mars and Venus are moving through the sign of Leo in the 4th house of the zodiac. The planet Ketu is passing through the Ketu shadow. Transiting retrograde Saturn is located in Capricorn, a sign of destiny, in the horoscope, while transiting retrograde Jupiter is located in Aquarius, a sign of a high ideal, in the 10th house, according to Indian astrology. What does that mean for India? Let’s find out.

Gold Is The Goal For India In Tokyo Olympics 2021

In the tradition of the beginning date of the Tokyo Olympics, it’s now being predicted that the auspicious combination of solar horoscope, Indian horoscope, and the present transit will make Jupiter aspect Mars, while Mercury (Lord of the Fifth House) will do the same in current transit. Mars, which is the lord of the 7th house (the house of credit) & the 12th house ( Abroad and International countries).

Planet Rahu (House of willingness) is currently in the 11th house, according to the Sun horoscope and Moon horoscope. From July 23 to August 3, 2021, Sun will transit in Pushya Nakshatra (10th & 9th Lord of Saturn Nakshatra). And from August 3rd till the ending of August 8th, Sun will be in the Ashlesha Nakshatra (also known as the ‘Mercury Planet’). Thus, in accordance with the above fact, we may forecast that this year in the Tokyo Olympics, India will garner more gold medals than the year before.

Ending Note

With everything looking smooth for the Tokyo Olympics 2021 at last, and add to that a favourable prediction for the Indian sports fans, makes the event even more exciting. Let’s hope for a new beginning with this carnival of sports. Buckle up, and wait for that iconic Olympic torch to light up the world!

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