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Bumrah is a fine combination of the Martian firepower and Saturnine poise and he is here to stay…

Bumrah is a fine combination of the Martian firepower and Saturnine poise and he is here to stay…

Jasprit Singh Bumrah – born in a Punjabi Sikh family to Late Jasbir Singh and Daljit Bumrah, comes across as an unassuming cricketer, who has made the ball do the talking. The lad from Ahmedabad has been gaining a lot of recognition and popularity due to his handy performances with the ball. His effectiveness during the death overs and the ability to bowl some effective yorker-lengths deliveries are some of the reasons for his rise and he fits in well in the Indian side, which currently seems to be lacking the steam in the bowling department. Though things favourably aligned for him, needless to say, there are some challenges which need to be addressed. But will Jasprit be able to bowl out all negativities with his yorkers? Will he play a long innings in the national side? Let’s get to know from the all-knowing Ganesha….

Jasprit Bumrah

6th December, 1993

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


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  • One of the most striking highlights that Ganesha notes in the Horoscope of Jasprit is that Mars is the Atmakaraka planet and is placed in its own Sign – Scorpio. Powerful Mars is always a great blessing for any sport-person. This placement of the Mars makes him aggressive, determined and gives the strength to stand against odds and obstacles. It denotes the capacity to conquer the rivals. This is a fitting picture of someone who is successful in his field at a young age.
  • But what’s more interesting in the Chart of the young gun is the placement of so many planets other than Mars in the Sign of Scorpio, namely – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Rahu! The strong Scorpio influence makes him resourceful, determined, aggressive, competitive, tough and persistent. It also indicates that there is more to Bumrah than is visible to the eye! He has more substance than what we are able to see, and he is a person who will be able to conserve his energy well and will be able to use it at the right moments.
  • Jupiter in Libra is aspecting the strong Saturn, which is placed in its Moolatrikona Sign – Aquarius. This gives him the ability to plan his game carefully also to achieve great results on the basis of hard work and perseverance. Because of his abilities he is able to work on several aspects of his game simultaneously.
  • Thus, the Saturnine qualities will manifest in a very refined manner. His patience, endurance and resilience will give him the required edge. This also indicates that Bumrah is a player who is not only armed with the firepower of Mars, but also with the poise and control of Saturn!
  • Speaking of the current picture, Jupiter is transiting over the Natal Moon and is aspecting the well-posited Saturn in Jasprit’s Chart. It will continue to act in his favour. However, the transiting Rahu is also moving over the natal Moon. So, his performance may remain inconsistent. Due to these mixed planetary influences, He may amaze us with some good spells in some matches and may go for runs in the other! Additionally, as the transiting Saturn in Scorpio is moving over the Natal Sun, the bowler with the unconventional bowling style may face some resistance and may not be able to get desired success. However, he will remain associated with Team India till a long duration. The journey towards greater success will begin from September 2017. The year 2018 will be the most promising year for his career. So, Jasprit has very bright future prospects and he will become a key member of Team India.

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