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Steady growth is foreseen for Katrina Kaif

Steady growth is foreseen for Katrina Kaif

Blessed with ravishing good looks, Katrina Kaif, the reigning Bollywood beauty has won the hearts of millions with her stunning presence and her vulnerable, babe-in-the-woods yet self assured persona. Despite being considered an “outsider” by many, Katrina has managed to secure her place in the Hindi film industry, and has starred opposite the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan. Her flawless beauty and radiant, vivacious on-screen persona definitely make her a crowd-puller. No wonder, today she is one of the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood. Her off-screen life, on the other hand, is a closely guarded affair, despite the fact that the rumour mills really prefer talking about her.This July 16th Katrina Kaif turns a year older, and Ganesha takes this as an opportunity to analyse her Surya Kundali to find out what lies ahead for the pretty babe who surprisingly has no releases slated for the year 2013. Read on!

Date of Birth : 16 July 1984
Place of Birth : Hong Kong

Katrina Kaif’s Surya Kundli

  • During the year ahead, Katrina Kaif will be under the influence of Saturn return through the 5th House of her Surya Kundli.
  • Benefic Jupiter will be passing over the Natal Sun through the first House of her Surya Kundli.
  • Malefic Ketu will be transiting through the 11th House of her Surya Kundli.
  • Rahu’s transit over her Natal Mars and Saturn will also continue during the year ahead.

  • Considering her Surya Kundli, Ganesha notes that malefic Rahu and Saturn will be passing over natal Mars and Saturn through the 5th House of performance. This factor may negatively affect her career and performance during the last half (July to December) of 2013.
  • Natal Jupiter rules the 10th House of career in her Surya Kundli. Jupiter’s transit over the 1st House denotes good fortune, and will also boost her luck factor. Plus, natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter will be in opposition to each other.
  • Transiting Jupiter is also aspecting her natal Moon, which indicates that Kaif may remain under limelight during the first half of 2014.
  • Year 2014 looks more opportune and hopeful for her career prospects, as she may then sign more films.
  • As the transiting Jupiter is influencing her natal Sun and Mars, she may regularly appear in the print media as well as the electronic media.
  • Summarily, Ganesha feels that the year 2014 may prove more opportune and favorable than 2013 for Katrina Kaif. Overall, the upcoming period seems gainful for Katrina on the professional and financial front.
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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,