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Is Hailey Baldwin Here to STAY for Justin Bieber Through Thick and Thin?

Looking from outside, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might look like the perfect duo. But just like other majority couples, they’ve faced their share of trials and tribulations.

The beginning of Justin & Hailey’s marriage was no walk in the park. The couple first began dating in late 2015 and broke up in 2016, but they rekindled their romance in 2018 before getting engaged in July.

The couple also spoke candidly in a rare joint interview about the challenges they’ve faced since marrying in September 2018. The 24-year-old model stated that she plans to stick around with Peaches singer, “no matter what the outcome” will be. They went through a rough patch where they didn’t speak to one another. But they came out stronger.

The Akarshan Yoga of Venus & Mars in Justin Bieber’s horoscope is why he’s in this music and entertainment field. But there is also Sun and Saturn, creating a stellium with the former two planets, which is why the Baby-singer is always a hot discussion topic for the paparazzi, be it positively or negatively.

In Biber’s solar chart, Gajakesari Yoga is formed, the most potent and propitious yogas in Vedic astrology. This yog gives him all the financial benefits. The time post-Dec 2021 will be auspicious because Jupiter will transit positively over four big planets. However, after Dec 2022, the tough times would come looking for Bieber and continue to give him challenges.

But amidst all the ups and downs, the Grammy winner is thankful to his wife for continuously showing up every day, being there for him, and accepting him in their good times as well as bad!

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