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The Credit Crunch – What is going to happen to the UK economy this year?

The Credit Crunch – What is going to happen to the UK economy this year?

Britain(United Kingdom) faces a challenging time with the world economy in a “difficult and dangerous situation”. Almost all the sectors have been affected by the ongoing credit crunch in UK. Prime Minister Gordon Brown observes 2008 as a decisive year for his government, with tough choices to be made on infrastructure, transport and nuclear power.

All these happenings make Ganesha anxious about the fate of the UK economy and persuade him to present you all with a prediction on the future of UK economy.

Ganesha analyzes the birth chart of Scorpio rising Ascendant with deposition of retrograde Saturn in first house. Exalted Ketu is posited in its second house whereas Rahu and Mars are in conjunction in its eight house. Jupiter and Moon are in opposition in fourth and tenth house respectively. Debilitate Mercury in conjunction with Uranus and Sun in fifth house.

Ganesha feels that the transit of Jupiter is highly propitious in second house. But the transit of Saturn and Ketu on natal Moon shall not bring fruitful results in political and ambassadorial affairs. On the other hand Jupiter is the lord of second and fifth house and Rahu, being the lord of eight house, is transiting over natal Jupiter. This may bring sudden fiscal frauds and dishonesty. Country may suffer by certain illegal activities also. Ganesha foresees that transiting Ketu and mars will be in conjunction in its ninth house after April 2008. Impact of this conjunction may be felt for at least 45 days commencing from May 2008. The country is under influence of Jupiter Mahadasha and Rahu Antatdasha. In Navamsha Chart, Jupiter and Rahu are in opposition where Rahu is debilitated.

Jupiter being the benefic planet will be transiting from third house after December, 2008. Ganesha stated that the transit of any benefic planet from third or sixth house cannot bring productive results. It is definitely favorable for communication both electronic and print media. Transit of Pluto in second house may plan successful future as it is in conjunction with benefic Jupiter. It may drive the nation to achieve new horizons.

Ganesha foresees that May and August in 2008 are very crucial for those entities who have not paid their unpaid debts. Unpaid amount outstanding may result in court judgments, feels Ganesha. Ganesha expects personal insolvencies to ascend a record in 2008. As far as the national economy is concern, there may be stability during the transit of Jupiter over natal Jupiter. Major changes related to liquidity crises in forthcoming couple of months are foreseen. Nation is strong enough to defeat the fiscal deficit, says Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,