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Split between Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn

Split between Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn


Celebrity couples always like to hit the headlines, whether they are together or are separating. Just is the case with Hollywood stars Sean Penn and Robin Wright. The Sam, Sweet and Lowdown Sean Penn and Robin Wright have filed for the divorce. Both give “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. Sean Penn had earlier tied the knot with singer and actress Madonna. Ganesha would also take a sneak peek into the life of these celebrities.

Astro-analysis of Sean Penn’s chart


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Sean Penn has Scorpio Ascendant and Mars placed in the 7th house aspecting the Ascendant. With the Moon placed in the 8th house in Gemini Sign and Ardhra Nakshatra, Sean looks very intense in private and pretty difficult guy to live with.

In his chart, Sun the Lord of 10th house (house of profession) is remarkably strong. Sun is not only placed in its own sign Leo in the 10th house but also exalted in the Navmansa chart and Digbali as well.

His directorial skills are backed by strong Sun in the 10th house. Venus-Rahu conjunction always play remarkable role in the success in the show business. In his chart, Venus-Rahu placed in the fiery sign Leo in the 10th house, which shows his potential as an actor and conferred on him grand success in films and show business. Jupiter, the Lord of 5th house, is placed in its moolatrikona sign Sagittarius and obtains seven good divisions in the dasavarga becomes extremely strong and forms Gajakesari Yoga with Moon. 4th and 5th Lord Saturn-Jupiter placed in the Sagittarius also forms a Rajayoga. His chart is significantly strong.

Sean Penn’s achievement and planetary influences
The period of Jupiter-Moon has lifted his career immensely as a result of the Gaja Kesari Yoga, as he won great fame for his role in Fast Times and Ridgemont HIgh. The Jupiter-Sun and JupiterMoon period produced another string of success with his extraordinary performances. He was nominated for Oscar nomination for Dead Man Walking in 1995 in Saturn-Venus period. Strong Venus trine with Saturn was instrumental in that success. Again in the Saturn-Jupiter phase he won Academy Award for Best Actor in Mystic River.

Sean Penn’s has a conjunction of the Sun and Uranus. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and unpredictable behaviour, while Mars is aspecting Ascendant. This is the root of his extremely unpredictable behaviour. That independent and rebellious nature was made even more reckless since 2005 due to transiting Uranus over Venus in his chart. Uranus tends to create a desire to break free and when it influences Venus, it can threaten the relationships. Last year was also very stressful for him as the transiting Saturn moving over the natal Sun in the 10th house. Penn lost two trailers when the California wildfires scorched his land in Malibu.

Robin Wright Penn has Sun in Aries conjuncts Mars, indicating the qualities of a warrior and a desire to fulfil her own needs and follow her dreams. She also has four planets in the sensitive and compassionate sign creating conflicts with her aggressive intent. This often results in an inner conflict that can lead to depression and tensions due to an inability to express one’s desires which are often subjugated to that of others. Robin has also been passing through her own challenging planetary cycles well-known for creating confusion and eroding self-confidence. This can be a time of tremendous self-discovery for her which is not always easy.

Sean Penn is currently under the influence of Mercury-Mercury-Saturn period and the retrograde Saturn-Ketu moving over the natal Venus. Venus is the Lord of 7th house debilitated in the Navmansa chart and also afflicted by Rahu in the natal chart causing problems in relationship.

He will be under the influence of Mercury-Ketu phase from 14th April 2008. He might prefer to live in solitude till April 2009. He will be more interested in a couple of intelligent relations between April and August 2009 and may have a severe bout with a couple of them. There are very strong chances of his remarriage around August 2009.

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