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Gujarat Election 2022: BJP, Congress, Or Someone Else?

Gujarat Election is just around the corner, and it is one of the most anticipated elections coming this year because the political equations can change within the state. Alongside, many new faces are also contesting for the upcoming 2022 Gujarat Election. The question that arises in everyone’s mind is that with so many competitors for the golden throne, who will win the Gujarat election in 2022?

Is it going to be the leaders who are already in power, or would the state see a change in the game of power with a new leader taking over the realm? Can Vijay Rupani continue as CM of Gujrat? Well, you need to wait no more since Gujarat Election Predictions are here to determine who will get the most seats: NDA, UPA, or a New Face?

Last time, though BJP won the election, the leadership was not entirely stable. However, all’s well if the end is well. Sound governance with Vijay Rupani was created. But what about 2022? Let’s find out by analysing the birth chart of CM Vijay Rupani and his opponents for the Gujarat Legislative Assembly Election.

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CM OF GUJARAT: Vijay Rupani:
Date Of Birth: August 02, 1956
Place Of Birth: Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar
Time Of Birth: Unknown (solar chart)


Cancer is the ascendant. Planets Sun & Mercury are in cancer sign. Jupiter is in the Leo sign. Saturn & Rahu are placed in the Scorpio sign. Planet Mars is in the Aquarius sign. Moon & Ketu Are in Taurus, whereas Venus is in the Gemini sign.

As per the solar chart of Vijay Rupani & transits of the Month December 2022, Jupiter is in transit in the destiny house & aspecting the Sun & Mercury with the 5th aspect. It is also aspecting Saturn, the lord of the 7th house, with the 9th aspect. Moreover, Saturn is in the 7th house in the Capricorn sign. Planet Rahu is in the 10th house in the Aries sign. Here all these planet positions are in favour of Vijay Rupani. He can achieve great heights & get a majority in the Gujarat Election 2022.

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So, this is what the stars have to say about the current CM of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani. Let’s understand how the planets and their positions affect his opponents during the Gujarat Election 2022. The opposition for BJP and Vijay Rupani include INC’s (Indian National Congress) Paresh Dhanani and AAP leader Gopal Italia. Let’s see what planets have to reveal about them.

Date Of Birth: August 15, 1976
Place Of Birth: Amreli, Gujarat
Time Of Birth: Unknown (solar chart)

Paresh Dhanani Kundli Gujarat Election

As we can see in his solar chart, Cancer ascendant is there. Sun and Saturn are also placed in Cancer, whereas Mercury and Venus are in Leo. Virgo is home to Mars and Rahu is in Libra. The Moon is in Pieces, and Ketu is in Aries. Taurus is the home to Jupiter.

Due to the planetary transits of December 2022, Jupiter is transiting on the Moon (his ascendant lord), aspecting the Sun (in the 2nd house) & Saturn (Lord of the 7th & 8th House). Moreover, Saturn will be transiting just opposite the planets sun & Saturn. It is also aspecting planet Rahu & creating Shrapit Dosha. All of these point to struggling times for Congress and Paresh Dhanani. He may not get the success he might be looking forward to in Gujarat Election 2022.

Date Of Birth: July 21, 1989
Place Of Birth: Botad, Gujarat
Time Of Birth: Unknown (solar chart)

Gopal Italia kundli Gujarat Election

The planets are placed in a way that they are forming a Cancer Ascendant for Gopal Italia. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury reside there. Venus and Ketu are in Leo. A Retrograde Saturn can be seen in the Sagittarius. Moon and Rahu are in Aquarius, with Jupiter making himself comfortable in Gemini.

Due to the planetary transits of December 2022, Ketu will transit on Mercury (8th & 11th house lord), Saturn (3rd & 11th house lord) & Venus (7th name fame, public life & 12th house lord). Moreover, Saturn is aspecting Mercury, Saturn & Venus with the 10th aspect. Mars will transit on Ketu & Jupiter in the 7th house. At the time of the election, Jupiter will not be supporting Gopal Italia’s campaign. All of these are not pointing towards an unsuccessful run for both AAP and Gopal Italia in Gujarat Election 2022.


BJP is likely to get the majority of seats this election, say the stars. NCP, ICP, and APP can get a few seats, but it will not take them anywhere close to BJP in the Gujarat Election 2022.

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