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Fit India Movement Prediction: Astrological Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Fit India Movement on the occasion of National Sports Day at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on August 29 to commemorate the birth anniversary of hockey doyen Major Dhyan Chand. Fit India Movement is one of the Narendra Modi latest programmes to promote sports and fitness in India.

The Fit India Movement aims to encourage Indians to include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave the way for a healthy and fit lifestyle. The Prime Minister, during his speech on Fit India, said that fitness is not just a word but a way to lead a healthy life.

The Fit India campaign is supported by several national sports icons including World Badminton champion PV Sindhu, sprinter Hima Das along with celebrated wrestlers Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik.

Institutes have also been instructed to prepare and implement an institutional fitness plan incorporating sports/exercises/physical activities for fitness, into the daily routine. UGC has also asked institutes to encourage every person to walk 10,000 steps.

Date of Event: August 29, 2019
Event Launch Time: 10:55
Place of Event: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Event chart


At the time of the event, there was a Scorpio Ascendant, and the lord of Ascendant Mars is placed in the eleventh house of gains/benefits. Jupiter is placed in the first house. The above planetary influences the strong objective towards fitness and better health prospects will fulfil in the coming future. Jupiter’s presence in the first house indicates success in the path. The Saturn-Ketu is placed in the second house, which indicates that the government authorities will take some more effective actions through advertisements and campaignings towards this movement.

Summarily the planetary influences are indicating that there will be strong public support and response to make the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT more successful.

YES, as mentioned above the Jupiter’s positive influences will make this movement successful in terms of Healthy India. Jupiter is a natural significator of wisdom, wealth, name, fame and success. So its positive vibes will help India to become healthy through this movement.
Saturn’s influence indicates that the government authorities will try to apply this movement through schools, colleges, large corporations for each and every individual’s active participation towards Healthy country.

In astrology, the Moon represents our mind and Mars represents Action/energy. The event chart indicates both the planets Moon-Mars are in conjunction in the eleventh house of benefits. Though Saturn is aspecting eleventh house which indicates that there will be a gradual rise in the response of every individual to make this movement successful. But, yes, people will change their mindset and join this movement through the various gym, sports and fitness-related activities in their daily life.

All in all, there are strong chances that government can encourage people to make successful this movement through various health-related schemes during the coming future. The period starting from November 2019 will remain more favourable period to make this movement successful in all manners.

The Fit India Movement will be managed by more than 11 ministries with the coordination of each other, including Sports Ministry, HRD ministry, Panchayati Raj Ministry, Rural Development Ministry. Top industrialists, sportspersons, actors and other celebrities have also extended their support to the Fit India Movement and pledged to take part in it.

India is expected to have a healthier future, thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationwide ‘Fit India’ Movement.

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