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Neeraj Chopra Javelin Throw: Can he Bring The Gold Medal For India?

The javelin throw in the Olympics is among the four track and field throwing events are held at the multi-sport event. After the shot put, discus throw, and hammer throw, the men’s javelin throw has been a part of the Olympic athletics programme since 1908. It is the last of the current throwing events to compete in the Olympics. First contested at the 1932 Olympics, the women’s event became the second women’s throwing event following the 1928 discus.

Javelin throw in the Olympics is one of the main games now. German champion Thomas Roehler who defeated everyone in the men’s javelin throw became the Olympic champion. Unfortunately, he dropped out of the Tokyo Games on Monday because of his back injury.

Another star in the javelin throw Olympics is Estonia’s Magnus Kirt, the 2019 world championship silver medallist in Doha, who backed out of the Olympics because of a leg injury two weeks ago.

Now the question comes, will the absence of these two top champions and javelin throwers increase the chance for India’s Neeraj Chopra winning the Tokyo Olympics an elusive track and field medal?

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Neeraj Chopra Kundli

Neeraj Chopra was born in Panipat on 24 December 1997. In January last year, in South Africa, the 23-year-old Asian and Commonwealth Champion qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, which will take place in July 2021.

Naib Subedar Neeraj Chopra is a Junior Commissioned Officer in Indian Army who also represents India and competes in the javelin throw worldwide. He holds the Indian national record of 88.07 m for the javelin throw. At the 2018 Asian Games and 2018 Commonwealth Games, N. Chopra won gold medals for India. Let’s understand his planetary positions.

As per the solar chart of Neeraj Chopra, the Sagittarius Traits is present. Now the three planets Mars, Venus, and Jupiter, are in the Earth sign, Capricorn. The fire planet Sun is in the Archer’s sign, Sagittarius. Whereas planet Mars is its affiliate sign.

Talking about the shadow planets, Ketu is in the Aquarius sign, and Rahu is in the Leo sign. Lord of the ring, planet Saturn is in Pieces sign. The calm planet Moon is in the fire sign, Libra. Lastly, planet Mercury is in the Scorpio sign. What does this all mean for him? Well, we need to first understand the event chart as well.

neeraj chopra final kundli

Javelin – Final Competition:-

Date:- 30 July 2021
Time:- 09:00 am
Place:- Tokyo (Japan)

As per the chart of Javelin throw India – the Final Competition, Virgo ascendant is present. Sun and Mercury are creating Budh Aditya Yoga in Cancer sign which is very favourable. The red hot planet Mars, along with the beauty planet Venus, are in the Leo sign.

Planet Ketu is in the Scorpio sign, whereas Rahu is in the Taurus sign. The devil planet Saturn is retrograding is in the Capricorn sign. In the Aquarius sign, the giant planet Jupiter is in retrograde. Planet Moon is with the fishes in the Pisces sign in Revati Nakshatra.

As per the solar chart of Neeraj Chopra & chart of Javelin – Final Competition Date, planet Saturn is transiting on planet Mars (5th – games & 12th – abroad house lord), planet Venus (6th – activity & 11th – house of benefit, house lord) & planet Jupiter (1st-physical-mental position & 4th – heart satisfaction, house lord). Planet Ketu is transiting on planet Mercury (7th – public life, credit, name fame & 10th – activity, social status house lord).

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Moreover, Planet Moon of Libra sign having Chitra Nakshatra is in Shatru Shadashtak, with Pisces Moon having Revati Nakshatra. From Chitra Nakshatra, Revati Nakshatra is the fifth Nakshatra which is in Pratyari as per Tara Chakra. So that time is not suitable for Neeraj Chopra. Our verdict?

Neeraj Chopra can get another medal, but for gold, time is looking tough for him. India’s performance at the Javelin throw in Tokyo Olympics depends on how the planets support N. Chopra. Now for getting Gold in the Olympics, he has to put in more effort.

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