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Jennifer Aniston to get sperm donor after last week of Jan 2008

Jennifer Aniston to get sperm donor after last week of Jan 2008


The Golden Award winning American actress, Jennifer Aniston is searching for donor of sperms despite very good relationship with Jason Lewis (Sex and the City fame model turned actor). Jennifer Aniston is the Ex-wife of Brad Pitt. Therefore, marriage has been a sour experience for her. However, starting a family is altogether a completely different. Her present lover Jason Lewis and her ex lovers Paul Sculfor and Vince Vaughn.

Ganesha would like to throw light on her horoscope in regard to this matter.

Following is her birth chart

Jennifer Aniston

Date of birth 11th February 1969

Time of birth 22 hours 22 min.

City of birth Los Angeles (CA), USA

Jennifer Aniston’s Birth Chart (Janma Lagna Kundli)


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Progeny and Jennifer Aniston’s Horoscope

In her horoscope, fifth house signifies progeny and related matters. Ganesha observes that in her chart, Lord of the fifth house Saturn is placed in the sixth house in Revati Nakshatra (Constellation) ruled by Mercury. Saturn itself is a slow moving planet, Mercury is impotent planet and here Saturn is posited in Mercury’s constellation. This is one factor leading her to seek donation of sperms. Ganesha also notes that her seventh house Lord Mars is posited in Scorpio in the second house with Moon and Neptune. Therefore, she possesses powerful womb for successful delivery but as transiting Mars is currently retrograde ruling her seventh house, she is facing difficulties in finding the right donor.

On 29th January 2008, transiting Mars is moving direct. So after this date, she has scope of finding the desired donor. On the other hand, transiting Saturn is retrograde and aspecting her fifth house of progeny at present and Rahu the North Node is moving out from the fifth house after end of April 2008. Considering all the factors mentioned here, Ganesha feels that she has scope of finding donor after 29th January 2008. Ganesha notes that till 25th February 2008 Moon major period, Saturn sub period and sub sub period of Jupiter operate in her chart. Therefore, this period is highly active for the matter during which she may find a good friend or someone very close to donate her sperms to conceive the child. However, Retrograde Saturn aspecting her fifth house of progeny till 2nd May 2008 may cause delay and difficulties in the matter. She must not let any chance go in vain. If she happens to miss a chance, last week of June to July second week in 2008 is another favourable period for the matter. Ganesha strongly feels that childbirth may take place out of operation only and there are hardly any scopes of normal delivery.

Ganesha wishes good luck to Jennifer Aniston for successful conception and joys of motherhood.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
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